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Goa Pro League*

Goa Pro League

Founded: 1998
1977–97(as Goa Super Division) 1951–77(as Goa First Division)
Relegation to GFA 1st Division
Current champions: FC Goa DEV[2018–19]

2019-20 Table

1Sporting Clube de Goa20135243103344
2Dempo SC21118245212441
3Churchill Brothers SC17114246143237
4Salgaocar FC2198436201635
5FC Goa DEV1894536201631
6Panjim Footballers2283113041-1127
7Guardian Angel SC2283112749-2227
8Calangute Association195591527-1220
9Vasco SC2255122241-1920
10Corps of Signals1952121637-2117
11SESA Football Academy173681523-815
12Velsao SCC2043131947-2815

2019-20 Season

round 1October 1 2019Calangute Association2-2Vasco SCDuler
round 1October 2 2019Dempo SC2-0*Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 1October 3 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 1October 4 2019FC Goa DEVcancelledPanjim FootballersDuler
round 1October 5 2019Salgaocar FC2-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 1October 7 2019Guardian Angel SC0-5Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 2October 7 2019Panjim Footballers0-3Calangute AssociationDuler
round 2October 8 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Dempo SCDuler
round 2October 9 2019FC Goa DEV3-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 2October 10 2019Sesa Football Academy2-1Salgaocar FCDuler
round 2October 11 2019Vasco SC1-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 2October 12 2019Churchill Brothers SC3-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 3October 13 2019Salgaocar FC0-0Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 3October 14 2019Calangute Association1-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 3October 15 2019Dempo SC6-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 3October 16 2019Guardian Angel SC1-0Panjim FootballersDuler
round 3October 17 2019Vasco SC0-1Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 3October 18 2019FC Goa DEV1-1Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 4October 19 2019Corps of Signals0-0Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 4October 20 2019Panjim Footballers0-5Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 4October 21 2019Vasco SC4-3Velsao SCCDuler
round 4October 22 2019Sesa Football Academy0-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 4October 24 2019Dempo SC3-2Salgaocar FCDuler
round 5October 27 2019Guardian Angel SC1-1Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 5October 28 2019Calangute Association0-0Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 5October 29 2019FC Goa DEV0-1Dempo SCDuler
round 5October 30 2019Salgaocar FC2-0Velsao SCCDuler
round 5October 31 2019Vasco SC0-3Panjim FootballersDuler
round 6November 1 2019Dempo SC4-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 6November 2 2019Sporting Clube de Goa2-0Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 6November 3 2019Sesa Football Academy0-0Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 6November 4 2019Corps of Signals3-2Vasco SCDuler
round 6November 5 2019Panjim Footballers3-2Velsao SCCDuler
round 6November 6 2019Salgaocar FC1-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 7November 7 2019Churchill Brothers SC2-3Sporting Clube de GoaNagoa
round 7November 7 2019Vasco SC0-0Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 7November 8 2019Panjim Footballers0-1Corps of SignalsDuler
round 7November 10 2019FC Goa DEV0-1Velsao SCCDuler
round 7November 11 2019Calangute Association2-1Salgaocar FCDuler
round 7November 12 2019Guardian Angel SC0-4Dempo SCNavelim
round 8November 12 2019Panjim Footballers0-3Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 8November 13 2019Corps of Signals1-2Sesa Football AcademyCorps
round 8November 14 2019Calangute Association3-1Velsao SCCDuler
round 8November 14 2019Churchill Brothers SC1-1Salgaocar FCNavelim
round 8November 15 2019Guardian Angel SC1-2FC Goa DEVNavelim
round 8November 15 2019Vasco SC0-0Dempo SCDuler
round 9November 17 2019Sesa Football Academy3-4Panjim FootballersSirsaim
round 9November 18 2019Dempo SC2-5Churchill Brothers SCElla
round 9November 19 2019Salgaocar FC4-0Guardian Angel SCNagoa
round 9November 19 2019Sporting Clube de Goa0-0Vasco SCDuler
round 9November 21 2019Calangute Association0-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 10November 21 2019Sesa Football Academy2-2Velsao SCCSirsaim
round 10November 22 2019Dempo SC0-0Panjim FootballersElla
round 10November 23 2019Salgaocar FC3-2Vasco SCNagoa
round 5November 23 2019Churchill Brothers SC5-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 10November 25 2019Calangute Association0-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 9November 26 2019Corps of Signals2-3Velsao SCCCorps
