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Shillong Premier League

Shillong Premier League

Founded: 2010
Current champions: Shillong Lajong FC [2019] [4th time]
2020 Season: Cancelled (See News & Updates section)

Shillong Premier League 2019

1Shillong Lajong [C]128312730624
2Rangdajied United125702225718
5Nangkiew Irat12336121321-8
6Nongrim Hills [R]12255111418-4
7Laban [R]121386936-27

Shillong Premier League 2019

20th August 2019Ryntih1-0LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
21st August 2019Rangdajied United0-0Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
22nd August 2019Shillong Lajong1-2Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
24th August 2019Langsning1-0RyntihNehru Stadium, Shillong
27th August 2019Laban0-5Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
28th August 2019Nongrim Hills1-3Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
29th August 2019Nangkiew Irat0-0LangsningNehru Stadium, Shillong
2nd September 2019Shillong Lajong4-0LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
3rd September 2019Rangdajied United0-0Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
4th September 2019Ryntih1-0Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
7th September 2019Langsning0-2Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
9th September 2019Laban1-0Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
10th September 2019Ryntih0-1Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
11th September 2019Nongrim Hills1-1LangsningNehru Stadium, Shillong
30th September 2019Nangkiew Irat2-1RyntihNehru Stadium, Shillong
1st October 2019Langsning0-0LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
2nd October 2019Shillong Lajong0-0Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
5th October 2019Nongrim Hills2-1Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
7th October 2019Langsning2-4Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
10th October 2019Laban2-4Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
11th October 2019Ryntih2-2Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
12th October 2019Nangkiew Irat1-5Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
14th October 2019Langsning3-3LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
15th October 2019Nongrim Hills0-2RyntihNehru Stadium, Shillong
17th October 2019Rangdajied United1-1Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
18th October 2019Langsning6-2Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
19th October 2019Nongrim Hills1-1LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
21st October 2019Ryntih0-0Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
23rd October 2019Laban0-6Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
24th October 2019Langsning2-1Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
26th October 2019Ryntih2-1Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
28th October 2019Shillong Lajong1-0Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
29th October 2019Rangdajied United6-0LabanNehru Stadium, Shillong
31st October 2019Ryntih3-0LangsningNehru Stadium, Shillong
2nd November 2019Nangkiew Irat0-1Shillong LajongNehru Stadium, Shillong
4th November 2019Nongrim Hills3-3Rangdajied UnitedNehru Stadium, Shillong
5th November 2019Laban1-3RyntihNehru Stadium, Shillong
8th November 2019Shillong Lajong5-0LangsningNehru Stadium, Shillong
9th November 2019Nangkiew Irat1-1Nongrim HillsNehru Stadium, Shillong
12th November 2019Shillong Lajong4-0RyntihNehru Stadium, Shillong
13th November 2019Laban1-3Nangkiew IratNehru Stadium, Shillong
14th November 2019Rangdajied United0-0LangsningNehru Stadium, Shillong

Shillong Premier League 2019: Final Round15-Nov-19Shillong Lajong won the 2019 Shillong Premier League – their first since 2016. Rangdajied United, who remained unbeaten all season, came in second.
Shillong Premier League 2019: Penultimate Round09-Nov-19Shillong Lajong FC requires one point from the final fixture to win the Shillong Premier League title. Rangdajied United would need a miracle on the final day

Shillong Premier League 2020

There will be no Shillong Sports Association (SSA) football tournaments in 2020 due to the covid epidemic affecting sponsorships. Shillong Premier League, U-18 SPL stand cancelled.

Coronavirus: Shillong football season scrapped for 2020

Additionally, with no maintenance or activity at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong, the stadium is in a state of disrepair.

The SPL also depends on gate revenue and with spectators unlikely to be allowed in the near future, it doesn’t look like that the 2020 season will get underway.

August 6th 2019 Updates:

-Shillong Premier League 2019 starts on August 20th 2019

-Pure league format

-The teams can register a max of 30 players, four of whom should be U-18. One U-18 player should also be in the playing XI.

-Teams can also register three foreigners of which two can be on the field at any time.

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