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Manipur Women’s League

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AMFA Senior Women's Football League
Organised by All Manipur Football Association (AMFA)
Current Champions:
YWC, Langthabal (2021-22)
Previous Champions:
Eastern Sporting Union [ESU] (2021)

Manipur Women's League Table

1YWC, Langthabal108112523419
2KRYPHSA, Naoremthong107122223716
3ESU, Wangkhei10532181257
4MPSC, Police HQ10343131156
5ICSA, Irengbam102177717-10
6WFA, Kakching1000100139-38

Manipur Women's League Fixtures & Results

December 20 2021ESU, Wangkhei4-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
December 20 2021YWC, Langthabal2-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong
December 23 2021ICSA, Irengbam0-2KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
December 23 2021ESU, Wangkhei0-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong
January 7 2022WFA, Kakching0-7KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
January 7 2022YWC, Langthabal4-1ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 10 2022ESU, Wangkhei2-3KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
January 10 2022MPSC, Police HQ0-0ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 10 2022WFA, Kakching1-7YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
January 13 2022ESU, Wangkhei1-0ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 13 2022KRYPHSA, Naoremthong1-0YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
January 13 2022MPSC, Police HQ6-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
January 16 2022ESU, Wangkhei0-0YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
January 16 2022ICSA, Irengbam3-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
January 16 2022KRYPHSA, Naoremthong1-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong
January 20 2022ESU, Wangkhei2-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
January 20 2022YWC, Langthabal2-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong
January 20 2022ICSA, Irengbam1-3KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
January 23 2022ESU, Wangkhei0-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong
January 23 2022WFA, Kakching0-5KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
January 23 2022YWC, Langthabal2-0ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 29 2022ESU, Wangkhei1-0KRYPHSA, NaoremthongLamlong Thongkhong
January 29 2022MPSC, Police HQ3-0ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 29 2022WFA, Kakching0-1YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
January 31 2022ESU, Wangkhei2-0ICSA, IrengbamLamlong Thongkhong
January 31 2022KRYPHSA, Naoremthong1-3YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
January 31 2022MPSC, Police HQ2-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
February 2 2022ESU, Wangkhei0-2YWC, LangthabalLamlong Thongkhong
February 2 2022ICSA, Irengbam2-0WFA, KakchingLamlong Thongkhong
February 2 2022KRYPHSA, Naoremthong0-0MPSC, Police HQLamlong Thongkhong

12th AMFA Senior Women’s Football League for BM Singh Trophy 2021-22

December 25, 2021

The 14th Manipur State League 2021-22 and the 12th AMFA Senior Women’s Football League 2021-22 have been suspended indefinitely by the All Manipur Football Association (AMFA).

The league is expected to commence on December 20, 2021.

11th AMFA Senior Women’s Football League for BM Singh Trophy 2021

UPDATE, March 27, 2021

Manipur Women's League 2021 Champions Eastern Sporting Union (ESU)
Manipur Women’s League 2021 Champions Eastern Sporting Union (ESU); Source: The Sangai Express

The league starts on March 11 2021.

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