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Organising body: All India Football Federation (AIFF)
Founded: 2007
Confederation: AFC
Number of teams: 11
Relegation to: 2nd Division League
Domestic cup(s): Super Cup
International cup(s): AFC Cup
Current Champions: Mohun Bagan AC (2nd title) (2019–20)
Most championships: Dempo SC (3 titles)
Top goalscorer: Ranti Martins (214 goals)

2019-20 Season

1Mohun Bagan AC [C]16123135132239
2East Bengal FC166552318523
3Punjab FC165832321223
4Real Kashmir FC156451614222
5Gokulam Kerala FC156452019122
6TRAU FC176471727-1022
7Chennai City FC165652021-121
8Churchill Brothers156272321220
9NEROCA FC175482735-819
10Aizawl FC153751719-216
11Indian Arrows162311720-139

2019-20 Season

November 30 2019Aizawl FC0-0Mohun BaganRajiv Gandhi Stadium
November 30 2019Gokulam Kerala FC2-1NEROCA FCEMS Stadium
December 1 2019Churchill Brothers3-0Punjab FCFatorda
December 1 2019Chennai City FC1-0TRAU FCNehru Stadium
December 4 2019East Bengal FC1-1Real Kashmir FCYBK
December 6 2019NEROCA FC1-0Aizawl FCKhuman Lampak
December 6 2019Indian Arrows0-1Gokulam Kerala FCTilak Maidan
December 7 2019Punjab FC1-1East Bengal FCGuru Nanak Stadium
December 8 2019Mohun Bagan2-4Churchill BrothersKalyani
December 9 2019Indian Arrows1-2Aizawl FCTilak Maidan
December 10 2019Punjab FC3-1Chennai City FCGuru Nanak Stadium
December 10 2019NEROCA FC1-4East Bengal FCKhuman Lampak
December 11 2019Mohun Bagan4-0TRAU FCKalyani
December 14 2019East Bengal FC2-1TRAU FCKhuman Lampak
December 16 2019Punjab FC1-0Indian ArrowsGuru Nanak Stadium
December 16 2019Mohun Bagan2-1Gokulam Kerala FCKalyani
December 17 2019Aizawl FC1-1Chennai City FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
December 20 2019Aizawl FC3-3Punjab FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
December 21 2019Chennai City FC2-2NEROCA FCNehru Stadium
December 22 2019TRAU FC2-2Real Kashmir FCKhuman Lampak
December 26 2019Real Kashmir FC2-1Chennai City FCTRC Ground
December 28 2019Churchill Brothers1-2Indian ArrowsFatorda
January 4 2020TRAU FC0-0Punjab FCKhuman Lampak
January 4 2020Churchill Brothers1-0East Bengal FCFatorda
January 4 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-1Aizawl FCEMS Stadium
January 5 2020Real Kashmir FC0-2Mohun BaganTRC Ground
January 5 2020Indian Arrows1-1NEROCA FCTilak Maidan
January 8 2020TRAU FC2-1NEROCA FCKhuman Lampak
January 8 2020Aizawl FC2-2Churchill BrothersRajiv Gandhi Stadium
January 9 2020Mohun Bagan1-0Indian ArrowsKalyani
January 9 2020Gokulam Kerala FC2-3Chennai City FCEMS Stadium
January 10 2020Real Kashmir FC1-1Punjab FCTRC Ground
January 12 2020Indian Arrows0-2TRAU FCTilak Maidan
January 14 2020Punjab FC1-1Mohun BaganGuru Nanak Stadium
January 14 2020NEROCA FC1-0Real Kashmir FCKhuman Lampak
January 15 2020East Bengal FC1-3Gokulam Kerala FCKalyani
January 19 2020Mohun Bagan2-1East Bengal FCYBK
January 19 2020Churchill Brothers1-2TRAU FCFatorda
January 20 2020Punjab FC3-1Gokulam Kerala FCGuru Nanak Stadium
January 23 2020NEROCA FC0-3Mohun BaganKhuman Lampak
January 25 2020TRAU FC2-1Aizawl FCKhuman Lampak
January 25 2020Chennai City FC0-2East Bengal FCNehru Stadium
January 26 2020Indian Arrows0-2Real Kashmir FCTilak Maidan
January 26 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-0Churchill BrothersEMS Stadium
January 29 2020Punjab FC3-2NEROCA FCGuru Nanak Stadium
January 31 2020Chennai City FC2-3Mohun BaganNehru Stadium
February 1 2020Aizawl FC0-2Real Kashmir FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
