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Mumbai Women’s League

Mumbai Women's League logo

MFA Women's League
Organised by: Mumbai Football Association (MFA)
Current Champions:
Footie First (2020-21)

Mumbai Women’s League 2020-21

1Footie First (Q)54101324123
2India Rush SC (Q)5401121248
3Bodyline SC53111015411
4Future Star FC52036511-6
5Somaiya SA51043223-21
6Oscar SSE50050116-15
1PIFA (Q)54101318018
2Kenkre FC (Q)5311101239
3Soccer XI52309532
4FC Mumbaikars5122557-2
5South Mumbai United FC5113426-4
6Companeroes SC50050124-23

Mumbai Women’s League 2020-21

March 12 2021group AOscar SSE0-5Footie FirstCooperage Ground
March 12 2021group AIndia Rush SC2-1Future Star FCCooperage Ground
March 12 2021group ASomaiya SA0-7Bodyline SCCooperage Ground
March 13 2021group BFC Mumbaikars0-2Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
March 13 2021group BPIFA10-0Companeroes SCCooperage Ground
March 13 2021group BSouth Mumbai United FC0-1Soccer XICooperage Ground
March 15 2021group AOscar SSE0-4India Rush SCCooperage Ground
March 15 2021group AFootie First1-1Bodyline SCCooperage Ground
March 15 2021group ASomaiya SA1-2Future Star FCCooperage Ground
March 16 2021group BFC Mumbaikars3-0Companeroes SCCooperage Ground
March 16 2021group BSoccer XI1-1Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
March 16 2021group BSouth Mumbai United FC0-3PIFACooperage Ground
March 18 2021group ABodyline SC2-0Future Star FCCooperage Ground
March 18 2021group ASomaiya SA1-0Oscar SSECooperage Ground
March 18 2021group AFootie First2-0India Rush SCCooperage Ground
March 19 2021group BSoccer XI0-0PIFACooperage Ground
March 19 2021group BFC Mumbaikars1-1South Mumbai United FCCooperage Ground
March 19 2021group BKenkre FC8-0Companeroes SCCooperage Ground
March 20 2021group AIndia Rush SC2-1Bodyline SCCooperage Ground
March 20 2021group AFootie First10-0Somaiya SACooperage Ground
March 20 2021group AFuture Star FC2-0Oscar SSECooperage Ground
March 21 2021group BCompaneroes SC0-1South Mumbai United FCCooperage Ground
March 21 2021group BPIFA2-0Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
March 21 2021group BSoccer XI1-1FC MumbaikarsCooperage Ground
March 22 2021group AFuture Star FC0-6Footie FirstCooperage Ground
March 22 2021group AIndia Rush SC4-0Somaiya SACooperage Ground
March 22 2021group ABodyline SC4-1Oscar SSECooperage Ground
March 23 2021group BKenkre FC1-0South Mumbai United FCCooperage Ground
March 23 2021group BCompaneroes SC1-2Soccer XICooperage Ground
March 23 2021group BPIFA3-0FC MumbaikarsCooperage Ground
March 25 2021semi-final IFootie First(forfeited by KFC)Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
March 25 2021semi-final IIPIFA5-1India Rush SCCooperage Ground
March 26 2021FINALFootie First0-0 (4-2p)PIFACooperage Ground
March 26 20213rd-4thIndia Rush SC(forfeited by KFC)Kenkre FCCooperage Ground

Mumbai Women’s League 2020-21

mfa women's league 2020-21 champions footie first
MFA/Mumbai Women’s League 2020-21 Champions Footie First; Source: Mumbai Football Association

UPDATE, March 26, 2021

In the final, Footie First won 4-2 against PIFA in a penalty shootout.

The third-fourth place match against India Rush SC was forfeited by Kenkre FC and the match was awarded to India Rush.

UPDATE, March 25, 2021

Footie First are through to the final after Kenkre FC failed to field a minimum of seven players on the field in the semi-final.

UPDATE, March 20, 2021

Note: The top 4 teams from the Mumbai Women’s League will play in the WIFA Women’s Football League 2020-21.

For some excellent coverage on the MFA Women’s League, visit Football Counter.

UPDATE, March 2, 2021

The league will now begin on the 12th of March.

The league will start on March 2, 2021.

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