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Rajasthan League A Division

Rajasthan State Men's League

R-League A Division
Organised by Rajasthan Football Association
Founded: 2019
Current Champions: Zinc Football Academy (2021)
Previous Champions: JECRC CF (2019)

Rajasthan League A Division Table

1Jaipur Elite FC86202020812
2Jaipur United FC86021834529
3Royal FC Jaipur85211719811
4Rajasthan United FC851216231112
5Neerja Modi FA830591824-6
6FC Brothers United82248612-6
7Delisha FC821571325-12
8Sunrise FC821571429-15
9City Wolves FC80171530-25

Rajasthan League A Division Fixtures & Results

August 10 2022Jaipur United FC1-2Rajasthan United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 10 2022FC Brothers United1-1City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 10 2022Sunrise FC3-3Jaipur Elite FCRFA, Jaipur
August 10 2022Neerja Modi FA0-2Royal FCRFA, Jaipur
August 13 2022Royal FC5-1Sunrise FCRFA, Jaipur
August 13 2022Delisha FC2-1Neerja Modi FARFA, Jaipur
August 13 2022Jaipur Elite FC3-0FC Brothers UnitedRFA, Jaipur
August 13 2022Jaipur United FC1-0City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 15 2022Jaipur United FC0-1Jaipur Elite FCRFA, Jaipur
August 15 2022Rajasthan United FC4-1City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 15 2022FC Brothers United0-0Royal FCRFA, Jaipur
August 15 2022Delisha FC2-3Sunrise FCRFA, Jaipur
August 18 2022Sunrise FC1-4Neerja Modi FARFA, Jaipur
August 18 2022Royal FC1-2Jaipur United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 18 2022FC Brothers United3-0Delisha FCRFA, Jaipur
August 18 2022Jaipur Elite FC3-1Rajasthan United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 21 2022Delisha FC0-7Jaipur United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 21 2022Rajasthan United FC2-3Royal FCRFA, Jaipur
August 21 2022City Wolves FC1-4Jaipur Elite FCRFA, Jaipur
August 21 2022Neerja Modi FA2-1FC Brothers UnitedRFA, Jaipur
August 24 2022Jaipur United FC10-0Neerja Modi FARFA, Jaipur
August 24 2022Royal FC2-0City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 24 2022Rajasthan United FC3-3Delisha FCRFA, Jaipur
August 24 2022Sunrise FC0-1FC Brothers UnitedRFA, Jaipur
August 27 2022Delisha FC3-1City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 27 2022Jaipur United FC11-1Sunrise FCRFA, Jaipur
August 27 2022Jaipur Elite FC1-1Royal FCRFA, Jaipur
August 27 2022Neerja Modi FA0-4Rajasthan United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 30 2022Neerja Modi FA10-1City Wolves FCRFA, Jaipur
August 30 2022Sunrise FC0-3Rajasthan United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 30 2022FC Brothers United0-2Jaipur United FCRFA, Jaipur
August 30 2022Delisha FC1-2Jaipur Elite FCRFA, Jaipur
September 1 2022City Wolves FC0-5Sunrise FCRFA, Jaipur
September 1 2022Jaipur Elite FC3-1Neerja Modi FARFA, Jaipur
September 1 2022Royal FC5-2Delisha FCRFA, Jaipur
September 1 2022Rajasthan United FC4-0FC Brothers UnitedRFA, Jaipur

R-League A Division 2022

The tournament will start on August 10, 2022.

The matches will be live streamed on SportsCast India’s YouTube Channel.

R-League A Division 2021

UPDATE, July 29, 2021

Zinc FA Rajasthan League 2021 Champions
Zinc FA – Rajasthan League A Division 2021 Champions (R-League) | Source: Zinc FA, Rajasthan FA

Zinc Football Academy are the Champions of the Rajasthan League A Division 2021 with a GD of +13. The squad was the youngest in the league with all players under the age of 18.

Aman Khan scored eight goals and Ashish Malya scored six goals for Zinc FA.

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Rajasthan League A Division is being conducted by the Rajasthan Football Association to determine entry in to the 2nd Division League (I-League Qualifiers).

The league will kick off on 20th July 2021 (New Date: 22nd July 2021)

Eight clubs will play each other in a single leg format.

AU Rajasthan FC, Islands United FC, Rajasthan United FC, Zinc Football Academy, Neerja Modi FA, Royal FC Jaipur, FC Brothers United and Jaipur Elite FC are the participants.


JECRC CF are now Rajasthan United FC.

AU Rajasthan FC are now Rajasthan Perfect Football

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