February 1 2020East Bengal FC0-1Indian ArrowsKalyani
February 2 2020Churchill Brothers4-1NEROCA FCFatorda
February 2 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-1TRAU FCEMS Stadium
February 5 2020Chennai City FC1-0Indian ArrowsNehru Stadium
February 7 2020East Bengal FC0-1Aizawl FCKalyani
February 8 2020NEROCA FC5-0TRAU FCKhuman Lampak
February 8 2020Gokulam Kerala FC0-1Real Kashmir FCEMS Stadium
February 9 2020Mohun Bagan1-0Punjab FCKalyani
February 9 2020Churchill Brothers1-2Chennai City FCFatorda
February 11 2020NEROCA FC0-0Indian ArrowsKhuman Lampak
February 11 2020Aizawl FC2-0TRAU FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
February 12 2020Chennai City FC0-1Gokulam Kerala FCNehru Stadium
February 13 2020East Bengal FC1-1Punjab FCKalyani
February 14 2020Mohun Bagan6-2NEROCA FCKalyani
February 15 2020Churchill Brothers2-1Aizawl FCFatorda
February 16 2020TRAU FC0-0Chennai City FCKhuman Lampak
February 16 2020Punjab FC1-0Real Kashmir FCGuru Nanak Stadium
February 17 2020Indian Arrows1-3East Bengal FCKalinga Stadium
February 19 2020Churchill Brothers2-1Real Kashmir FCFatorda
February 21 2020NEROCA FC3-2Gokulam Kerala FCKhuman Lampak
February 22 2020Churchill Brothers0-3Mohun BaganFatorda
February 23 2020TRAU FC2-4East Bengal FCKhuman Lampak
February 23 2020Chennai City FC1-1Aizawl FCNehru Stadium
February 24 2020Real Kashmir FC1-0Indian ArrowsTRC Ground
February 28 2020Indian Arrows0-2Chennai City FCKalinga Stadium
February 29 2020Real Kashmir FC2-2Aizawl FCTRC Ground
February 29 2020East Bengal FC1-1Churchill BrothersKalyani
February 29 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-1Punjab FCEMS Stadium
March 1 2020TRAU FC1-3Mohun BaganKhuman Lampak
March 3 2020Indian Arrows1-1Punjab FCKalinga Stadium
March 3 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-1East Bengal FCEMS Stadium
March 4 2020Real Kashmir FC1-0NEROCA FCTRC Ground
March 4 2020TRAU FC1-0Churchill BrothersKhuman Lampak
March 5 2020Mohun Bagan1-1Chennai City FCKalyani
March 8 2020TRAU FC1-0Indian ArrowsKhuman Lampak
March 8 2020Churchill Brothers1-2Gokulam Kerala FCFatorda
March 9 2020Real Kashmir FC0-1East Bengal FCTRC Ground
March 10 2020Mohun Bagan1-0Aizawl FCKalyani
March 10 2020NEROCA FC4-3Punjab FCKhuman Lampak
March 14 2020Real Kashmir FCpostponedTRAU FCTRC Ground
March 14 2020NEROCA FC2-2Chennai City FCKhuman Lampak
March 15 2020East Bengal FCpostponedMohun BaganYBK
March 15 2020Punjab FCpostponedAizawl FCGuru Nanak Stadium
March 15 2020Gokulam Kerala FCpostponedIndian ArrowsEMS Stadium
March 18 2020Real Kashmir FCpostponedChurchill BrothersTRC Ground
March 20 2020TRAU FCpostponedGokulam Kerala FCKhuman Lampak
March 21 2020Aizawl FCpostponedNEROCA FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
March 21 2020Indian ArrowspostponedMohun BaganKalinga Stadium
March 22 2020East Bengal FCpostponedChennai City FCKalyani
March 22 2020Punjab FCpostponedChurchill BrothersGuru Nanak Stadium
March 29 2020Chennai City FCpostponedChurchill BrothersNehru Stadium
March 31 2020Real Kashmir FCpostponedGokulam Kerala FCTRC Ground
March 31 2020Aizawl FCpostponedIndian ArrowsRajiv Gandhi Stadium
April 3 2020Indian ArrowspostponedChurchill BrothersKalinga Stadium
April 4 2020Aizawl FCpostponedGokulam Kerala FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
April 4 2020Mohun BaganpostponedReal Kashmir FCKalyani
April 5 2020East Bengal FCpostponedNEROCA FCKalyani
April 5 2020Chennai City FCpostponedPunjab FCNehru Stadium

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