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Mohun Bagan

Founded: 15 August 1889
Ground: Mohun Bagan Ground (Capacity: 22,000)
Salt Lake Stadium (Capacity: 85,000)
Owner: Mohun Bagan Football Club (India) Private Limited
Coach: Khalid Jamil
League: I-League
2017–18: I-League: 3rd (10 teams)

    The latest football data here. Now gathering information from the data feed.

    The latest football data here. Now gathering information from the data feed.

    The latest football data here. Now gathering information from the data feed.

IndiaGKShilton Paul
IndiaGKShankar Roy
IndiaGKRicardo Cardozo
IndiaGKMainak Akuli
IndiaDEFArijit Bagui
Amey Ranawade
Abhishek Ambekar
IndiaDEFGurjinder Kumar
William Lalnunfela
IndiaMFShilton D’Silva
IndiaMFDarren Caldeira
IndiaMFMoinuddin Khan
JapanMFYuta Kinowaki
Tirthankar Sarkar
IndiaMFAvinash Ruidas
IndiaMFSourav Das
IndiaMFPintu Mahata
IndiaMFBritto PM
IndiaMFMehtab Hossain
Omar Elhusseiny
IndiaMFBasant Singh
Aser Parrick Dipanda Dicka
UgandaFWHenry Kisekka
IndiaFWJiten Murmu
Azharuddin Mallick
HaitiFWSony Norde

The Mariners are the favorites to win the league, and rightly so. They have the depth in the squad, a new man in charge, and the possibility of competing in their last-ever I-League could fuel the hunger for the Kolkata giants to go out with a bang.


One can never discount Mohun Bagan in the I-League – especially this year. They started their season by wresting the Calcutta Football League title away from East Bengal.

The settled squad was further strengthened with the addition of Yuta Kinowaki and fan-favorite, Sony Norde.

In the CFL, Mohun Bagan’s build-up play was their strength. The players would want to replicate the same in the I-League, where they would opt to look for their teammates in better positions instead of having a shot at goal.

The team looks strong with Shilton Paul in goal. While Kingsley and Lalchhawnkima is the preferred centre-back partnership.
Yuto Kinowaki or Darren Caldeira could be the first choice central midfield spot.

Up front, Mohun Bagan is spoiled for choice. Aser Dipanda Dicka and Henry Kisekka would lead the attack, but they also have Sony Norde as a potent option, should he remain fit.

The Gaffer

Sankarlal Chakraborty has been at Mohun Bagan since 2014. He has worked as assistant manager to both Subhash Bhowmick and Sanjoy Sen.

Earlier this year, Chakraborty ended East Bengal’s eight-year dominance of the Calcutta Football League. The title win fuelled the expectations of the fans and caused the club president, Tutu Bose, to have a foot-in-mouth moment.

Chakraborty likes his team to play a good passing game, by keeping the ball on the ground. After winning the CFL, he would be hoping to bring an end to the I-League trophy drought as well.

What to Expect

Mohun Bagan has been in the top three of the I-League for the last four seasons. They topped the league in 2014-15. With one of the strongest squads in the I-League this season, the Kolkata-based club would be hoping to win the title.

The club received a major investment to keep them afloat for the next 10 years. This could also create a possibility for the club management to bid for a spot in the Indian Super League.

The supporters would be hoping for a title win this year. They have already bagged the CFL after 9 years. A title win could be a perfect final bow to the I-League, as a move to greener pastures looks increasingly possible.

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