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Manipur State League

Manipur State League

Founded: 2006
2021 (14th Edition) Champions: KLASA FC
2019-20 (13th Edition): League Abandoned
Previous Champions: NEROCA FC (2016-17, 11th Edition)
Most Championships: NISA (5 titles)

14th Manipur State League 2021

Manipur State League Table

1KLASA, Keinou (Q)86111918612
2Sagolband United (Q)84311519514
3SSU, Singjamei (Q)8350141486
4KIYC, Kshetri (Q)84221413112
5Ganggam SC84131318180
6NEROCA FC83141014140
7TRAU FC82157814-6
8Yarkhok United FC812551516-1
9DM Rao, Sekmai81073734-27
1AFC, Thoubal (Q)75021519127
2United Khawzim Brothers (Q)74121318144
3Muvanlai Athletics (Q)7403121192
4AIM, Khabam Lamkhai (Q)7403121215-3
5Young Physique’s Union (YPHU)730491284
6NISA, Thangmeiband730491082
7Manipur Police SC730491314-1
8NACO, Nambul Mapal.71154318-15

14th Manipur State League 2021

Manipur State League Fixtures & Results

22 March 2021groupGanggam SC2-3KIYC, Kshetri
24 March 2021groupSSU, Singjamei1-1NEROCA FC
24 March 2021groupManipur Police SC1-4United Khawzim Brothers
26 March 2021groupNISA, Thangmeiband2-0AFC, Thoubal
26 March 2021groupYarkhok United FC1-4KLASA, Keinou
28 March 2021groupTRAU FC0-4Sagolband United
5 April 2021groupMuvanlai Athletics2-0NACO, Nambul Mapal.
5 April 2021groupAIM, Khabam Lamkhai2-1Young Physique’s Union (YPHU)
6 April 2021groupSSU, Singjamei3-0DM Rao, Sekmai
6 April 2021groupYarkhok United FC1-2KIYC, Kshetri
7 April 2021groupManipur Police SC1-2AFC, Thoubal.
7 April 2021groupUnited Khawzim Brothers1-1NACO, Nambul Mapal.
8 April 2021groupTRAU FC1-2NEROCA FC
8 April 2021groupSagolband United0-0KLASA, Keinou
10 April 2021groupNISA, Thangmeiband1-0Young Physique’s Union (YPHU)
10 April 2021groupMuvanlai Athletics1-0AIM, Khabam Lamkhai
11 April 2021groupYarkhok United FC1-2Ganggam SC
11 April 2021groupTRAU FC2-1DM Rao, Sekmai
12 April 2021groupManipur Police SC2-0NACO, Nambul Mapal.
12 April 2021groupAFC, Thoubal3-2Young Physique’s Union (YPHU)
15 April 2021groupSagolband United1-1KIYC, Kshetri
15 April 2021groupKLASA, Keinou2-1NEROCA FC
16 April 2021groupUnited Khawzim Brothers5-2AIM, Khabam Lamkhai
16 April 2021groupNISA, Thangmeiband3-0Muvanlai Athletics
17 April 2021groupTRAU FC1-1SSU, Singjamei
17 April 2021groupSagolband United3-1Ganggam SC
12 December 2021groupManipur Police SC0-1Young Physique’s Union (YPHU)
13 December 2021groupNACO, Nambul Mapal.1-2AIM, Khabam Lamkhai
13 December 2021groupKLASA, Keinou3-0DM Rao, Sekmai
14 December 2021groupNEROCA FC3-0KIYC, Kshetri
14 December 2021groupAFC, Thoubal2-1Muvanlai Athletics
15 December 2021groupUnited Khawzim Brothers2-1NISA, Thangmeiband
15 December 2021groupSagolband United1-1Yarkhok United FC
16 December 2021groupKLASA, Keinou0-2SSU, Singjamei
17 December 2021groupManipur Police SC5-1AIM, Khabam Lamkhai
18 December 2021groupYoung Physique’s Union (YPHU)2-0Muvanlai Athletics
18 December 2021groupNEROCA FC0-1Ganggam SC
19 December 2021groupKIYC, Kshetri3-0DM Rao, Sekmai
21 December 2021groupNACO, Nambul Mapal1-0NISA, Thangmeiband
21 December 2021groupAFC, Thoubal4-2United Khawzim Brothers
22 December 2021groupKLASA, Keinou1-0TRAU FC
22 December 2021groupNEROCA FC4-1Yarkhok United FC
23 December 2021groupManipur Police SC0-3Muvanlai Athletics
24 December 2021groupAIM, Khabam Lamkhai1-0NISA, Thangmeiband
5 January 2022groupKIYC, Kshetri2-2SSU, Singjamei
5 January 2022groupDM Rao, Sekmai0-5Ganggam SC
6 January 2022groupYoung Physique’s Union (YPHU)1-2United Khawzim Brothers
6 January 2022groupNACO, Nambul Mapal0-6AFC, Thoubal
9 January 2022groupNEROCA FC1-2Sagolband United
9 January 2022groupKIYC, Kshetri1-0TRAU FC
9 January 2022groupManipur Police SC4-3NISA, Thangmeiband
11 January 2022groupMuvanlai Athletics4-2United Khawzim Brothers
11 January 2022groupDM Rao, Sekmai0-8Yarkhok United FC
11 January 2022groupGanggam SC3-3SSU, Singjamei
14 January 2022groupAIM, Khabam Lamkhai4-2AFC, Thoubal
14 January 2022groupYoung Physique’s Union (YPHU)5-0NACO, Nambul Mapal.
14 January 2022groupKIYC, Kshetri1-2KLASA, Keinou
15 January 2022groupDM Rao, Sekmai0-8Sagolband United
15 January 2022groupGanggam SC3-2TRAU FC
15 January 2022groupSSU, Singjamei1-1Yarkhok United FC
18 January 2022groupDM Rao, Sekmai6-2NEROCA FC
18 January 2022groupGanggam SC1-6KLASA, Keinou
19 January 2022groupSSU, Singjamei1-0Sagolband United
19 January 2022groupYarkhok United FC1-2TRAU FC
24 January 2022quarterfinal 1KLASA, Keinou2-0Muvanlai Athletics
24 January 2022quarterfinal 2AFC, Thoubal1-1 (5-6)pSSU, Singjamei
25 January 2022quarterfinal 3Sagolband United6-0AIM, Khabam Lamkhai
25 January 2022quarterfinal 4United Khawzim Brothers2-0KIYC, Kshetri
28 January 2022semi-final 1KLASA, Keinou2-1Sagolband United
28 January 2022semi-final 2SSU, Singjamei1-0United Khawzim Brothers
3 February 2022FINALKLASA, Keinou1-0SSU, Singjamei

