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Organising body: All India Football Federation (AIFF)
Founded: 2007
Confederation: AFC
Number of teams: 11
Relegation to: 2nd Division League
Domestic cup(s): Super Cup
International cup(s): AFC Cup
Current champions: Chennai City (1st title)(2018–19)
Most championships: Dempo (3 titles)
Top goalscorer: Ranti Martins (214 goals)

2019-20 Season

1Mohun Bagan AC8521147717
2Punjab FC93511311214
3TRAU FC8323911-211
4Churchill Brothers6312128410
5Gokulam Kerala FC73131111010
6East Bengal FC7223101008
7Aizawl FC71519908
8Chennai City FC6222910-18
9NEROCA FC7223811-38
10Real Kashmir FC613268-26
11Indian Arrows711549-54

2019-20 Season

November 30 2019Aizawl FC0-0Mohun BaganRajiv Gandhi Stadium
November 30 2019Gokulam Kerala FC2-1NEROCA FCEMS Stadium
December 1 2019Churchill Brothers3-0Punjab FCFatorda
December 1 2019Chennai City FC1-0TRAU FCNehru Stadium
December 4 2019East Bengal FC1-1Real Kashmir FCYBK
December 6 2019NEROCA FC1-0Aizawl FCKhuman Lampak
December 6 2019Indian Arrows0-1Gokulam Kerala FCTilak Maidan
December 7 2019Punjab FC1-1East Bengal FCGuru Nanak Stadium
December 8 2019Mohun Bagan2-4Churchill BrothersKalyani
December 9 2019Indian Arrows1-2Aizawl FCTilak Maidan
December 10 2019Punjab FC3-1Chennai City FCGuru Nanak Stadium
December 10 2019NEROCA FC1-4East Bengal FCKhuman Lampak
December 11 2019Mohun Bagan4-0TRAU FCKalyani
December 14 2019East Bengal FC2-1TRAU FCKhuman Lampak
December 16 2019Punjab FC1-0Indian ArrowsGuru Nanak Stadium
December 16 2019Mohun Bagan2-1Gokulam Kerala FCKalyani
December 17 2019Aizawl FC1-1Chennai City FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
December 20 2019Aizawl FC3-3Punjab FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
December 21 2019Chennai City FC2-2NEROCA FCNehru Stadium
December 22 2019TRAU FC2-2Real Kashmir FCKhuman Lampak
December 26 2019Real Kashmir FC2-1Chennai City FCTRC Ground
December 28 2019Churchill Brothers1-2Indian ArrowsFatorda
January 4 2020TRAU FC0-0Punjab FCKhuman Lampak
January 4 2020Churchill Brothers1-0East Bengal FCFatorda
January 4 2020Gokulam Kerala FC1-1Aizawl FCEMS Stadium
January 5 2020Real Kashmir FC0-2Mohun BaganTRC Ground
January 5 2020Indian Arrows1-1NEROCA FCTilak Maidan
January 8 2020TRAU FC2-1NEROCA FCKhuman Lampak
January 8 2020Aizawl FC2-2Churchill BrothersRajiv Gandhi Stadium
January 9 2020Mohun Bagan1-0Indian ArrowsKalyani
January 9 2020Gokulam Kerala FC2-3Chennai City FCEMS Stadium
January 10 2020Real Kashmir FC1-1Punjab FCTRC Ground
January 12 2020Indian Arrows0-2TRAU FCTilak Maidan
January 14 2020Punjab FC1-1Mohun BaganGuru Nanak Stadium
January 14 2020NEROCA FC1-0Real Kashmir FCKhuman Lampak
January 15 2020East Bengal FC1-3Gokulam Kerala FCKalyani
January 19 2020Mohun Bagan2-1East Bengal FCYBK
January 19 2020Churchill Brothers1-2TRAU FCFatorda
January 20 2020Punjab FC3-1Gokulam Kerala FCGuru Nanak Stadium
January 23 2020NEROCA FC2:00 PMMohun BaganKhuman Lampak
January 25 2020Chennai City FC5:00 PMEast Bengal FCNehru Stadium
January 25 2020TRAU FC2:00 PMAizawl FCKhuman Lampak
January 26 2020Indian Arrows5:00 PMReal Kashmir FCTilak Maidan
January 26 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMChurchill BrothersEMS Stadium
January 29 2020Punjab FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCGuru Nanak Stadium
January 31 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMMohun BaganNehru Stadium
February 1 2020Aizawl FC2:00 PMReal Kashmir FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
February 1 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMIndian ArrowsKalyani
February 2 2020Churchill Brothers5:00 PMNEROCA FCFatorda
February 2 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMTRAU FCEMS Stadium
February 5 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMIndian ArrowsNehru Stadium
