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Tamil Nadu Women’s League

Tamil Nadu Football Association logo

Organised by Tamil Nadu Football Association
Current Champions: Sethu FC (2020-21) (2nd Edition)
Previous Champions: Sethu FC (2019-20)

Tamil Nadu Women’s League 2020-21

1Sethu FC77002164163
2SDAT Excellence Club750215431825
3Tamil Nadu Police20020110-9
4FC Thamizhatchi40040229-27
5Wow Women’s FC40040052-52

Tamil Nadu Women’s League 2020-21

March 21 2021Sethu FC9-0Wow Women’s FCleagueChennai
March 21 2021Tamil Nadu Police1-4SDAT Excellence ClubleagueChennai
March 22 2021FC Thamizhatchi0-16Sethu FCleagueChennai
March 22 2021Wow Women’s FC0-19SDAT Excellence ClubleagueChennai
March 23 2021Tamil Nadu Police(postponed)FC ThamizhatchileagueChennai
March 23 2021SDAT Excellence Club0-4Sethu FCleagueChennai
March 24 2021FC Thamizhatchi6:30 AMWow Women’s FCleagueChennai
March 24 2021Sethu FC6-0Tamil Nadu PoliceleagueChennai
March 25 2021Tamil Nadu Police(postponed)Wow Women’s FCleagueChennai
March 25 2021FC Thamizhatchi0-3SDAT Excellence ClubleagueChennai
March 26 2021FC Thamizhatchi(postponed)Tamil Nadu PoliceleagueChennai
March 26 2021Sethu FC11-1SDAT Excellence ClubleagueChennai
March 27 2021Wow Women’s FC6:30 AMFC ThamizhatchileagueChennai
March 27 2021Tamil Nadu Police(postponed)Sethu FCleagueChennai
March 28 2021Wow Women’s FC0-15Sethu FCleagueChennai
March 28 2021SDAT Excellence Club(postponed)Tamil Nadu PoliceleagueChennai
March 29 2021Sethu FC3-0FC ThamizhatchileagueChennai
March 29 2021SDAT Excellence Club9-0Wow Women’s FCleagueChennai
March 30 2021Wow Women’s FC(postponed)Tamil Nadu PoliceleagueChennai
March 30 2021SDAT Excellence Club7-2FC ThamizhatchileagueChennai

Tamil Nadu Women’s League 2020-21

The league will start on March 21, 2021.

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