round 10November 29 2019Sporting Clube de Goa7-0Corps of SignalsDuler
round 11December 2 2019Corps of Signals0-1Dempo SCCorps
round 10December 3 2019FC Goa DEV4-1Churchill Brothers SCDuler
round 4December 6 2019FC Goa DEV0-2Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 12December 6 2019Corps of Signals1-1Salgaocar FCCorps
round 11December 9 2019Vasco SC0-4FC Goa DEVDuler
round 11December 10 2019Sesa Football Academy1-0Sporting Clube de GoaSirsaim
round 11December 11 2019Panjim Footballers0-0Salgaocar FCDuler
round 11December 12 2019Velsao SCC1-2Guardian Angel SCNavelim
round 12December 14 2019Vasco SC1-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 13December 14 2019Dempo SC1-1Sporting Clube de GoaElla
round 12December 15 2019Panjim Footballers2-4FC Goa DEVDuler
round 13December 17 2019Guardian Angel SC2-3Vasco SCNavelim
round 13December 20 2019Salgaocar FC1-0Sesa Football AcademyNagoa
round 12December 21 2019Churchill Brothers SC3-0Guardian Angel SCNavelim
round 13December 22 2019Calangute Association0-1Panjim FootballersDuler
round 13January 3 2020Corps of Signals1-3FC Goa DEVCorps
round 14January 3 2020Panjim Footballers3-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 13To Be DecidedVelsao SCCpostponedChurchill Brothers SC
round 12January 4 2020Velsao SCC0-2Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 14January 6 2020Corps of Signals1-0Calangute AssociationCorps
round 14January 6 2020Sesa Football AcademypostponedFC Goa DEVSirsaim
round 16January 7 2020Panjim Footballers1-0Vasco SCDuler
round 14January 8 2020Sporting Clube de Goa1-2Salgaocar FCDuler
round 15January 10 2020Guardian Angel SC2-1Corps of SignalsNavelim
round 16January 12 2020Sporting Clube de Goa3-1FC Goa DEVDuler
round 16January 12 2020Corps of SignalspostponedChurchill Brothers SCCorps
round 15January 14 2020Salgaocar FC2-2Dempo SCNagoa
round 14January 15 2020Churchill Brothers SC5-1Vasco SCNagoa
round 16January 17 2020Velsao SCC1-1Salgaocar FCNagoa
round 16January 17 2020Dempo SC1-1FC Goa DEVElla
round 17January 17 2020Guardian Angel SC0-5Sporting Clube de GoaNavelim
round 17January 19 2020Vasco SC1-2Corps of SignalsDuler
round 17January 20 2020Velsao SCC0-5Panjim FootballersNagoa
round 16January 21 2020Sesa Football Academy2-3Guardian Angel SCSirsaim
round 16January 22 2020Corps of Signals1-2Churchill Brothers SCCorps
round 18January 25 2020Corps of Signals2-1Panjim FootballersCorps
round 17January 27 2020Calangute Association2-2Dempo SCDuler
round 18January 27 2020Sesa Football Academy1-2Vasco SCSirsaim
round 14January 31 2020Velsao SCC1-1Dempo SCNavelim
round 21January 31 2020Corps of Signals0-1Sporting Clube de GoaCorps
round 22February 2 2020FC Goa DEV3-0Vasco SCDuler
round 20February 5 2020Salgaocar FC1-1Churchill Brothers SCNagoa
round 20February 6 2020Dempo SC3-0Vasco SCElla
round 18February 9 2020Dempo SC4-1Guardian Angel SCElla
round 19February 9 2020Panjim Footballers1-0Sesa Football AcademyDuler
round 15February 12 2020Velsao SCC1-0Vasco SCNavelim
round 18February 12 2020Sporting Clube de GoapostponedChurchill Brothers SCDuler
round 12February 13 2020Sesa Football Academy0-3Dempo SCSirsaim
round 20February 16 2020Sporting Clube de Goa4-1Panjim FootballersDuler
round 21February 17 2020Velsao SCC1-0Sesa Football AcademyNavelim
round 18February 18 2020Salgaocar FC3-0Calangute AssociationNagoa
round 20February 21 2020FC Goa DEV1-2Guardian Angel SCDuler
round 20February 21 2020Velsao SCC0-1Calangute AssociationNavelim
round 22February 22 2020Salgaocar FC3-0Panjim FootballersNagoa
round 20February 23 2020Sesa Football AcademypostponedCorps of SignalsSirsaim
round 16February 24 2020Sporting Clube de Goa3-0Calangute AssociationDuler
round 19February 25 2020Churchill Brothers SC2-0Panjim FootballersNavelim
round 19February 27 2020Velsao SCCpostponedCorps of SignalsNavelim
round 18March 1 2020Velsao SCC1-5FC Goa DEVNavelim
round 15March 3 2020Calangute AssociationpostponedSesa Football AcademyDuler
round 1March 4 2020FC Goa DEV2-2Panjim FootballersDuler
round 22March 6 2020Guardian Angel SC3-1Velsao SCCDuler
round 21March 7 2020Vasco SC1-0Salgaocar FCDuler
round 11March 10 2020Churchill Brothers SC4-0Calangute AssociationNagoa
round 21March 10 2020Panjim Footballers3-4Dempo SCDuler
round 22March 11 2020Sporting Clube de GoapostponedSesa Football AcademyDuler
round 19March 12 2020Guardian Angel SC2-5Salgaocar FCNavelim
March 13 2020Churchill Brothers SC1-1Dempo SCNagoa
round 21March 15 2020Guardian Angel SC1-1Calangute AssociationNavelim
round 22March 15 2020Dempo SCpostponedCorps of SignalsElla
round 19March 17 2020Vasco SC2-2Sporting Clube de GoaDuler
round 17March 24 2020Churchill Brothers SC3:45 PMSesa Football AcademyNavelim
round 19March 26 2020FC Goa DEV3:45 PMCalangute AssociationDuler

