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Durand Cup

Durand Cup logo
Founded: 1888
[Asia’s oldest and third oldest football competition in the world]
Current Champions:
Bengaluru FC (2022 – 131st Edition)
Previous Champions:
FC Goa (2021 – 130th Edition)
Gokulam Kerala FC (2019 – 129th Edition)
Most Successful Team(s):
East Bengal FC & Mohun Bagan AC (16 titles each)

Durand Cup Group A

Mohammedan SC (Q)431010927
Bengaluru FC (Q)42208945
Jamshedpur FC4202646-2
FC Goa4112446-2
Indian Air Force4004019-8

Durand Cup Group B

Mumbai City FC (Q)421171376
Rajasthan United FC (Q)4211767-1
ATK Mohun Bagan42117642
East Bengal FC41215440
Indian Navy4013118-7

Durand Cup Group C

Hyderabad FC (Q)43019826
Chennaiyin FC (Q)42117963
Army Red41215440
NEROCA FC4112436-3
TRAU FC41033410-6

Durand Cup Group D

Odisha FC (Q)44001212012
Kerala Blasters (Q)42117633
Army Green4112434-1
Northeast United FC41033312-9
Sudeva Delhi FC4022216-5

Durand Cup Fixtures & Results

stagedateteam Iresultteam IIgoalscorer homegoalscorer awayvenue
group A16 August 2022Mohammedan SC3-1FC Goa49′ Pritam, 84′ Faslu, 90’+3 Marcus34′ NemilKolkata
group A17 August 2022Jamshedpur FC1-2Bengaluru FC61′ Rishi23′ Chhetri, 56′ KrishnaKolkata
group D17 August 2022Northeast United FC0-6Odisha FC15′ 38′ Jerry, 26′ Nandha, 81′ Isak, 88′ Diego, 90’+1 ThoibaGuwahati
group B18 August 2022Mumbai City FC4-1Indian Navy45’+3 Vikram, 65’p Stewart, 89′ 90’+1 Chhangte43′ AdershKolkata
group C18 August 2022NEROCA FC3-1TRAU FC16′ Tangva, 36′ Thomyo, 50′ Chidi19′ KomronImphal
group A19 August 2022FC Goa1-0Indian Air Force8′ NemilKolkata
group D19 August 2022Sudeva Delhi FC1-1Kerala Blasters45′ Kuki42′ AjsalGuwahati
group B20 August 2022ATK Mohun Bagan2-3Rajasthan United FC43′ Kiyan, 46′ Ashique45’+1 Amangeldiev, 61′ Remsanga, 90’+5 NikumKolkata
group C20 August 2022Chennaiyin FC2-2Army Red89′ Duker, 90’+4 Vanspaul54′ Khongsai, 90’+6 LitonImphal
group A21 August 2022Mohammedan SC3-0Jamshedpur FC38′ Faslu, 71′ Halder, 74′ FaiazKolkata
group D21 August 2022Northeast United FC1-3Army Green90’+1 Dipu Mirdha9′ 55′ Lalawmkima, 24′ KothariGuwahati
group B22 August 2022East Bengal FC0-0Indian NavyKolkata
group C22 August 2022TRAU FC0-2Hyderabad FC27′ Hali, 52′ BorjaImphal
group A23 August 2022Bengaluru FC4-0Indian Air Force9′ Krishna, 23′ Chhetri, 71′ Faisal, 90’+3 SivashaktiKolkata
group D23 August 2022Odisha FC2-0Kerala Blasters52′ Isaac, 74′ CrespoGuwahati
group B24 August 2022ATK Mohun Bagan1-1Mumbai City FC40′ Liston77′ PereyraKolkata
group C24 August 2022Army Red0-0NEROCA FC Imphal
group B25 August 2022East Bengal FC0-0Rajasthan United FCKolkata
group D25 August 2022Army Green0-0Sudeva Delhi FCGuwahati
group A26 August 2022Jamshedpur FC1-0FC Goa84′ TapanKolkata
group C26 August 2022Hyderabad FC3-1Chennaiyin FC56’p Joao Victor, 64′ 74′ Ogbeche42′ ThapaImphal
group A27 August 2022Mohammedan SC2-0Indian Air Force33′ N’Diaye, 87′ RahulKolkata
group D27 August 2022Northeast United FC0-3Kerala Blasters28′ 90′ Aimen, 55′ AjsalGuwahati
group B28 August 2022East Bengal FC0-1ATK Mohun Bagan45’+2(og) SumeetKolkata
group C28 August 2022TRAU FC2-1Army Red81′ Bodo, 89′ Milan35′ LitonImphal
group B29 August 2022Mumbai City FC5-1Rajasthan United FC10′ Stewart, 18′ Chhangte, 36′ Mehtab, 63’p Jahouh, 90’+2 Vikram66′ NikumKolkata
group D29 August 2022Odisha FC3-0Sudeva Delhi FC19′ 38′ Crespo, 40′ JerryGuwahati
group A30 August 2022Bengaluru FC2-2FC Goa24′ Chhetri, 26′ Siva53′ P. Buam, 64′ LeslyKolkata
group C30 August 2022NEROCA FC0-3Hyderabad FC2′ Joel, 17′ 82′ OgbecheImphal
group B31 August 2022ATK Mohun Bagan2-0Indian Navy18′ Lenny, 28′ KiyanKolkata
group D31 August 2022Kerala Blasters2-0Army Green25′ Aimen, 45’+3 AritraGuwahati
group A1 September 2022Jamshedpur FC2-1Indian Air Force26′ Piush, 84′ Ruatmawia39′ SomaKolkata
group C1 September 2022TRAU FC1-4Chennaiyin FC45’p Komron1′ 55′ Sliskovic, 20’p Karikari, 51′ VafaImphal
group A2 September 2022Mohammedan SC1-1Bengaluru FC14′ Pritam90’+1 SivaKolkata
group D2 September 2022Northeast United FC2-0Sudeva Delhi FC64′ Dipu, 96′ GaniGuwahati
group B3 September 2022East Bengal FC4-3Mumbai City FC17′ 34′ Sumeet, 22′ 81′ Cleiton27′ Stewart, 36′ 43′ ChhangteKolkata
group C3 September 2022Army Red1-0Hyderabad FC33′ MeiteiImphal
group D4 September 2022Army Green0-1Odisha FC83′ PedroGuwahati
group B5 September 2022Rajasthan United FC2-0Indian Navy73′ Youseff, 88′ BarbosaKolkata
group C5 September 2022NEROCA FC0-2Chennaiyin FC15′ Thapa, 71′ VafaImphal
quarterfinal 19 September 2022Mohammedan SC3-0Kerala Blasters17′ Faiaz, 59′ 84′ DaudaVYBK
quarterfinal 210 September 2022Odisha FC1-2Bengaluru FC115′ Mauricio97′ Siva, 120’+1 KrishnaKBK
quarterfinal 311 September 2022Mumbai City FC5-3 (AET)Chennaiyin FC40’p 100′ 118′ Stewart, 78′ 94′ Chhangte59′ Sliskovic, 89′ Jockson, 112′ Rahim AliVYBK
quarterfinal 412 September 2022Hyderabad FC3-1Rajasthan United FC6′ Ogbeche, 45′ Mishra, 68′ Siverio29’p MartinKBK
semi-final 114 September 2022Mohammedan SC0-1Mumbai City FC90’+1 BipinVYBK
semi-final 215 September 2022Bengaluru FC1-0Hyderabad FC31′(og) ZabalaVYBK
FINAL18 September 2022Mumbai City FC1-2Bengaluru FC30′ Apuia11′ Siva, 61′ Alan CostaVYBK

