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Indian Super League

Indian Super League logo

Founded: 21 October 2013
Confederation: AFC (Asia)
Number of teams: 10
Domestic cup(s): Super Cup
International cup(s): AFC Champions League, AFC Cup
Current champions: Bengaluru FC (1st title) (2018–19)
Most championships: ATK, Chennaiyin FC(2 titles each)

Indian Super League (ISL) Table [2019-20]

2FC Goa137332516924
3Bengaluru FC13643159622
4Odisha FC136341916321
5Mumbai City FC135441921-219
6Jamshedpur FC124441617-116
7Chennaiyin FC124351619-315
8Kerala Blasters FC133551818014
9Northeast United FC11254916-711
10Hyderabad FC1312101331-185

Indian Super League 2019-20 Fixtures & Results

1October 20, 2019SUNDAYKerala Blasters FC2-1
2October 21, 2019MONDAYBengaluru FC0-0
Northeast United FC19:30
3October 22, 2019TUESDAYJamshedpur FC2-1
Odisha FC19:30
4October 23, 2019WEDNESDAYFC Goa3-0Chennaiyin FC19:30
5October 24, 2019THURSDAYKerala Blasters FC0-1
Mumbai City FC19:30
6October 25, 2019FRIDAYATK5-0Hyderabad FC19:30
7October 26, 2019SATURDAYNortheast United FC2-1
Odisha FC19:30
8October 27, 2019SUNDAYChennaiyin FC0-0Mumbai City FC19:30
9October 28, 2019MONDAYFC Goa1-1Bengaluru FC19:30
10October 29, 2019TUESDAYJamshedpur FC3-1Hyderabad FC19:30
11October 30, 2019WEDNESDAYChennaiyin FC0-1ATK19:30
12October 31, 2019THURSDAYMumbai City FC2-4Odisha FC19:30
13November 1, 2019FRIDAYNortheast United FC2-2FC Goa19:30
14November 2, 2019SATURDAYHyderabad FC2-1Kerala Blasters FC19:30
15November 3, 2019SUNDAYJamshedpur FC0-0Bengaluru FC19:30
16November 6, 2019WEDNESDAYHyderabad FC0-1Northeast United FC19:30
17November 7, 2019THURSDAYMumbai City FC2-4FC Goa19:30
18November 8, 2019FRIDAYKerala Blasters FC0-0Odisha FC19:30
19November 9, 2019SATURDAYATK3-1Jamshedpur FC19:30
20November 10, 2019SUNDAYBengaluru FC3-0Chennaiyin FC19:30
21November 23, 2019SATURDAYBengaluru FC1-0Kerala Blasters FC19:30
22November 24, 2019SUNDAYOdisha FC0-0ATK19:30
23November 25, 2019MONDAYChennaiyin FC2-1Hyderabad FC19:30
24November 26, 2019TUESDAYFC Goa0-1Jamshedpur FC19:30
25November 27, 2019WEDNESDAYNortheast United FC2-2Mumbai City FC19:30
26November 28, 2019THURSDAYChennaiyin FC2-2Odisha FC19:30
27November 29, 2019FRIDAYHyderabad FC1-1Bengaluru FC19:30
28November 30, 2019SATURDAYATK2-2Mumbai City FC19:30
29December 1, 2019SUNDAYKerala Blasters FC2-2FC Goa19:30
30December 2, 2019MONDAYJamshedpur FC1-1Northeast United FC19:30
31December 4, 2019WEDNESDAYOdisha FC0-1Bengaluru FC19:30
32December 5, 2019THURSDAYMumbai City FC1-1Kerala Blasters FC19:30
33December 7, 2019SATURDAYNortheast United FC0-3ATK19:30
34December 8, 2019SUNDAYHyderabad FC0-1FC Goa19:30
35December 9, 2019MONDAYJamshedpur FC1-1Chennaiyin FC19:30
36December 11, 2019WEDNESDAYOdisha FC3-2Hyderabad FC19:30
37December 13, 2019FRIDAYKerala Blasters FC2-2Jamshedpur FC19:30
38December 14, 2019SATURDAYFC Goa2-1ATK19:30
39December 15, 2019SUNDAYBengaluru FC2-3Mumbai City FC19:30
