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2nd Division League

2nd Division League Logo

Founded: 2008
Number of teams: 18
Level on pyramid: 3
Promotion to: I-League
Current champions: TRAU FC (2018-19)

2019-20 Season 

2nd Division League Group A

1Garhwal FC7421148614
2ATK FC [R]8422109114
3Jamshedpur FC [R]824279-210
4Punjab FC [R]63038539
5AU Rajasthan FC612347-35
6Lonestar Kashmir7124813-55

2nd Division League Group B

1Mohammedan SC6402136712
2Bhawanipore FC52217708
3Hyderabad FC [R]62226608
4Chennaiyin FC [R]7223812-48
5Bengaluru FC [R]6204811-36
6Indian Arrows [R] (withdrawn)00000000

2nd Division League Group C

1ARA FC7421156914
2FC Bengaluru United8422126614
3FC Goa [R]7331116512
4FC Kerala72329729
5Kerala Blasters [R]7124814-65
6Mumbai City FC [R]8125420-165

2nd Division League Final Round

1Group A Winners00000000
2Group B Winners00000000
3Group C Winners00000000
4Best 2nd Team (Group A & C)00000000

2019-20 Season

25 January 2020group AATK FC [R]0-0Jamshedpur FC [R]Barasat
25 January 2020group BBhawanipore FC0-3Mohammedan SCKalyani
25 January 2020group CARA FC5-0Mumbai City FC [R]Ahmedabad
25 January 2020group CFC Kerala3-0Kerala Blasters [R]Thrissur
27 January 2020group BChennaiyin FC [R]3-2Bengaluru FC [R]Chennai
27 January 2020group ALonestar Kashmir0-2AU Rajasthan FCSrinagar
29 January 2020group CFC Goa [R]0-1FC Bengaluru UnitedGoa
31 January 2020group APunjab FC [R]2-0AU Rajasthan FCChandigarh
31 January 2020group BChennaiyin FC [R]1-1Bhawanipore FCChennai
1 February 2020group ALonestar Kashmir3-3Garhwal FCSrinagar
2 February 2020group CARA FC2-0FC KeralaAhmedabad
2 February 2020group CMumbai City FC [R]0-1FC Bengaluru UnitedMumbai
5 February 2020group AGarhwal FC1-0ATK FC [R]Delhi
5 February 2020group AJamshedpur FC [R]0-0AU Rajasthan FCJRD Tata Sports Complex
6 February 2020group BChennaiyin FC [R]1-3Hyderabad FC [R]Chennai
6 February 2020group CARA FC1-0FC Bengaluru UnitedAhmedabad
6 February 2020group CMumbai City FC [R]1-1FC KeralaMumbai
8 February 2020group ALonestar Kashmir0-1Punjab FC [R]Chandigarh
8 February 2020group CKerala Blasters [R]1-3FC Goa [R]Kochi
9 February 2020group AGarhwal FC2-2Jamshedpur FC [R]Delhi
9 February 2020group AATK FC [R]1-1AU Rajasthan FCJodhpur
11 February 2020group BMohammedan SC1-0Bengaluru FC [R]Kolkata
12 February 2020group CFC Kerala1-1FC Goa [R]Thrissur
13 February 2020group AJamshedpur FC [R]1-2Lonestar KashmirJamshedpur
13 February 2020group CMumbai City FC [R]1-0Kerala Blasters [R]Mumbai
14 February 2020group BBhawanipore FC4-2Bengaluru FC [R]Kalyani
16 February 2020group AGarhwal FC1-0AU Rajasthan FCDelhi
17 February 2020group AATK FC [R]2-0Lonestar KashmirKolkata
17 February 2020group CFC Bengaluru United1-3Kerala Blasters [R]Bengaluru
18 February 2020group BHyderabad FC [R]1-1Bhawanipore FCHyderabad
18 February 2020group CFC Goa [R]2-2ARA FCGoa
20 February 2020group AATK FC [R]2-1Punjab FC [R]Kolkata
20 February 2020group BMohammedan SC4-0Chennaiyin FC [R]Kolkata