Durand Cup 2022

Durand Cup 2022: Bengaluru FC defeat Mumbai City FC in the final to lift the title

The 131st edition of the Durand Cup will start on August 16, 2022.

The tournament will be live streamed on Voot website and Android/iOS app.

Durand Cup 2021 (130th edition)

Durand Cup 2021 Winners FC Goa
Courtesy: Durand Cup Media

Individual Awards

Golden Glove: Naveen Kumar (FC Goa)
Golden Boot: Marcus Joseph (Mohammedan SC)
Golden Ball: Edu Bedia (FC Goa)

The tournament will be live streamed on Addatimes website and Android/iOS app.

UPDATE, September 1, 2021

Maximum squad size is 30.

Four foreign players can be registered and four of them can be part of the playing XI.

UPDATE, August 24, 2021

The 16 participating teams are split into four groups:

GROUP A: CRPF, FC Bengaluru United, Indian Air Force, Mohammedan SC.

GROUP B: Jamshedpur FC, Sudeva Delhi FC, FC Goa, Army Green.

GROUP C: Delhi FC, Bengaluru FC, Indian Navy, Kerala Blasters.

GROUP D: Assam Rifles, Army Red, Gokulam Kerala FC, Hyderabad FC.

UPDATE, August 12, 2021

The 130th edition of the tournament will be held between September 5 and October 3 2021.

16 teams will participate in the tournament out of which four teams will be from the armed forces.

Defending champions are Gokulam Kerala FC who won the tournament when it was last held in 2019.

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