40December 18, 2019WEDNESDAYNortheast United FC0-2Bengaluru FC19:30
41December 19, 2019THURSDAYJamshedpur FC1-2Mumbai City FC19:30
42December 20, 2019FRIDAYChennaiyin FC3-1Kerala Blasters FC19:30
43December 21, 2019SATURDAYHyderabad FC2-2ATK19:30
44December 22, 2019SUNDAYFC Goa3-0Odisha FC19:30
45December 25, 2019WEDNESDAYATK1-0Bengaluru FC19:30
46December 26, 2019THURSDAYChennaiyin FC3-4FC Goa19:30
47December 27, 2019FRIDAYOdisha FC2-1Jamshedpur FC19:30
48December 28, 2019SATURDAYKerala Blasters FC1-1Northeast United FC19:30
49December 29, 2019SUNDAYMumbai City FC2-1Hyderabad FC19:30
50January 3, 2020FRIDAYBengaluru FC2-1FC Goa19:30
51January 4, 2020SATURDAYMumbai City FC0-2ATK19:30
52January 5, 2020SUNDAYKerala Blasters FC5-1Hyderabad FC19:30
53January 6, 2020MONDAYOdisha FC2-0Chennaiyin FC19:30
54January 8, 2020WEDNESDAYFC Goa2-0Northeast United FC19:30
55January 9, 2020THURSDAYBengaluru FC2-0Jamshedpur FC19:30
56January 10, 2020FRIDAYHyderabad FC1-3Chennaiyin FC19:30
57January 11, 2020SATURDAYOdisha FC2-0Mumbai City FC19:30
58January 12, 2020SUNDAYATK0-1Kerala Blasters FC19:30
59January 15, 2020WEDNESDAYHyderabad FC1-2Odisha FC19:30
60January 16, 2020THURSDAYChennaiyin FC2-0Northeast United FC19:30
61January 17, 2020FRIDAYMumbai City FC2-0Bengaluru FC19:30
62January 18, 2020SATURDAYATK2-0FC Goa19:30
63January 19, 2020SUNDAYJamshedpur FC3-2Kerala Blasters FC19:30
64January 22, 2020WEDNESDAYBengaluru FCvsOdisha FC19:30
65January 23, 2020THURSDAYChennaiyin FCvsJamshedpur FC19:30
66January 24, 2020FRIDAYHyderabad FCvsMumbai City FC19:30
67January 25, 2020SATURDAYFC GoavsKerala Blasters FC19:30
68January 27, 2020MONDAYATKvsNortheast United FC19:30
69January 29, 2020WEDNESDAYOdisha FCvsFC Goa19:30
70January 30, 2020THURSDAYBengaluru FCvsHyderabad FC19:30
71January 31, 2020FRIDAYMumbai City FCvsNortheast United FC19:30
72February 1 2020SATURDAYKerala Blasters FCvsChennaiyin FC19:30
73February 2 2020SUNDAYJamshedpur FCvsATK19:30
74February 5, 2020WEDNESDAYFC GoavsHyderabad FC19:30
75February 6, 2020THURSDAYMumbai City FCvsJamshedpur FC19:30
76February 7, 2020FRIDAYNortheast United FCvsKerala Blasters FC19:30
77February 8, 2020SATURDAYATKvsOdisha FC19:30
78February 9, 2020SUNDAYChennaiyin FCvsBengaluru FC19:30
79February 10, 2020MONDAYNortheast United FCvsJamshedpur FC19:30
80February 12, 2020WEDNESDAYFC GoavsMumbai City FC19:30
81February 13, 2020THURSDAYHyderabad FCvsJamshedpur FC19:30
82February 14, 2020FRIDAYOdisha FCvsNortheast United FC19:30
83February 15, 2020SATURDAYKerala Blasters FCvsBengaluru FC19:30
84February 16, 2020SUNDAYATKvsChennaiyin FC19:30
85February 19, 2020WEDNESDAYJamshedpur FCvsFC Goa19:30
86February 20, 2020THURSDAYNortheast United FCvsHyderabad FC19:30
87February 21, 2020FRIDAYMumbai City FCvsChennaiyin FC19:30
88February 22, 2020SATURDAYBengaluru FCvsATK19:30
89February 23, 2020SUNDAYOdisha FCvsKerala Blasters FC19:30
90February 25, 2020TUESDAYNortheast United FCvsChennaiyin FC19:30

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