UPDATE, March 17 2020

The Goa Football Association has suspended all sporting activities from March 20 onwards due to the coronavirus oubreak.

LATEST from the Goa Pro League

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12 hours ago
Churchill Brothers have roped in Accord Sports Inc as sponsors of the Goa Pro League.

#IndianFootball #Goa #GoaProLeague
VoiceofIndianF1 photo
2 days ago
Kolkata-based Accord Sports are in prime position to sponsor the Goa Professional League.

It looks like FC Goa's proposal to bring teams from outside Goa didn't go down well with the GFA officials.

#indianfootball #GoaProfessionalLeague #GoaProLeague
2 days ago
Kolkata-based Accord Sports are in prime position to sponsor the Goa Professional League.

It looks like FC Goa's proposal to bring teams from outside Goa didn't go down well with the GFA officials.

#indianfootball #GoaProfessionalLeague #GoaProLeague
2 days ago
The Goa Football Association has already stated that its President @ChurchillAlemao has managed to arrange a sponsor for the Goa Professional League 2020-21 season.🤔

Details!👇💯 #IndianFootball #GoaProLeague #GPL
2 days ago
The Goa Football Association has already stated that its President @ChurchillAlemao has managed to arrange a sponsor for the Goa Professional League 2020-21 season.🤔

Details!👇💯 #IndianFootball #GoaProLeague #GPL
3 days ago
The preliminary conclusion of the AFC Report has stated that "There is clear and overwhelming betting evidence" in the flagged Goa Pro League games.

#IndianFootball #GoaProLeague #GPL

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