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Goa Pro League*

Goa Pro League

Founded: 1998
1977–97(as Goa Super Division) 1951–77(as Goa First Division)
Relegation to GFA 1st Division
Current champions: FC Goa DEV[2018–19]

2019-20 Table

1Sporting Clube de Goa1610423372634
2Churchill Brothers SC1282236112526
3Dempo SC1475227131426
4FC Goa DEV1473425151024
5Salgaocar FC156632315824
6Panjim Footballers157262224-223
7Guardian Angel SC176291837-1920
8SESA Football Academy133641416-215
9Calangute Association134361114-315
10Corps of Signals1642101333-2014
11Vasco SC163491731-1413
12Velsao SCC1321101336-237

2019-20 Season

round 1October 1 2019Calangute Association2-2Vasco SCDuler
round 1October 2 2019Dempo SC2-0*Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 1October 3 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 1October 4 2019FC Goa DEVcancelledPanjim FootballersDuler
round 1October 5 2019Salgaocar FC2-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 1October 7 2019Guardian Angel SC0-5Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 2October 7 2019Panjim Footballers0-3Calangute AssociationDuler
round 2October 8 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Dempo SCDuler
round 2October 9 2019FC Goa DEV3-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 2October 10 2019Sesa Football Academy2-1Salgaocar FCDuler
round 2October 11 2019Vasco SC1-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 2October 12 2019Churchill Brothers SC3-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 3October 13 2019Salgaocar FC0-0Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 3October 14 2019Calangute Association1-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 3October 15 2019Dempo SC6-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 3October 16 2019Guardian Angel SC1-0Panjim FootballersDuler
round 3October 17 2019Vasco SC0-1Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 3October 18 2019FC Goa DEV1-1Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 4October 19 2019Corps of Signals0-0Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 4October 20 2019Panjim Footballers0-5Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 4October 21 2019Vasco SC4-3Velsao SCCDuler
round 4October 22 2019Sesa Football Academy0-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 4October 24 2019Dempo SC3-2Salgaocar FCDuler
round 4October 25 2019FC Goa DEVpostponedSporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 5October 26 2019Churchill Brothers SCpostponedCorps of SignalsDuler
round 5October 27 2019Guardian Angel SC1-1Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 5October 28 2019Calangute Association0-0Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 5October 29 2019FC Goa DEV0-1Dempo SCDuler
round 5October 30 2019Salgaocar FC2-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 5October 31 2019Vasco SC0-3Panjim FootballersDuler
round 6November 1 2019Dempo SC4-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 6November 2 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 6November 3 2019Sesa Football Academy0-0Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 6November 4 2019Corps of Signals3-2Vasco SCDuler
round 6November 5 2019Panjim Footballers3-2Velsao SCCDuler
round 6November 6 2019Salgaocar FC1-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 7November 7 2019Churchill Brothers SC2-3Sporting Clube de GoaNagoa
round 7November 7 2019Vasco SC0-0Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 7November 8 2019Panjim Footballers0-1Corps of SignalsDuler
round 7November 10 2019FC Goa DEV0-1Velsao SCCDuler
round 7November 11 2019Calangute Association2-1Salgaocar FCDuler
round 7November 12 2019Guardian Angel SC0-4Dempo SCNavelim
round 8November 12 2019Panjim Footballers0-3Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 8November 13 2019Corps of Signals1-2Sesa Football AcademyCorps
round 8November 14 2019Calangute Association3-1Velsao SCCDuler
round 8November 14 2019Churchill Brothers SC1-1Salgaocar FCNavelim
round 8November 15 2019Guardian Angel SC1-2FC Goa DEVNavelim
round 8November 15 2019Vasco SC0-0Dempo SCDuler
round 9November 17 2019Sesa Football Academy3-4Panjim FootballersSirsaim
round 9November 18 2019Dempo SC2-5Churchill Brothers SCElla
round 9November 19 2019Salgaocar FC4-0Guardian Angel SCNagoa
round 9November 19 2019Sporting Clube de Goa0-0Vasco SCDuler
round 9November 21 2019Calangute Association0-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 10November 21 2019Sesa Football Academy2-2Velsao SCCSirsaim
round 10November 22 2019Dempo SC0-0Panjim FootballersElla
round 10November 23 2019Salgaocar FC3-2Vasco SCNagoa
round 5November 23 2019Churchill Brothers SC5-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 10November 25 2019Calangute Association0-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 9November 26 2019Corps of Signals2-3Velsao SCCCorps
round 10November 29 2019Sporting Clube de Goa7-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 11December 2 2019Corps of Signals0-1Dempo SCCorps
round 10December 3 2019FC Goa DEV4-1Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 4December 6 2019FC Goa DEV0-2Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 12To Be DecidedSesa Football AcademypostponedDempo SCSirsaim
round 12December 6 2019Corps of Signals1-1Salgaocar FCCorps
round 11December 9 2019Vasco SC0-4FC Goa DEVDuler
round 11December 10 2019Sesa Football Academy1-0Sporting Clube de GoaSirsaim
round 11December 11 2019Panjim Footballers0-0Salgaocar FCDuler
round 11December 12 2019Velsao SCC1-2Guardian Angel SCNavelim
round 12December 14 2019Vasco SC1-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 13December 14 2019Dempo SC1-1Sporting Clube de GoaElla
round 12December 15 2019Panjim Footballers2-4FC Goa DEVDuler
round 13December 17 2019Guardian Angel SC2-3Vasco SCNavelim
round 11December 18 2019Churchill Brothers SCpostponedCalangute AssociationNavelim
round 13December 20 2019Salgaocar FC1-0Sesa Football AcademyNagoa
round 12December 21 2019Churchill Brothers SC3-0Guardian Angel SCNavelim
round 13December 22 2019Calangute Association0-1Panjim FootballersDuler
round 13January 3 2020Corps of Signals1-3FC Goa DEVCorps
round 14January 3 2020Panjim Footballers3-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 13To Be DecidedVelsao SCCpostponedChurchill Brothers SC
round 12January 4 2020Velsao SCC0-2Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 14January 6 2020Corps of Signals1-0Calangute AssociationCorps
round 14January 6 2020Sesa Football AcademypostponedFC Goa DEVSirsaim
round 16January 7 2020Panjim Footballers1-0Vasco SCDuler
round 14January 8 2020Sporting Clube de Goa1-2Salgaocar FCDuler
round 15January 9 2020Calangute AssociationpostponedSesa Football AcademyDuler
round 15January 10 2020Velsao SCCpostponedVasco SCNagoa
round 15January 10 2020Guardian Angel SC2-1Corps of SignalsNavelim
round 16January 12 2020Sporting Clube de Goa3-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 16January 12 2020Corps of SignalspostponedChurchill Brothers SCCorps
round 15January 14 2020Salgaocar FC2-2Dempo SCNagoa
round 14January 15 2020Churchill Brothers SC5-1Vasco SCNagoa
round 16January 17 2020Velsao SCCpostponedSalgaocar FCNagoa
round 16January 17 2020Dempo SC1-1FC Goa DEVElla
round 17January 17 2020Guardian Angel SC0-5Sporting Clube de GoaNavelim
round 17January 19 2020Vasco SC1-2Corps of SignalsDuler
round 17January 20 2020Velsao SCC0-5Panjim FootballersNagoa
round 16January 21 2020Sesa Football Academy2-3Guardian Angel SCSirsaim
round 15January 24 2020Sporting Clube de Goa3:45 PMCalangute AssociationDuler
round 18January 25 2020Corps of Signals3:45 PMPanjim FootballersCorps
round 18January 26 2020Velsao SCC3:45 PMFC Goa DEVNagoa
round 17January 27 2020Calangute Association3:45 PMDempo SCDuler
round 18January 27 2020Sesa Football Academy3:45 PMVasco SCSirsaim
round 14January 31 2020Velsao SCC3:45 PMDempo SCNagoa

