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MFA Elite Division

Mumbai Football Association mfa logo

Organised by Mumbai Football Association
Relegation to MDFA Super Division
Domestic Cup(s): Nadkarni Cup
2021-22 Season: May/June 2021
2020-21 Season: Cancelled
Current League Winners [2019-20]:
Private: Karnatak Sports Association
Corporate: Mumbai Customs

MFA Elite Division 2019-20 (Private)

MDFA Elite Division League Table

1Kenkre FC1173124321319
2Karnatak Sports Association107212323716
5Mumbai Strikers SC851216853
6Sellebrity FC9513161718-1
7Iron Born CFCI9405121618-2
8Millat FC10262121620-4
9RSF Spartans10325111820-2
10Companeroes SC12246101922-3
11ICL Payyade9315101220-8
12Salsette FC102359915-6
13Mumbai Muslims112187832-24
14Football School of India1113761321-8
15Mumbai City FC [R] [SUSPENDED]00000000
Mumbai City FC are suspended and all their results stand cancelled.

MFA Elite Division 2019-20 (Private)

MDFA Elite Division Fixtures & Results

November 4 2019Iron Born CFCI0-3 (cancelled)Mumbai City FC [R]Neville D’Souza Football Turf
November 5 2019Companeroes SC1-2Sellebrity FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 6 2019Mumbai Strikers SC1-0GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 7 2019Football School of India0-1Millat FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 8 2019Karnatak Sports Association2-0Salsette FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 10 2019PIFA3-0 (walkover)RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
November 11 2019Mumbai City FC [R]5-1(cancelled)Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 11 2019Sellebrity FC2-0*GMSCAndheri Sports Complex
November 13 2019Mumbai Strikers SC0-2Karnatak Sports AssociationNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 13 2019Millat FC0-0Salsette FCAndheri Sports Complex
November 14 2019PIFA0-0Football School of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
November 14 2019Mumbai Muslims0-3Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 17 2019GMSC2-1Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
November 18 2019Karnatak Sports Association4-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 21 2019Kenkre FC4-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 21 2019ICL Payyade0-3(walkover)PIFANeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 22 2019Sellebrity FC0-2 (abandoned)Mumbai City FC [R]
November 22 2019Karnatak Sports Association1-2GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 23 2019Mumbai Muslims0-0Millat FCAndheri Sports Complex
November 24 2019Companeroes SC2-3ICL PayyadeBandra
November 25 2019Salsette FC0-2RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
November 26 2019Kenkre FC3-0Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 26 2019Mumbai City FC [R]1-0 (cancelled)PIFAAndheri Sports Complex
November 27 2019GMSC0-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 28 2019Karnatak Sports Association3-1Mumbai Muslims
November 29 2019Kenkre FC2-2ICL Payyade
November 30 2019Salsette FC2-1PIFANeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 2 2019Karnatak Sports Association4-1RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 3 2019Mumbai Muslims2-0ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 6 2019Football School of India2-3Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 7 2019Mumbai Strikers SC1-0Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 8 2019Mumbai Muslims2-1Salsette FCMumbai Football Arena
December 9 2019Sellebrity FC0-5RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 9 2019ICL Payyade3:30 PMMillat FCMumbai Football Arena
December 10 2019PIFA3-0GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 11 2019Karnatak Sports Association1-0 (cancelled)Mumbai City FC [R]Neville D’Souza Football Turf
December 12 2019Kenkre FCTBDCompaneroes SCMumbai Football Arena
December 14 2019ICL Payyade0-1Mumbai Strikers SCMumbai Football Arena
December 16 2019Sellebrity FC2-1Salsette FCMumbai Football Arena
December 17 2019RSF Spartans2-0Mumbai MuslimsMumbai Football Arena
December 18 2019GMSC6-1Millat FCMumbai Football Arena
December 20 2019Iron Born CFCI0-2Kenkre FCMumbai Football Arena
December 21 2019Football School of India2-3ICL PayyadeMumbai Football Arena
December 23 2019Salsette FC1-1Companeroes SCMumbai Football Arena
December 24 2019Millat FC0-0Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 26 2019PIFA3-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 27 2019Sellebrity FC4-2Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 27 2019ICL Payyade3-0Salsette FC
December 28 2019Millat FC2-2Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 31 2019Karnatak Sports Association2-0Iron Born CFCI
January 2 2020Companeroes SC2-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 4 2020RSF Spartans1-2Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 8 2020RSF Spartans0-2Mumbai Strikers SC
January 9 2020GMSC1-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 11 2020Sellebrity FC2-2Millat FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 12 2020Karnatak Sports Association1-1Companeroes SC
January 13 2020GMSC5-0ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 14 2020Companeroes SC1-1RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 16 2020Sellebrity FC2-3Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 17 2020Iron Born CFCI1-3Salsette FC
January 20 2020GMSC1-1Companeroes SCMumbai Football Arena
January 21 2020PIFA2-0Sellebrity FCAndheri Sports Complex
January 23 2020Kenkre FC1-1Karnatak Sports AssociationAndheri Sports Complex
January 24 2020Iron Born CFCI3-1RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
February 5 2020Sellebrity FC3-2Football School of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 6 2020Kenkre FC9-1Mumbai MuslimsCooperage Ground
February 7 2020PIFA1-0Iron Born CFCICooperage Ground
February 12 2020PIFA4-2Millat FCAndheri Sports Complex
February 17 2020Iron Born CFCI4-3Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 17 2020Karnatak Sports Association3-1ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 18 2020Football School of India6-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 19 2020Millat FC5-5RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 24 2020Mumbai Muslims2-4Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 28 2020Kenkre FC3-2Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 4 2020Millat FC3-1Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 11 2020Football School of India1-1Salsette FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 13 2020PIFA0-3Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf

