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Brazilian midfielder Cássio Gabriel joins Mumbai City FC on loan

Brazilian midfielder Cássio Gabriel joins Mumbai City FC on loan
Cássio Gabriel | Source: XV de Piracicaba

Brazilian attacking midfielder Cássio Gabriel has joined Mumbai City FC on a season-long loan from Brasileirão Série B club Vila Nova FC.

A youth product of Fluminense FC, Cássinho as he is also known as spent almost all of his career playing club football in Brazil barring a few months in 2013 when he was loaned out to Croatian club Hajduk Split. In Brazil, Cássio played in the second-tier Série B and Brazilian state leagues as well as for Série C and Série D clubs.

The 29-year-old 5’9″ right-footed attacking midfielder transferred to Vila Nova a few months ago and had made 12 appearances in Série B prior to MCFC striking a loan deal for the player.

Player Analysis: Cássio Gabriel by Shlok

A look at @MumbaiCityFC ‘s new #10, Cassio Gabriel:

(All CAMs in Brazilian Serie B, p90 values)
– attempts more passes than median, doesn’t complete a lot
– very few long balls, attempts short/medium passes mostly
– focuses & tries more on getting the final ball through
– really good success rate with killer balls

Player Analysis Cássio Gabriel (Cássinho)

– not the most aggressive CAM, doesn’t shoot very often
– not someone who is on the end of chances either
– attempts to carry a little more than average, but not very successful
– makes more progressive runs than your usual CAM, decent off the ball movement and support play

Player Analysis Cássio Gabriel (Cássinho)

– better than the average CAM at winning defensive duels
– not very dominant in the air
– doesn’t seem to be an aggressive presser (could be related to team system though)
– gives away very few fouls, zero bookings

Player Analysis Cássio Gabriel (Cássinho)

He is also adept at taking set-pieces, corners mostly. Loves to set up players who are making runs, Bipin and Angulo would be well fed. Tends to drop into midfield and plays lay-offs with nearby mids to progress the ball.

Very creative player who can thread through brilliant balls.

Even though the stats don’t look great, these are from the Brazilian 2nd division, which is a very high level. Most of the Brazilians who have played in ISL have either come or gone back to Brazilian 3rd/4th div.

Considering Cassio is currently 29, there is a LOT he can offer.

Originally tweeted by shlok (@KeepItRowllin) on 20th August 2021.

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