21 February 2020group AAU Rajasthan FC1-3Garhwal FCJodhpur
22 February 2020group CFC Bengaluru United1-0ARA FCBengaluru
23 February 2020group AJamshedpur FC [R]0-3Punjab FC [R]Jamshedpur
23 February 2020group BBhawanipore FC1-0Chennaiyin FC [R]Kalyani
25 February 2020group ALonestar Kashmir1-2ATK FC [R]Srinagar
26 February 2020group APunjab FC [R]0-1Jamshedpur FC [R]Chandigarh
26 February 2020group BHyderabad FC [R]2-1Mohammedan SCHyderabad
26 February 2020group CFC Goa [R]3-0Mumbai City FC [R]Goa
26 February 2020group CFC Bengaluru United1-1FC KeralaBengaluru
27 February 2020group CARA FC2-2Kerala Blasters [R]Ahmedabad
29 February 2020group APunjab FC [R]1-2ATK FC [R]Chandigarh
29 February 2020group BBengaluru FC [R]2-0Hyderabad FC [R]Bengaluru
1 March 2020group ALonestar Kashmir2-2Jamshedpur FC [R]Srinagar
1 March 2020group CFC Bengaluru United6-0Mumbai City FC [R]Bengaluru
2 March 2020group BChennaiyin FC [R]3-1Mohammedan SCChennai
3 March 2020group CKerala Blasters [R]1-3FC KeralaKochi
5 March 2020group BBengaluru FC [R]1-3Mohammedan SCBengaluru
6 March 2020group AJamshedpur FC [R]1-0Garhwal FCJamshedpur
6 March 2020group CMumbai City FC [R]1-3ARA FCMumbai
7 March 2020group BHyderabad FC [R]0-0Chennaiyin FC [R]Hyderabad
7 March 2020group CFC Goa [R]1-0FC KeralaGoa
10 March 2020group AATK FC [R]1-4Garhwal FCKolkata
10 March 2020group AAU Rajasthan FCpostponedJamshedpur FC [R]Jodhpur
10 March 2020group CKerala Blasters [R]1-1Mumbai City FC [R]Kochi
12 March 2020group BHyderabad FC [R]0-1Bengaluru FC [R]Hyderabad
12 March 2020group CFC Bengaluru United1-1FC Goa [R]Bengaluru
14 March 2020group CFC KeralapostponedMumbai City FC [R]Thrissur
15 March 2020group APunjab FC [R]postponedGarhwal FCChandigarh
15 March 2020group BBengaluru FC [R]postponedBhawanipore FCBengaluru
16 March 2020group CARA FCpostponedFC Goa [R]Ahmedabad
17 March 2020group BMohammedan SCpostponedHyderabad FC [R]Kolkata
19 March 2020group CMumbai City FC [R]postponedFC Goa [R]Mumbai
20 March 2020group BBhawanipore FCpostponedHyderabad FC [R]Kalyani
21 March 2020group AAU Rajasthan FCpostponedATK FC [R]Jodhpur
22 March 2020group APunjab FC [R]postponedLonestar KashmirChandigarh
23 March 2020group CFC Goa [R]postponedKerala Blasters [R]Goa
25 March 2020group BMohammedan SCpostponedBhawanipore FCKolkata
25 March 2020group BBengaluru FC [R]postponedChennaiyin FC [R]Bengaluru
26 March 2020group AGarhwal FCpostponedLonestar KashmirDelhi
26 March 2020group AAU Rajasthan FCpostponedPunjab FC [R]Jodhpur
26 March 2020group CFC KeralapostponedARA FCThrissur
26 March 2020group CKerala Blasters [R]postponedFC Bengaluru UnitedKochi
30 March 2020group AGarhwal FCpostponedPunjab FC [R]Delhi
30 March 2020group AAU Rajasthan FCpostponedLonestar KashmirJodhpur
30 March 2020group AJamshedpur FC [R]postponedATK FC [R]Jamshedpur
30 March 2020group CKerala Blasters [R]postponedARA FCKochi
30 March 2020group CFC KeralapostponedFC Bengaluru UnitedThrissur

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