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WIFA Women’s Football League

Western India Football Association logo
WIFA Women’s League
Organised by:
Western India Football Association (WIFA)
2020-21 Season:
Cancelled (COVID-19)

WIFA Women's League Table

1PIFA Sports54101323023
2S.P. Football Academy5401121248
3Krida Prabodhini, Pune6402121174
4Footie First5311101138
5Kenkre FC622281578
6Amma FC, Nagpur521271055
7Indian Rush SC61235880
8Pacangan FC, Satara411241358
9Snigmay FC60333216-14
10Next Sports Academy, Palghar60151151-50

WIFA Women's League Fixtures & Results

December 12 2021leagueSnigmay FC1-1Pacangan FC
December 12 2021leaguePIFA Sports19-0Next Sports Academy
December 13 2021leagueKenkre FC3-1Amma FC
December 13 2021leagueIndian Rush SC0-3S.P. Football Academy
December 15 2021leagueFootie First3-1Indian Rush SC
December 15 2021leagueAmma FC0-0Snigmay FC
December 15 2021leagueNext Sports Academy0-9Kenkre FC
December 16 2021leagueS.P. Football Academy0-1PIFA Sports
December 16 2021leaguePacangan FC1-2Krida Prabodhini
December 19 2021leagueKenkre FC2-3S.P. Football Academy
December 19 2021leagueSnigmay FC1-1Next Sports Academy
December 20 2021leaguePIFA Sports1-0Footie First
December 20 2021leagueKrida Prabodhini1-0Amma FC
December 23 2021leagueIndian Rush SC0-0PIFA Sports
December 23 2021leagueNext Sports Academy0-5Krida Prabodhini
December 26 2021leagueFootie First0-0Kenkre FC
December 26 2021leagueS.P. Football Academy4-0Snigmay FC
January 1 2022leagueKenkre FC1-1Indian Rush SC
January 1 2022leagueKrida Prabodhini1-2S.P. Football Academy
January 2 2022leaguePacangan FC1-2Amma FC
January 2 2022leagueSnigmay FC0-4Footie First
January 4 2022leagueIndian Rush SC6-0Snigmay FC
January 4 2022leagueNext Sports Academy0-10Pacangan FC
January 5 2022leaguePIFA Sports2-0Kenkre FC
January 5 2022leagueFootie First4-1Krida Prabodhini
January 8 2022leagueAmma FC7-0Next Sports Academy
January 8 2022leagueKrida Prabodhini1-0Indian Rush SC
January 9 2022leaguePacangan FCpostponedS.P. Football Academy
January 9 2022leagueSnigmay FCpostponedPIFA Sports
January 12 2022leaguePacangan FCpostponedIndian Rush SC
January 12 2022leagueKrida PrabodhinipostponedKenkre FC
January 13 2022leagueAmma FCpostponedFootie First
January 13 2022leagueNext Sports AcademypostponedS.P. Football Academy
January 16 2022leagueS.P. Football AcademypostponedAmma FC
January 16 2022leagueKenkre FCpostponedSnigmay FC
January 17 2022leagueFootie FirstpostponedPacangan FC
January 17 2022leaguePIFA SportspostponedKrida Prabodhini
January 20 2022leaguePIFA SportspostponedPacangan FC
January 20 2022leagueFootie FirstpostponedNext Sports Academy
January 21 2022leagueIndian Rush SCpostponedAmma FC
January 21 2022leagueSnigmay FCpostponedKrida Prabodhini
January 24 2022leaguePacangan FCpostponedKenkre FC
January 24 2022leagueS.P. Football AcademypostponedFootie First
January 25 2022leagueAmma FCpostponedPIFA Sports
January 25 2022leagueNext Sports AcademypostponedIndian Rush SC

WIFA Women’s Football League 2021-22

The new season is tentatively expected to start on December 12 2021.

WIFA Women’s Football League 2020-21

The season has been cancelled due to the second wave of COVID-19

UPDATE, April 1, 2021

FC Kolhapur City have withdrawn from the competition.

The league starts on April 1 2021.

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