LATEST from the Goa Pro League

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2 days ago
@demposcofficial @VedantaFootball @sportingoa @salgaocarfc @Churchill_Goa @FCGoaOfficial Goa Professional League 2019-20

Jan. 19

Vasco SC 1-2 Corps of Signals

[Bibetta Radhakrishnan; Ankit Singh, Nokul Singh]

Jan. 20

Velsao SCC 0-5 Panjim Footballers

[K. Kundakjar, J. Gauncar, Chandan Gawas, Krishna Gawas, F. D’Cunha]

#GoaProfessionalLeague #GoaProLeague #GPL
IMinnows photo
5 days ago
@demposcofficial @VedantaFootball @sportingoa @salgaocarfc @Churchill_Goa @FCGoaOfficial Goa Professional League 2019-20

Jan. 17

Guardian Angel SC 0-5 Sporting Clube de Goa

Dempo SC 1-1 @FCGoaOfficial DEV

>10-man Dempo score a stoppage time equaliser to split points.

pics: @sportingoa @demposcofficial
#indianfootball #GoaProfessionalLeague #GoaProLeague #GPL
IMinnows photo
5 days ago
Goa Professional League 2019-20 Round 14 Roundup

The gap at the top of the #GoaProLeague extends to five points after @sportingoa beat @FCGoaOfficial DEV; @Churchill_Goa remain in second place...


#indianfootball #GoaProfessionalLeague #GPL
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