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Guwahati (GSA) Super Division League

Guwahati Super Division League

R.G. Baruah Super Division Football League
Organised by: Guwahati Sports Association (GSA)
Current Champions: ASEB SC (2022-23)
Previous Champions: ASEB SC (2019)

Guwahati (GSA) Super Division League Table

1ASEB SC1412203831724
2Sunrise AC146442218126
3Navajyoti Club145451918171
4Maharana AC144641820155
5FC Green Valley145361820182
6Assam Police Blues14455171213-1
7N F Railway SC14518161331-18
8Gauhati Town Club (R)1413106625-19

Guwahati (GSA) Super Division League Fixtures & Results

September 16, 2022leagueSunrise AC3-1Maharana ACNehru Stadium
September 18, 2022leagueASEB SC5-1N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
September 19, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-1Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
September 20, 2022leagueFC Green Valley0-1Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
September 21, 2022leagueASEB SC3-2Maharana ACNehru Stadium
September 22, 2022leagueSunrise AC3-1Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
September 23, 2022leagueN F Railway SC1-0Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
September 24, 2022leagueFC Green Valley0-3Assam Police BluesNehru Stadium
September 25, 2022leagueASEB SC3-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
September 26, 2022leagueMaharana AC0-0Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
September 27, 2022leagueFC Green Valley1-0Sunrise ACNehru Stadium
September 28, 2022leagueN F Railway SC1-1Assam Police BluesNehru Stadium
September 29, 2022leagueMaharana AC1-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
September 30, 2022leagueFC Green Valley0-2ASEB SCNehru Stadium
October 10, 2022leagueSunrise AC4-1N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
October 11, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues2-0Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
October 12, 2022leagueFC Green Valley5-1Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
October 13, 2022leagueN F Railway SC0-5Maharana ACNehru Stadium
October 14, 2022leagueASEB SC2-0Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
October 15, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues0-0Sunrise ACNehru Stadium
October 16, 2022leagueFC Green Valley0-1Maharana ACNehru Stadium
October 17, 2022leagueN F Railway SC0-2Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
October 18, 2022leagueASEB SC1-0Assam Police BluesNehru Stadium
October 19, 2022leagueSunrise AC2-0Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
October 20, 2022leagueFC Green Valley1-0N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
October 21, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-0Maharana ACNehru Stadium
October 22, 2022leagueASEB SC2-0Sunrise ACNehru Stadium
October 23, 2022leagueGauhati Town Club0-3Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
October 27, 2022leagueASEB SC2-0N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
October 28, 2022leagueSunrise AC1-1Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
October 29, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-2Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
October 29, 2022leagueMaharana AC2-2FC Green ValleyNehru Stadium
October 31, 2022leagueASEB SC2-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 1, 2022leagueSunrise AC1-1Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
November 2, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues0-0FC Green ValleyNehru Stadium
November 3, 2022leagueMaharana AC1-2N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
November 4, 2022leagueASEB SC3-1Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
November 5, 2022leagueSunrise AC2-1FC Green ValleyNehru Stadium
November 6, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-3N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
November 7, 2022leagueMaharana AC0-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 8, 2022leagueASEB SC3-1FC Green ValleyNehru Stadium
November 9, 2022leagueSunrise AC0-1*N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
November 10, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 11, 2022leagueMaharana AC2-2Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
November 12, 2022leagueSunrise AC1-0Assam Police BluesNehru Stadium
November 13, 2022leagueASEB SC1-1Maharana ACNehru Stadium
November 14, 2022leagueFC Green Valley2-2Navajyoti ClubNehru Stadium
November 15, 2022leagueN F Railway SC1-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 16, 2022leagueASEB SC0-0Assam Police BluesNehru Stadium
November 17, 2022leagueSunrise AC0-0Maharana ACNehru Stadium
November 18, 2022leagueFC Green Valley2-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 19, 2022leagueNavajyoti Club4-1N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
November 20, 2022leagueAssam Police Blues1-4Maharana ACNehru Stadium
November 21, 2022leagueFC Green Valley5-1N F Railway SCNehru Stadium
November 22, 2022leagueNavajyoti Club2-0Gauhati Town ClubNehru Stadium
November 23, 2022leagueASEB SC2-1Sunrise ACNehru Stadium
* Result not confirmed

R. G. Baruah Super Division Football League 2022-23

R. G. Baruah Super Division Football League 2022-23 Champions ASEB FC
R. G. Baruah Super Division Football League 2022-23 Champions ASEB FC | Source: Guwahati Sports Association (GSA)

The tournament kicked off on September 16, 2022.

Guwahati (GSA) Super Division League 2019

ASEB SC are the 2019 Guwahati/GSA Super Division League CHAMPIONS!


After the single-legged league season ends, the top four teams play in the Championship Round while the bottom four play in the relegation round.

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