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Shillong Premier League

shillong premier league logo
Founded: 2010
Organised by:
Shillong Sports Association (SSA)
Current Champions:
Mawlai SC (2022)
Previous Champions:
Shillong Lajong FC (2019) (4th title)

Shillong Premier League Table

1Mawlai SC1411213533825
2Rangdajied United1484228241014
3Langsning FC1474325291514
4Shillong Lajong FC145271717161
5Nangkiew Irat SC14455172025-5
6Ryntih SC14527172330-7
7Malki SC143110101139-28
8Mawkhar SC141497923-14

Shillong Premier League Fixtures & Results

datehomevsawayvenuegoalscorer homegoalscorer away
June 15 2022Nangkiew Irat SC0-2Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong52′ Manbha Iawphniaw, 58′ Damonlang Pathaw
June 16 2022Shillong Lajong FC0-1Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong70′ Shano Tariang
June 17 2022Malki SC0-3Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong15′ 64′ Badon Kupar Marbaniang, 45’p Hardy Cliff Nongbri
June 18 2022Rangdajied United FC1-1Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong29′ Chesterpaul Lyngdoh26′ Bansanbha Khongsdam
June 22 2022Langsning FC2-2Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong41′ Ronney Kharbudon, 71′ Kynsaibor Lhuid45’+3 Lambor Nongsiej, 88′(og) Batskhem Thangkhiew
June 24 2022Mawkhar SC0-2Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong45′ Donboklang Mawlong, 48′ Kordor Dkhar
June 25 2022Ryntih SC0-1Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong5′ Donboklang Lyngdoh
June 27 2022Mawlai SC2-0Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong77′ Fullmoon Mukhim, 89′ Pynbha Suting
June 28 2022Shillong Lajong FC1-1Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong14′ Sangti Janai Shianglong90’+3 Damanbha Chyne
June 30 2022Mawkhar SC1-3Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong60′ Banehskhem Khongsdam48′ 58′ Bickyson Kharkongor, 90’+3 Hardy Cliff Nongbri
July 1 2022Mawlai SC1-0Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong30′ Donborlang Nongkynrih
July 2 2022Malki SC0-0Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong
July 5 2022Nangkiew Irat SC2-0Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong37′ Chanmitre Thma, 89′ Bris Taro
July 6 2022Ryntih SC3-0Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong20′ 67′ Wilbert Marbaniang, 48’p Allen Lyngdoh Nongbri
July 7 2022Rangdajied United FC1-2Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong71′ Donboklang Lyngdoh22′ Kitboklang Pale, 79′ Shano Tariang
July 9 2022Mawlai SC4-0Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong10′ Donlad Diengdoh, 27′ 74′ Samuel Lyngdoh Kynshi, 58′ Remark Kharmalki
July 11 2022Shillong Lajong FC2-1Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong28′ Wadajied Ryngkhlem, 34′ Aman Ahlawat90’+7p Balajied Syiemlieh
July 12 2022Nangkiew Irat SC1-3Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong74′ Overkindness Lyngdoh Mawnai52′ 77′ Donboklang Lyngdoh, 90’+1 Wanlamsuk Nongkhlaw
July 14 2022Ryntih SC0-5Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong45′ Pynbha Suting, 48′ Donlad Diengdoh, 53′ 81′ Manbha Iawphniaw, 86′ Samuel Lyngdoh Kynshi
July 15 2022Langsning FC4-0Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong
July 18 2022Rangdajied United FC2-0Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong61′ Wanlamsuk Nongkhlaw, 90’+4 Knerktilang Buam
July 19 2022Malki SC1-3Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong90’+2 Khrawkupar Tamu45’+2 57′ Damehun Syih, 69′ Shaibor Nongrum
July 20 2022Mawkhar SC0-0Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong
July 21 2022Langsning FC1-1Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong24′ Shano Tariang7′ Dawanchwa Challam
July 23 2022Shillong Lajong FC1-0Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong90’+6 Wadajied Ryngkhlem
July 25 2022Mawlai SC1-0Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong22′ Donlad Diengdoh
July 26 2022Nangkiew Irat SC2-2Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong56′ Chanmitre Thma, 71′ Khangmiki Pale21′ 23′ Wilbert Marbaniang
July 27 2022Langsning FC3-1Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong24′ Figo Syndai, 46′ Shano Tariang, 79′ Kitboklang Pale47′ Lyngketlut Myrchiang
August 3 2022Shillong Lajong FC0-0Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong
August 5 2022Ryntih SC2-0Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong29′ Dawanplielad Myrchiang, 80′ Mebankhraw Wahlang
August 6 2022Malki SC0-5Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong22′ 34′ Shano Tariang, 58′ 59′ Dibinroy Nongspung, 74′ Roikhihbha Nongtdu
August 9 2022Rangdajied United FC3-0Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong13′ 52′ Raikutshisha Buam, 33′ Oresterwell Langshiang
August 10 2022Shillong Lajong FC5-0Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong8′ 80′ Everbrightson Mylliempdah, 16′ 48′ Gladdy Kharbuli, 59′ Samuel Vanlalpeka
August 11 2022Mawkhar SC1-1Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong69’p Lyngketlut Myrchiang33′ Shano Tariang
