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Santosh Trophy

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Founded: 1941
Number of teams: 31
2019-20 Season: Suspended
Current Champions: Services (2018-19)
Previous Champions: Kerala (2017-18)
Most Successful Team(s): West Bengal (32 titles)

Santosh Trophy Table

Final Round Group A
Final Round Group B
West Bengal
Northeast Zone Group A
Mizoram (Final Round)33009523
Arunachal Pradesh3012137-4
Northeast Zone Group B
Meghalaya (Final Round)22006716
North Zone Group A
Punjab (Final Round)33009918
Jammu & Kashmir32016743
North Zone Group B
Delhi (Final Round)3300912111
Himachal Pradesh3201669-3
Uttar Pradesh30030310-7
West Zone Group A
Services (Final Round)4310101239
Daman & Diu4103336-3
West Zone Group B
Goa (Final Round)3300923122
Madhya Pradesh3102369-3
Dadra & Nagar Haveli30030022-22
East Zone Group A
West Bengal (Final Round)21013413
East Zone Group B
Jharkhand (Final Round)21013541
South Zone Group A
Kerala (Final Round)2200611011
Tamil Nadu2101347-3
Andhra Pradesh2002019-8
South Zone Group B
Karnataka (Final Round)2200613112

Santosh Trophy Fixtures & Results

Final Roundfinal27 April 2020sf I winnerpostponedsf II winner
Final Roundsemifinal I25 April 2020Group A WinnerpostponedGroup B Runner Up
Final Roundsemifinal II25 April 2020Group B WinnerpostponedGroup A Runner Up
Final RoundGroup A23 April 2020MeghalayapostponedServices
Final RoundGroup A23 April 2020KeralapostponedJharkhand
Final RoundGroup B22 April 2020Punjab postponedMizoram
Final RoundGroup B22 April 2020Goa postponedKarnataka
Final RoundGroup A21 April 2020DelhipostponedJharkhand
Final RoundGroup A21 April 2020Kerala postponedMeghalaya
Final RoundGroup B20 April 2020West BengalpostponedKarnataka
Final RoundGroup B20 April 2020MizorampostponedGoa
Final RoundGroup A19 April 2020ServicespostponedKerala
Final RoundGroup A19 April 2020DelhipostponedMeghalaya
Final RoundGroup B18 April 2020Punjab postponedGoa
Final RoundGroup B18 April 2020MizorampostponedWest Bengal
Final RoundGroup A17 April 2020MeghalayapostponedJharkhand
Final RoundGroup A17 April 2020DelhipostponedServices
Final RoundGroup B16 April 2020MizorampostponedKarnataka
Final RoundGroup B16 April 2020Punjab postponedWest Bengal
Final RoundGroup A15 April 2020DelhipostponedKerala
Final RoundGroup A15 April 2020ServicespostponedJharkhand
Final RoundGroup B14 April 2020Punjab postponedKarnataka
Final RoundGroup B14 April 2020West BengalpostponedGoa
South Zone QualifiersB10 November 2019Telangana3-0Pondicherry
South Zone QualifiersA9 November 2019Tamil Nadu0-6Kerala
South Zone QualifiersB8 November 2019Karnataka6-1Telangana
South Zone QualifiersA7 November 2019Andhra Pradesh1-4Tamil Nadu
South Zone QualifiersB6 November 2019Pondicherry0-7Karnataka
South Zone QualifiersA5 November 2019Kerala5-0Andhra Pradesh
West Zone QualifiersA30 September 2019Daman & Diu1-3Lakshadweep
West Zone QualifiersA30 September 2019Maharashtra1-1Services
West Zone QualifiersA28 September 2019Maharashtra3-1Gujarat
West Zone QualifiersA28 September 2019Services2-1Lakshadweep
Northeast Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019NagalandvsRailways
Northeast Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Manipur0-1Meghalaya
North Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Himachal Pradesh3-2Uttar Pradesh
North Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Chandigarh0-3Delhi
West Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Rajasthan2-1Madhya Pradesh
West Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Goa14-0Dadra & Nagar Haveli
East Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019JharkhandvsSikkim
East Zone QualifiersB27 September 2019Jharkhand3-1Chattisgarh
Northeast Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Tripura4-1Arunachal Pradesh
Northeast Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Mizoram2-1Assam
North Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Haryana0-3Punjab
North Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Uttarakhand0-2Jammu & Kashmir
West Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Services2-0Daman & Diu
West Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019Lakshadweep1-3Gujarat
East Zone QualifiersA26 September 2019West Bengal4-0Odisha
Northeast Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Nagaland1-6Meghalaya
Northeast Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Railways vsManipur
North Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Uttar Pradesh0-3Chandigarh
North Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Himachal Pradesh0-5Delhi
West Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Rajasthan4-0Dadra & Nagar Haveli
West Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Madhya Pradesh1-7Goa
East Zone QualifiersB25 September 2019Chattisgarh3-2Jharkhand
Northeast Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Tripura1-2Mizoram
Northeast Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Arunachal Pradesh2-2Assam
North Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Jammu & Kashmir4-1Haryana
North Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Uttarakhand0-3Punjab
West Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Lakshadweep0-3Maharashtra
West Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Gujarat0-2Daman & Diu
East Zone QualifiersA24 September 2019Bihar1-0West Bengal
Northeast Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019Manipur0-0Nagaland
Northeast Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019MeghalayavsRailways
North Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019Delhi4-1Uttar Pradesh
North Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019Chandigarh2-3Himachal Pradesh
West Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019Goa2-0Rajasthan
West Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019Dadra & Nagar Haveli0-4Madhya Pradesh
East Zone QualifiersB23 September 2019SikkimvsChhattisgarh
Northeast Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Mizoram1-0Arunachal Pradesh
Northeast Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Assam1-2Tripura
North Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Haryana0-1Uttarakhand
North Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Punjab 3-1Jammu & Kashmir
West Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Gujarat1-7Services
West Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Daman & Diu0-1Maharashtra
East Zone QualifiersA22 September 2019Odisha 6-1Bihar

Santosh Trophy Final 2019: Punjab vs Services: All Things Considered21-Apr-19Services emerged victorious over Punjab to clinch the Santosh Trophy for the fifth time in eight years.

Santosh Trophy 2021-22

Zonal Rounds: 21st November to 5th December 2021.

Final Round: From 5th January 2022.Santosh Trophy 2021-22 update

Santosh Trophy 2019-20

UPDATE, March 9th 2020

Santosh Trophy 2019-20 Final Round which was scheduled to be held between 14th and 27th April 2020 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

LATEST from the Santosh Trophy

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11 hours ago
സന്തോഷ് ട്രോഫി സെമിയിൽ കേരളത്തെ തോൽപിച്ച മലയാളി #Kerala #SantoshTrophy
6 days ago
All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) has shortlisted probables for the Manipur state team which will take part in the Santosh Trophy 2021

#ManipurFootball #SantoshTrophy #SantoshTrophy2021
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