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Football Delhi Women’s League

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Delhi Women’s League
Organised by: Football Delhi (Delhi Soccer Association)
Current Champions:
Hans Women FC (2020-21)

Football Delhi Women’s League 2020-21

Pool A
1Hans Women FC (Q)54101359059
2Hindustan FC (Q)54101342240
3Frontier FC5302923617
4Eves SC5203619910
5Friends United FC51043640-34
6Ahbab FC50050092-92
Pool B
1HOPS FC (Q)3300915015
2Signature FC (Q)3201615312
3Punjab Heroes FC3102347-3
4Goodwill FC30030125-24
5Young Boys FC (DNP)00000000
Pool C
1Royal Rangers FC (Q)44001214113
2Garhwal Women FC (Q)4202620416
3Delhi Students FC4202614410
4Royal FC42026936
5Girls United FC40040146-45
Pool D
1Growing Stars SC (Q)431010615
2Sudeva Delhi FC (Q)42117844
3Jaguar FC41306202
4Bangadarshan FA4022229-7
5Rangers SC4013148-4

Football Delhi Women’s League 2020-21

March 22 2021Pool AEves SC0-1Frontier FC DelhiMain
March 22 2021Pool AHans Women FC15-0Friends United FCMain
March 22 2021Pool BYoung Boys FC(cancelled)Punjab Heroes FCGate 13
March 22 2021Pool AAhbab FC0-22Hindustan FCGate 13
March 23 2021Pool DRangers SC1-2Growing Stars SCMain
March 23 2021Pool CGirls United FC0-12Delhi Students FCMain
March 23 2021Pool CGarhwal Women FC0-1Royal Rangers FCGate 13
March 23 2021Pool BHOPS FC10-0Goodwill FCGate 13
March 24 2021Pool DJaguar FC0-0Bangadarshan FAMain
March 24 2021Pool AFrontier FC Delhi0-5Hans Women FCMain
March 24 2021Pool AHindustan FC15-1Friends United FCGate 13
March 24 2021Pool AAhbab FC0-15Eves SCGate 13
March 25 2021Pool BSignature FC0-2HOPS FCMain
March 25 2021Pool BGoodwill FC(cancelled)Young Boys FCMain
March 25 2021Pool CRoyal FC1-2Garhwal Women FCGate 13
March 26 2021Pool DSudeva Delhi FC0-0Jaguar FCMain
March 26 2021Pool DBangadarshan FA2-2Rangers SCMain
March 26 2021Pool AHans Women FC0-0Hindustan FCGate 13
March 26 2021Pool AFrontier FC Delhi15-0Ahbab FCGate 13
March 27 2021Pool AFriends United FC0-3Eves SCMain
March 27 2021Pool BGoodwill FC0-4Punjab Heroes FCMain
March 27 2021Pool BSignature FC(cancelled)Young Boys FCGate 13
March 27 2021Pool CRoyal Rangers FC2-1Delhi Students FCGate 13
March 30 2021Pool CRoyal FC6-0Girls United FCMain
March 30 2021Pool AEves SC1-4Hindustan FCMain
March 30 2021Pool AAhbab FC0-35Hans Women FCGate 13
March 30 2021Pool DSudeva Delhi FC2-1Rangers SCGate 13
March 31 2021Pool DBangadarshan FA0-1Growing Stars SCMain
March 31 2021Pool BPunjab Heroes FC0-4Signature FCMain
March 31 2021Pool BYoung Boys FC(cancelled)HOPS FCGate 13
March 31 2021Pool AFriends United FC0-7Frontier FC DelhiGate 13
April 1 2021Pool CGirls United FC1-18Garhwal Women FCMain
April 1 2021Pool CDelhi Students FC0-2Royal FCMain
April 1 2021Pool DGrowing Stars SC3-0Sudeva Delhi FCGate 13
April 2 2021Pool BSignature FC11-1Goodwill FCMain
April 2 2021Pool AAhbab FC0-5Friends United FCMain
April 2 2021Pool AHindustan FC1-0Frontier FC DelhiGate 13
April 2 2021Pool AHans Women FC4-0Eves SCGate 13
April 3 2021Pool DSudeva Delhi FC6-0Bangadarshan FAMain
April 3 2021Pool CRoyal FC0-1Royal Rangers FCMain
April 3 2021Pool CGarhwal Women FC0-1Delhi Students FCGate 13
April 4 2021Pool BHOPS FC3-0Punjab Heroes FCAmbedkar Stadium
April 4 2021Pool CRoyal Rangers FC10-0Girls United FCAmbedkar Stadium
April 4 2021Pool DJaguar FC0-0Growing Stars SCMain
April 5 2021Pool DRangers SC0-2Jaguar FCAmbedkar Stadium
April 6 2021quarterfinal IHans Women FC9-1Sudeva Delhi FCMain
April 6 2021quarterfinal IIHindustan FC0-0 (4-5p)Growing Stars SCMain
April 6 2021quarterfinal IIIHOPS FC6-1Garhwal Women FCGate 13
April 6 2021quarterfinal IVSignature FC4-1Royal Rangers FCGate 13
April 8 2021semifinal IHans Women FC1-0Signature FCMain
April 8 2021semifinal IIGrowing Stars SC0-4HOPS FCGate 13
April 10 2021FINALHans Women FC1-0HOPS FCMain

Football Delhi Women’s League 2020-21

Football Delhi Women's League 2021 Champions Hans Women FC
Football Delhi Women’s League 2021 Champions Hans Women FC | Source: DSA


My Cujoo

UPDATE, March 22, 2021

Young Boys FC have withdrawn from the tournament.

The league will start on March 22, 2021.

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