February 7 2020Aizawl FC2:00 PMIndian ArrowsRajiv Gandhi Stadium
February 7 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMAizawl FCKalyani
February 8 2020NEROCA FC5:00 PMTRAU FCKhuman Lampak
February 8 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMReal Kashmir FCEMS Stadium
February 9 2020Mohun Bagan5:00 PMPunjab FCKalyani
February 9 2020Churchill Brothers7:00 PMChennai City FCFatorda
February 11 2020Aizawl FC2:00 PMTRAU FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
February 11 2020NEROCA FC5:00 PMIndian ArrowsKhuman Lampak
February 12 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCNehru Stadium
February 13 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMPunjab FCKalyani
February 14 2020Mohun Bagan5:00 PMNEROCA FCKalyani
February 15 2020Churchill Brothers5:00 PMAizawl FCFatorda
February 16 2020TRAU FC5:00 PMChennai City FCKhuman Lampak
February 16 2020Punjab FC2:00 PMReal Kashmir FCGuru Nanak Stadium
February 17 2020Indian Arrows7:00 PMEast Bengal FCKalinga Stadium
February 19 2020Churchill Brothers5:00 PMReal Kashmir FCFatorda
February 21 2020NEROCA FC5:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCKhuman Lampak
February 22 2020Churchill Brothers5:00 PMMohun BaganFatorda
February 23 2020TRAU FC5:00 PMEast Bengal FCKhuman Lampak
February 23 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMAizawl FCNehru Stadium
February 23 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMIndian ArrowsTRC Ground
February 28 2020Indian Arrows5:00 PMChennai City FCKalinga Stadium
February 29 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMPunjab FCEMS Stadium
February 29 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMChurchill BrothersKalyani
March 1 2020TRAU FC5:00 PMMohun BaganKhuman Lampak
March 1 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMAizawl FCTRC Ground
March 3 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMEast Bengal FCEMS Stadium
March 3 2020Indian Arrows5:00 PMPunjab FCKalinga Stadium
March 4 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCTRC Ground
March 4 2020TRAU FC5:00 PMChurchill BrothersKhuman Lampak
March 5 2020Mohun Bagan5:00 PMChennai City FCKalyani
March 7 2020Churchill Brothers5:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCFatorda
March 8 2020TRAU FC2:00 PMIndian ArrowsKhuman Lampak
March 9 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMEast Bengal FCTRC Ground
March 9 2020Mohun Bagan5:00 PMAizawl FCKalyani
March 10 2020NEROCA FC5:00 PMPunjab FCKhuman Lampak
March 14 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMTRAU FCTRC Ground
March 14 2020NEROCA FC5:00 PMChennai City FCKhuman Lampak
March 15 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMMohun BaganYBK
March 15 2020Punjab FC2:00 PMAizawl FCGuru Nanak Stadium
March 15 2020Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMIndian ArrowsEMS Stadium
March 18 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMChurchill BrothersTRC Ground
March 20 2020TRAU FC5:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCKhuman Lampak
March 21 2020Aizawl FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
March 21 2020Indian Arrows5:00 PMMohun BaganKalinga Stadium
March 22 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMChennai City FCKalyani
March 22 2020Punjab FC2:00 PMChurchill BrothersGuru Nanak Stadium
March 29 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMChurchill BrothersNehru Stadium
March 31 2020Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCTRC Ground
April 3 2020Indian Arrows7:00 PMChurchill BrothersKalinga Stadium
April 4 2020Aizawl FC2:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium
April 4 2020Mohun Bagan5:00 PMReal Kashmir FCKalyani
April 5 2020East Bengal FC5:00 PMNEROCA FCKalyani
April 5 2020Chennai City FC7:00 PMPunjab FCNehru Stadium

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