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FC Goa President Akshay Tandon’s vision for the club

FC Goa President Akshay Tandon's vision for the club
Akshay Tandon | Source: FC Goa

FC Goa’s president and co-owner Akshay Tandon took to Twitter to share his plan/vision for the club in a clear and present/post COVID world. Here’s the thread.

@FCGoaOfficial Update.

Last year was tough but we have established our style and philosophy as a club on the pitch. Now we are going to shift our focus to establishing our relationships off the pitch. First with our fans and then with partners. The big question now: Breakeven?

Since Oct. I have been working on two problem statements.

1. How can do a digital transformation ?

2. When can we breakeven?

To explore these questions, we have built 11 project teams internally. I'll take you through each of the 11 projects.

1. Digital First: To connect with our fans + with young footballers all over Goa and India. We want to get to know them better. Create better content + experiences for them. And eventually get 2lac fans to attend our games. This will enable us to eventually breakeven.

2. Soccer Camps: Due to COVID, we had to shift our soccer camps to 'Online' last year. This turned out to be a huge success for the small Pilot that it was. We are doubling down on these efforts and will also be in many cities around India with @RBLeipzig_EN as our partners.

3. Academy: We have identified an area in North Goa in partnership with a local institution to develop footballing infrastructure, which will enable us to also develop our residential academy. If all goes well, this will be ready early next year.

4. Little Gaurs League: @forcagoaorg will be improving the 'Little Gaurs League', which is conducted all over Goa with a 110 teams from U6 to U12. More matches, more game time, more teams and a better experience. Of course, this is dependant on the pandemic situation.

5. ProjectX: We are working on platform for conducting football tournaments. Can't say more yet but can say, there will be something for everyone. Everyone wants to come to Goa anyway.

6. Local ecosystem: While we are deeply integrated in many things in Goan football, we feel we can build better relationships with other stakeholders in the Goan footballing ecosystem. There are over 180 registered football clubs in Goa and we want to connect with all of them.

7. Feeder Clubs: We are developing a model or engaging with other clubs and academies around the country that are doing great work. We want to increase the pool of youth players around the country that we are co-developing with other clubs, in a win-win-win scenario.

8. Merchandise: We have fallen short in this area in the past and we feel like there is a long way to go. We will start with streamlining our jersey purchase experience and then move on to other products. FcGoa Shop is also in the works. Might be a Shop in Shop to start.

9. Strategic Partnerships: Similar to our cooperation with @RBLeipzig_EN we are working on more partnerships to increase our knowledge, reach, distribution and access to infrastructure. We feel that non-commercial partnerships with like minded organisations can be very powerful.

10. Fields of Dreams: Something close to my heart, we are finally moving forward with our plans to develop existing football grounds in Goa to world class standards. After our successful partnership with Salvador del Mundo panchayat, we have a few more in the pipeline.

11. Ambassador Program: We have had many fans work with us and volunteer with us for various jobs over the years.From stadium ops, to little gaurs league support etc. We are now formalising our relationship with our local superfans and volunteers to bring them closer to the club

This is a quick summary. We have kept our selves safe and busy during the lockdown. Oh and we are hiring.

If you are interested in being part of our team. We are mostly looking for tech-marketing, content and sales ninjas. Write to!

Originally tweeted by Akshay Tandon (@akshaytandon117) on 15th June 2021.

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