August 12 2022Malki SC1-6Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong86′ Marchsterfield Marbaniang24′ 58′ 74′ Manbha Iawphniaw, 26′ Nikelson Bina, 37′ Samuel L Kynshi, 40′ Donlad Diengdoh
August 18 2022Mawlai SC2-2Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong8′ Donlad Diengdoh, 37’p Manbha Iawphniaw63′ Shaibor Nongrum, 86′ O.G.
August 19 2022Mawkhar SC0-1Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong14′ Knerktilang Buam
August 20 2022Ryntih SC2-4Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong42′ Sheen Sohktung, 45’+1 Badonkupar Marbaniang1′ 90’+4 Sanborlang Marwein, 17′ Kordor Dkhar, 55′ Kyrpadlang Tariang
August 22 2022Shillong Lajong FC0-1Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong25′ Donald Diengdoh
August 23 2022Nangkiew Irat SC1-0Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong81′ Shaibor Nongrum
August 26 2022Malki SC0-2Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong57′ Banehskhem Khongsdam, 66′ Defender Pyngrope
August 27 2022Ryntih SC2-0Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong25′ 81′ Sheen Sohktung
August 31 2022Langsning FC3-1Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong22′ 72′ Kynsaibor Lhuid, 51′ Figo Syndai53′ Gladdy Kharbuli
September 2 2022Mawlai SC3-0Mawkhar SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong10′ Dajiedlang Wanshnong, 50′ 90’+4 Remark Kharmalki
September 3 2022Rangdajied United FC4-0Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong29′ 61′ Dibormi Kassar, 77′ Knerktilang Buam, 89′ Raikutshisha Buam
September 8 2022Nangkiew Irat SC3-2Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong41’p Banshan Nongdhar, 55′ Rapborlang Marwein, 62′ Pynche Tyngkan14′ Ioanis Suchen, 85′ Iohbor L Lyngkhoi
September 9 2022Langsning FC1-1Rangdajied United FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong78′ Ronney Kharbudon20′ Raikutshisha Buam
September 10 2022Mawlai SC2-1Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong32’p Brolington Warlarpih, 75′ Robert Khongriah4′ Ebormi Buam
September 14 2022Nangkiew Irat SC1-3Malki SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong17′ Damehun Syih18′ Emboklang Nongkhlaw, 37′ Sanborlang Marwein, 73′ Marchsterfield Marbaniang
September 15 2022Mawkhar SC0-1Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong77′ Henry Ford Nongneng
September 16 2022Ryntih SC2-5Langsning FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong34′ 79′ Mebankhraw Wahlang5′ 22′ 85’p Kitboklang Pale, 45′ Kevinson Rymbai, 90’+2 Roikhihbha Nongtdu
September 17 2022Rangdajied United FC3-2Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong21’p Wanlamsuk Nongkhlaw, 24′ Oresterwell Langshiang, 53′ Dibormi Kassar26′ Oversharp Iawphniaw, 81′ Sambor Kharsahnoh
September 20 2022Malki SC0-4Shillong Lajong FCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong33′ 74′ Gladdy Kharbuli, 40′ Samuel Vanlalpeka, 69′ Wadajied Ryngkhlem
September 21 2022Mawkhar SC2-2Nangkiew Irat SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong62′ Aibiangmame Nongneng, 90’+3 Banehskhem Khongsdam5′ Lambor Nongsiej, 29′ Overkindness Lyngdoh Mawnai
September 26 2022Rangdajied United FC4-2Ryntih SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong45’+2 57′ Donboklang Lyngdoh, 48’p Niawkorlang Kyndiah, 82′ Wansiewdor Nengnong25′ Ebormi Buam, 63′ Sheen Sohktung
September 30 2022Langsning FC1-2Mawlai SCMFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong74′ Arnesius Marwein32′ Donlad Diengdoh, 45’+1 Fullmoon Mukhim

News & Updates

Shillong Premier League 2022

Shillong Premier League 2022 Champions Mawlai SC | Source: SSA

The two-legged league will start on June 15th 2022.

The bottom two teams at the end of the league stage will be relegated.

If teams are level on points, H2H followed by GD will be taken into account.

The tournament will be live streamed on T7.

SPL: Nangkiew Irat & Mawlai set to get new season underway

Shillong Premier League 2020

There will be no Shillong Sports Association (SSA) football tournaments in 2020 due to the covid epidemic affecting sponsorships. Shillong Premier League, U-18 SPL stand cancelled.

Additionally, with no maintenance or activity at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong, the stadium is in a state of disrepair.

The SPL also depends on gate revenue and with spectators unlikely to be allowed in the near future, it doesn’t look like that the 2020 season will get underway.

August 6th 2019 Updates:

-Shillong Premier League 2019 starts on August 20th 2019

-Pure league format

-The teams can register a max of 30 players, four of whom should be U-18. One U-18 player should also be in the playing XI.

-Teams can also register three foreigners of which two can be on the field at any time.


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Shillong Premier League 2019: Final Round15-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungShillong Lajong won the 2019 Shillong Premier League – their first since 2016. Rangdajied United, who remained unbeaten all season, came in second.
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