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J&K Premier Football League

Jammu & Kashmir Premier Division
Organised by DFA, Srinagar and Jammu & Kashmir Football Association (JAKFA)
In collaboration with J&K Sports Council
Current Champions:
J&K Bank XI (J&K Premier Football League 2021)
J&K Bank XI (2021 – JKFA Professional League)

J&K Premier Football League Table

1J&K Police XI74301517710
2AG’s XI7421141046
3Downtown Heroes FC742114954
4Real Kashmir FC (R)7322111082
5Ali Jana FC722381315-2
6Kashmir Maharaja FC7133669-3
7J&K Bank Academy70434510-5
8J&K Forest XI710631022-12
1Kashmir Avengers FC75111620515
2J&K Bank XI75021519316
3Arco FC742114862
4JKSPDC XI7412131037
5Novelty FC72238910-1
6Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)71245616-10
7Food & Supplies XI (F&S XI)71154220-18
8Iqbal Sports FC70343112-11

J&K Premier Football League Fixtures & Results

October 1 2021group ADowntown Heroes FC1-0J&K Bank Academy
October 2 2021group AJ&K Forest XI1-3Ali Jana FC
October 2 2021group BFood & Supplies XI (F&S XI)0-5J&K Bank XI
October 4 2021group BKashmir Avengers FC6-0Iqbal Sports FC
October 4 2021group BJKSPDC XI0-1Arco FC
October 5 2021group BFood & Supplies XI (F&S XI)0-5Novelty FC
October 5 2021group AKashmir Maharaja FC0-1Real Kashmir FC (R)
October 6 2021group BJ&K Bank XI7-0Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 6 2021group ADowntown Heroes FC4-3Ali Jana FC
October 7 2021group AReal Kashmir FC (R)1-2AG’s XI
October 7 2021group AJ&K Bank Academy3-5J&K Forest XI
October 8 2021group BNovelty FC1-3Arco FC
October 9 2021group AJ&K Police XI6-1Ali Jana FC
October 9 2021group BFood & Supplies XI (F&S XI)0-2Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 11 2021group AAG’s XI0-0Downtown Heroes FC
October 11 2021group AJ&K Bank XI3-0Arco FC
October 12 2021group AKashmir Maharaja FC2-0J&K Forest XI
October 13 2021group AJ&K Bank Academy0-2Real Kashmir FC (R)
October 13 2021group BIqbal Sports FC0-0Novelty FC
October 14 2021group BKashmir Avengers FC2-2Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 14 2021group BArco FC1-1Food & Supplies XI (F&S XI)
October 15 2021group AJ&K Police XI4-2J&K Forest XI
October 15 2021group AAG’s XI1-0Ali Jana FC
October 16 2021group ADowntown Heroes FC0-0Real Kashmir FC (R)
October 16 2021group AKashmir Maharaja FC1-1J&K Bank Academy
October 16 2021group BJKSPDC XI0-0Novelty FC
October 18 2021group BKashmir Avengers FC1-2Arco FC
October 18 2021group BJKSPDC XI2-0Food & Supplies XI (F&S XI)
October 19 2021group AKashmir Maharaja FC2-2Ali Jana FC
October 19 2021group AJ&K Police XI2-0AG’s XI
October 20 2021group BNovelty FC2-1Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 20 2021group BIqbal Sports FC1-2J&K Bank XI
October 21 2021group ADowntown Heroes FC2-1J&K Forest XI
October 21 2021group AJ&K Police XI1-1J&K Bank Academy
October 22 2021group AAG’s XI2-0Kashmir Maharaja FC
October 22 2021group BJKSPDC XI0-1*Kashmir Avengers FC
October 25 2021group AReal Kashmir FC (R)3-0J&K Forest XI
October 25 2021group AKashmir Maharaja FC1-1J&K Police XI
October 26 2021group BIqbal Sports FC0-0Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 27 2021group AReal Kashmir FC (R)2-2J&K Police XI
October 27 2021group AAli Jana FC0-0J&K Bank Academy
October 27 2021group ADowntown Heroes FC2-0Kashmir Maharaja FC
October 28 2021group BJKSPDC XI4-1Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
October 28 2021group BKashmir Avengers FC5-0Food & Supplies XI (F&S XI)
October 28 2021group BJ&K Bank XI2-0*Novelty FC
October 29 2021group BIqbal Sports FC0-0Arco FC
October 30 2021group AJ&K Police XI1-0Downtown Heroes FC
October 30 2021group BKashmir Avengers FC1-0J&K Bank XI
October 30 2021group AAG’s XI0-0*J&K Bank Academy
November 1 2021group AReal Kashmir FC (R)1-4Ali Jana FC
November 1 2021group BIqbal Sports FC0-1Food & Supplies XI (F&S XI)
November 2 2021group BJ&K Bank XI0-1JKSPDC XI
November 2 2021group AKashmir Avengers FC4-1Novelty FC
November 3 2021group BArco FC1-0Sports Council Football Academy (SCFA)
November 3 2021group AJ&K Forest XI1-5AG’s XI
November 4 2021group BJKSPDC XI3-0Iqbal Sports FC
November 8 2021semifinal 1Kashmir Avengers FC2-0AG’s XI
November 8 2021semifinal 2J&K Police XI0-2J&K Bank XI
November 10 2021FINALKashmir Avengers FC1-2J&K Bank XI

J&K Premier Division Football League 2021-22

J&K Premier Division Football League 2021-22
J&K Bank XI are the J&K Premier Division Football League 2021-22 Champions | Source: JAKFA

The tournament will be telecast on ANN News channel.


Frisk Films (Facebook)

ANN Kashmir (YouTube)

ANN News (Facebook)

Asia News Network (Mobile TV Channel)

J&K Premier Football League 2021
Courtesy: JAKFA

JKFA Professional League 2021

UPDATE, July 31, 2021

J&K Bank XI are winners of the JKFA Professional League 2021!

The team which came in second are Hyderya Sports FC.

J&K Bank XI JKFA Professional League 2021 Champions
J&K Bank XI (JKFA Professional League 2021 Champions) | Source: JKFA

JKFA Professional League 2021 will start on the 12th of July at the picturesque TRC Turf Ground in Srinagar.

Top 2 clubs from the eight-team tournament will be nominated for the 2nd Division League by the J&K Football Association.

The AIFF League Committee will then pick a team for the 2nd Division League/I-League Qualifiers from the two teams nominated by JKFA.

JKFA Professional League 2021

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