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WIFA Women’s Football League

Western India Football Association logo
WIFA Women’s League
Organised by:
Western India Football Association (WIFA)
Current Champions:
Mumbai Knights (2022-23)
Previous Champions:
PIFA Sports (2021-22)

WIFA Women's League Table

1PIFA Sports87102240040
2Mumbai Knights87102235134
3Kolhapur Warriors85031518810
4Kenkre FC84131320128
5Aspire FC84131317116
6Puneri Warriors822481019-9
7Footie First81346417-13
8Football School of India81164332-29
9Lawless United80080148-47

WIFA Women's League Fixtures & Results

August 13 2022leagueKenkre FC1-3Kolhapur Warriors
August 13 2022leaguePuneri Warriors0-5PIFA Sports
August 13 2022leagueAspire FC4-0Lawless United
August 14 2022leagueFootie First0-7Mumbai Knights
August 16 2022leagueKolhapur Warriors1-0Footie First
August 16 2022leaguePuneri Warriors1-1Kenkre FC
August 16 2022leagueMumbai Knights7-0Lawless United
August 16 2022leaguePIFA Sports8-0Football School of India
August 19 2022leagueKenkre FC0-4PIFA Sports
August 19 2022leagueFootie First2-2Puneri Warriors
August 19 2022leagueAspire FC7-0Football School of India
August 20 2022leagueLawless United0-6Kolhapur Warriors
August 22 2022leagueKenkre FC5-0Footie First
August 22 2022leaguePuneri Warriors5-0Lawless United
August 23 2022leaguePIFA Sports4-0Aspire FC
August 23 2022leagueFootball School of India0-7Mumbai Knights
August 25 2022leagueLawless United1-6Kenkre FC
August 25 2022leagueKolhapur Warriors5-0Football School of India
August 26 2022leagueMumbai Knights1-0*Aspire FC
August 26 2022leagueFootie First0-1PIFA Sports
August 28 2022leagueFootball School of India0-2Puneri Warriors
August 28 2022leagueAspire FC2-1Kolhapur Warriors
August 29 2022leaguePIFA Sports0-0Mumbai Knights
August 29 2022leagueFootie First1-0Lawless United
September 11 2022leagueFootie First0-0Football School of India
September 11 2022leagueMumbai Knights7-0Puneri Warriors
September 12 2022leaguePIFA Sports2-0Kolhapur Warriors
September 18 2022leagueAspire FC0-4Kenkre FC
September 14 2022leagueFootball School of India3-0Lawless United
September 14 2022leaguePuneri Warriors0-1Kolhapur Warriors
September 15 2022leagueMumbai Knights3-0Kenkre FC
September 15 2022leagueAspire FC1-1Footie First
September 17 2022leagueFootball School of India0-3Kenkre FC
September 17 2022leagueLawless United0-16PIFA Sports
September 18 2022leagueKolhapur Warriors1-3Mumbai Knights
September 18 2022leaguePuneri Warriors0-3Aspire FC
September 22 2022qualifying round 1Mumbai Knights3-1Kolhapur Warriors
September 22 2022qualifying round 1PIFA Sports3-0Kenkre FC
September 25 2022qualifying round 2Mumbai Knights6-0Kenkre FC
September 25 2022qualifying round 2PIFA Sports6-0Kolhapur Warriors
October 3 2022qualifying round 3Kolhapur Warriors0-1Kenkre FC
October 3 2022qualifying round 3PIFA Sports0-2Mumbai Knights

WIFA Women’s Football League 2022-23

WIFA Women’s League 2022-23 Champions Mumbai Knights | Source: WIFA

Player of the Tournament: Priyanka Sujeesh, 15 goals, Mumbai Knights

Top Scorer: Sasmita Behera, 17 Goals, PIFA

The league starts on August 13, 2022.

All matches are being played at the Cooperage Stadium.

WIFA Women’s Football League 2021-22

WIFA Women's Football League 2021-22 Champions PIFA Sports
WIFA Women’s Football League 2021-22 Champions PIFA Sports | Source: WIFA

The new season is tentatively expected to start on December 12 2021.

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