MFA Elite Division 2019-20 (Corporate) Table

Corporate MDFA Elite Division

1Income Tax96121923815
2Mumbai Customs7610191569
3Bank of Baroda (Dena Bank)9612191798
5Air India95311818810
6Century Rayon114251415150
7Central Railway8404121317-4
8Central Bank of India722381596
10Union Bank of India712451015-5
11Maharashtra State Police91265618-12
12Western Railway71063519-14
13Bank of India90090530-35

MFA Elite Division 2019-20 (Corporate) Fixtures & Results

CORPORATE MDFA Elite Division Fixtures & Results

December 4 2019Bank of Baroda1-0Income TaxCooperage Ground
December 5 2019Western Railway2-1Central RailwayCooperage Ground
December 6 2019Century Rayon2-2Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
December 7 2019Air India1-1HDFC BankCooperage Ground
December 13 2019Income Tax7-1Central Railway
December 13 2019Union Bank of India2-0Bank of India
December 15 2019Air India2-0Century Rayon
December 17 2019Central Railway3-2Union Bank of India
December 19 2019Bank of Baroda5-1Bank of India
December 24 2019Mumbai Customs2-1Union Bank of India
December 25 2019Century Rayon4-1Bank of Baroda
December 28 2019Air India1-2Mumbai Customs
December 30 2019HDFC Bank4-0Bank of India
December 30 2019Bank of Baroda2-0Maharashtra State Police
January 4 2020Income Tax1-0Western Railway
January 5 2020Bank of Baroda3-2Central Bank of India
January 5 2020HDFC Bank4-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 6 2020Bank of India1-2Central Railway
January 7 2020Central Bank of India1-0Union Bank of IndiaNeville D’souza Ground
January 7 2020Income Tax2-1Century RayonCooperage Ground
January 8 2020Mumbai Customs4-1Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 10 2020Air India0-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 12 2020HDFC Bank0-0Century RayonCooperage Ground
January 13 2020Income Tax5-1Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 15 2020Air India3-0Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 16 2020Mumbai Customs2-1Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 18 2020Central Bank of India1-1Income TaxCooperage Ground
January 20 2020Mumbai Customs0-0Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
January 21 2020Air India2-1Central RailwayCooperage Ground
January 23 2020ONGC2-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 24 2020Century Rayon2-0Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 25 2020Mumbai Customs2-1Central Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 27 2020ONGC5-0Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 29 2020Maharashtra State Police2-2Central Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 30 2020Air India2-1Income TaxCooperage Ground
January 31 2020ONGC4-1Western RailwayCooperage Ground
February 1 2020Central Railway2-0Century RayonCooperage Ground
February 3 2020Western Railway1-4Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
February 4 2020Central Railway2-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 10 2020Century Rayon4-1Bank of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
February 14 2020Air India2-2Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 14 2020Mumbai Customs3-1Central RailwayAndheri Sports Complex
February 16 2020Bank of Baroda1-0HDFC Bank
February 18 2020ONGC5-1Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 19 2020Central Bank of India8-0Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 20 2020Century Rayon0-2Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 21 2020ONGC1-0Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
February 24 2020Income Tax4-1Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 25 2020Air India5-1Bank of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
February 26 2020Central Bank of India0-1Century RayonCooperage Ground
February 28 2020Income Tax2-0HDFC BankCooperage Ground
March 13 2020ONGC3-1Century RayonCooperage Ground

October 7th, 2021

The Mumbai football season gets underway on November 10th 2021.

The MFA Super Division, Second Division and Third Division will commence first.

January 7th, 2021

The 2020-21 MDFA Season stands cancelled.

The 2021-22 season is tentatively likely to start in either May or June 2021.

mdfa 2020-21

November 25, 2020

The Mumbai District Football Association has declared Karnatak Sports Association as winners of the MDFA Elite Division (Private) and Mumbai Customs as winners of the MDFA Elite Division (Corporate) for the 2019-20 season which was abandoned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019-20 MDFA Super Division winners are Reliance FYC.

2019-20 MDFA First Division champions are Rudra FC.

2019-20 MDFA Second Division champions are Boxer FA (A).

2019-20 MDFA Third Division champions are D’Souza Football Academy.

September 23, 2020

The 2020-21 edition of the MDFA Elite Division, MDFA Women’s Division, MDFA Super Division will tentatively start on 1st January 2021.

The 2020-21 MDFA First, Second and Third Division are also scheduled to commence from January 1st, 2021.

May 6 2020

Clubs question Mumbai District Football Association – MDFA’s decision to call off league

Kenkre FC Manager Joshua Lewis:
The league was almost over. Teams play in the competition to qualify for the national leagues. We can’t be financially stable by just playing in a city league.

PIFA Colaba Owner Anjali Shah:
If you are taking such a big decision to cancel the league, shouldn’t the team owners have a say in it?


May 4 2020

The 2019-20 MDFA Elite Division, Super Division and Women’s League have been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MDFA cancels Elite and Super Divisions due to COVID-19

March 14 2020


*Mumbai District Football Association* has decided to *Cancel All MDFA League Matches*

MDFA Elite Div
MDFA Super Div

From *14/03/2020* To *21/03/2020*

Further Information For the Same will update Soon

Stay Safe
Stay Healthy

Thank You,

Dec. 16 2019

Mumbai City FC’s U-18 team has been suspended for the rest of the season and fined for alleged assault on a match official after an Elite Division game.

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