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WIFA Women’s Football League

Western India Football Association logo
WIFA Women’s League
Organised by:
Western India Football Association (WIFA)
Current Champions:
PIFA Sports (2021-22)

WIFA Women's League Table

1PIFA Sports98102543043
2S.P. Football Academy98012427423
3Footie First96121923617
4Krida Prabodhini, Pune960318221210
5Indian Rush SC9333121486
6Kenkre FC93241124177
7Pacangan FC, Satara922581718-1
8Amma FC, Nagpur921671017-7
9Snigmay FC90363639-33
10Next Sports Academy, Palghar90181166-65

WIFA Women's League Fixtures & Results

December 12 2021leagueSnigmay FC1-1Pacangan FC
December 12 2021leaguePIFA Sports19-0Next Sports Academy
December 13 2021leagueKenkre FC3-1Amma FC
December 13 2021leagueIndian Rush SC0-3S.P. Football Academy
December 15 2021leagueFootie First3-1Indian Rush SC
December 15 2021leagueAmma FC0-0Snigmay FC
December 15 2021leagueNext Sports Academy0-9Kenkre FC
December 16 2021leagueS.P. Football Academy0-1PIFA Sports
December 16 2021leaguePacangan FC1-2Krida Prabodhini
December 19 2021leagueKenkre FC2-3S.P. Football Academy
December 19 2021leagueSnigmay FC1-1Next Sports Academy
December 20 2021leaguePIFA Sports1-0Footie First
December 20 2021leagueKrida Prabodhini1-0Amma FC
December 23 2021leagueIndian Rush SC0-0PIFA Sports
December 23 2021leagueNext Sports Academy0-5Krida Prabodhini
December 26 2021leagueFootie First0-0Kenkre FC
December 26 2021leagueS.P. Football Academy4-0Snigmay FC
January 1 2022leagueKenkre FC1-1Indian Rush SC
January 1 2022leagueKrida Prabodhini1-2S.P. Football Academy
January 2 2022leaguePacangan FC1-2Amma FC
January 2 2022leagueSnigmay FC0-4Footie First
January 4 2022leagueIndian Rush SC6-0Snigmay FC
January 4 2022leagueNext Sports Academy0-10Pacangan FC
January 5 2022leaguePIFA Sports2-0Kenkre FC
January 5 2022leagueFootie First4-1Krida Prabodhini
January 8 2022leagueAmma FC7-0Next Sports Academy
January 8 2022leagueKrida Prabodhini1-0Indian Rush SC
February 1 2022leaguePacangan FC0-4S.P. Football Academy
February 1 2022leagueKrida Prabodhini4-1Kenkre FC
February 1 2022leagueSnigmay FC0-11PIFA Sports
February 3 2022leagueNext Sports Academy0-5S.P. Football Academy
February 3 2022leaguePacangan FC0-0Indian Rush SC
February 5 2022leagueFootie First2-0Pacangan FC
February 5 2022leaguePIFA Sports2-0Krida Prabodhini
February 5 2022leagueAmma FC0-3 (walkover)Footie First
February 5 2022leagueKenkre FC5-2Snigmay FC
February 5 2022leagueS.P. Football Academy3-0 (walkover)Amma FC
February 7 2022leaguePIFA Sports4-0Pacangan FC
February 8 2022leagueFootie First7-0Next Sports Academy
February 7 2022leagueSnigmay FC2-7Krida Prabodhini
February 7 2022leagueIndian Rush SC3-0 (walkover)Amma FC
February 9 2022leaguePacangan FC4-3Kenkre FC
February 9 2022leagueAmma FC0-3 (walkover)PIFA Sports
February 9 2022leagueNext Sports Academy0-3Indian Rush SC
February 9 2022leagueS.P. Football Academy3-0Footie First

WIFA Women’s Football League 2021-22

WIFA Women's Football League 2021-22 Champions PIFA Sports
WIFA Women’s Football League 2021-22 Champions PIFA Sports | Source: WIFA

The new season is tentatively expected to start on December 12 2021.

WIFA Women’s Football League 2020-21

The season has been cancelled due to the second wave of COVID-19

UPDATE, April 1, 2021

FC Kolhapur City have withdrawn from the competition.

The league starts on April 1 2021.

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