14th Manipur State League: The Final Showdown – KLASA FC vs SSU2022-02-03The Away End Media DeskThe final of the 14th Manipur State League will see KLASA FC take on 2012 champions Southern Sporting Union (SSU) today, February 3 at 1.30 pm.
14th Manipur State League 2021: Preview of the Semifinals2022-01-28The Away End Media DeskPaokhongam vs Napoleon Lunminlen? It’s KLASA FC vs Sagolband United and UKB vs SSU in the semi-finals of the 14th Manipur State League.
14th Manipur State League 2021: Review of the Quarterfinals2022-01-26The Away End Media DeskKLASA FC, Sagolband United, Southern Sporting Union and United Khawzim Brothers have advanced to the semi-finals of the 14th Manipur State League 2021.

14th Manipur State League 2021

December 25, 2021

The 14th Manipur State League 2021-22 and the 12th AMFA Senior Women’s Football League 2021-22 have been suspended indefinitely by the All Manipur Football Association (AMFA).

October 11, 2021

The 14th Manipur State League 2021 which was put on hold earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic will now resume on December 6th 2021.

August 9, 2021

The 14th Manipur State League 2021 which was suspended due to COVID-19 will now resume in October 2021 (1st week tentatively).


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UPDATE, April 21, 2021

The league is deferred till at least the 10th of May due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

UPDATE, April 19, 2021

UPDATE, March 17, 2021

The league will now start on March 22, 2021.

UPDATE, February 25th 2021

The 14th Manipur State League is now expected to begin on March 18th 2021.

17 teams will compete and there will be no relegation.

UPDATE, February 9, 2021

The All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) will conduct the 14th Manipur State League in the second week of March 2021

UPDATE, November 4, 2020

“The All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) has stated that the intervention of Directorate of Youth Affairs and Sports over holding of football tournaments was undesirous.”

read more:

UPDATE, October 30, 2020

Youth Affairs and Sports, Manipur has instructed AMFA to cancel the Manipur State League and other tournaments the FA were planning to hold in December due to the prevailing COVID situation and lack of SOPs for these events.

14th Manipur State League cancelled

UPDATE, October 25, 2020:

The 14th Edition of the Manipur State League (2020-21) organised by All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) is likely to commence in the first week of December 2020.

14th manipur state league

2019-20 Season [13th Edition]

This is the 13th edition of the Manipur State League.

The tournament will be played on a home and away basis.

UPDATE, March 14 2020

The Manipur State League has been placed on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak at least until the first week of April 2020.

UPDATE March 7th 2020

The league will resume after a break for Yaosang.

UPDATE 17th February 2020

United Khawzim Brothers (UKB FC) have been fined 10,000 rupees and their player Jonathan Ginthanlal has been suspended for six months after the player was found not registered under the CRS.

UPDATE 9th February 2020

TRAU FC’s matches have been rescheduled and dates will be announced later.

UPDATE 17th October 2019

Manipur State League has been postponed due to non-registration of players.


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