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JSW Youth Cup

JSW Youth Cup logo

JSW Youth Cup
2022: Inaugural Edition
Organised by: JSW Group
Tournament for Residential Youth Academies
Current Champions:
Roundglass Punjab FC (2022, U-18)
Roundglass Punjab FC (2022, U-15)
Sudeva Delhi FC (2022, U-13)
Age Groups: U-18, U-15, U-13

JSW Youth Cup Table

1Sports Odisha FC4400121147
2Bengaluru FC421171679
3Roundglass Punjab420261037
5FC Goa40040324-21
1Sudeva Delhi FC65101620515
2Roundglass Punjab FC6321111349
3Bengaluru FC6213712111
4FC Goa60060227-25
1Dempo SC (Q)4310101239
2Roundglass Punjab FC (Q)42208633
3Bengaluru FC (Q)42117862
4Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC) (Q)4103379-2
5SESA FA40040012-12

JSW Youth Cup Fixtures & Results

May 4 2022U-15 LeagueBengaluru FC10-0FC GoaBellary
May 4 2022U-15 LeagueRFYC2-3Sports Odisha FCBellary
May 6 2022U-15 LeagueRoundglass Punjab0-1Sports Odisha FCBellary
May 6 2022U-15 LeagueBengaluru FC2-2RFYCBellary
May 8 2022U-15 LeagueRoundglass Punjab2-0RFYCBellary
May 8 2022U-15 LeagueSports Odisha FC3-0FC GoaBellary
May 10 2022U-15 LeagueSports Odisha FC4-2Bengaluru FCBellary
May 10 2022U-15 LeagueFC Goa0-7Roundglass PunjabBellary
May 12 2022U-15 LeagueRFYC4-3FC GoaBellary
May 12 2022U-15 LeagueRoundglass Punjab1-2Bengaluru FCBellary
May 14 2022semi-finalSports Odisha FC2-2 (4-2p)RFYCBellary
May 14 2022semi-finalBengaluru FC0-3Roundglass PunjabBellary
May 16 2022third placeBengaluru FC6-0RFYCBellary
May 16 2022FINALSports Odisha FC0-1Roundglass PunjabBellary
April 17 2022U-13 LeagueBengaluru FC2-3Sudeva Delhi FCBellary
April 17 2022U-13 LeagueFC Goa0-5Roundglass PunjabBellary
April 19 2022U-13 LeagueBengaluru FC1-2Roundglass PunjabBellary
April 19 2022U-13 LeagueFC Goa0-7Sudeva Delhi FCBellary
April 21 2022U-13 LeagueBengaluru FC4-0FC GoaBellary
April 21 2022U-13 LeagueRoundglass Punjab0-0 (abandoned)Sudeva Delhi FCBellary
April 23 2022U-13 LeagueRoundglass Punjab4-0FC GoaBellary
April 23 2022U-13 LeagueSudeva Delhi FC4-1Bengaluru FCBellary
April 25 2022U-13 LeagueSudeva Delhi FC5-2FC GoaBellary
April 25 2022U-13 LeagueRoundglass Punjab2-2Bengaluru FCBellary
April 27 2022U-13 LeagueSudeva Delhi FC1-0Roundglass PunjabBellary
April 27 2022U-13 LeagueFC Goa0-2Bengaluru FCBellary
April 29 2022U-13 Third PlaceBengaluru FC3-0FC GoaBellary
April 29 2022U-13 FINALSudeva Delhi FC1-1 (4-3)pRoundglass PunjabBellary
March 15 2022U-18 LeagueBengaluru FC1-3Dempo SCBellary
March 15 2022U-18 LeagueSESA FA0-3RFYCBellary
March 17 2022U-18 LeagueSESA FA0-2Roundglass PunjabBellary
March 17 2022U-18 LeagueBengaluru FC3-2RFYCBellary
March 19 2022U-18 LeagueRoundglass Punjab2-1RFYCBellary
March 19 2022U-18 LeagueSESA FA0-4Dempo SCBellary
March 21 2022U-18 LeagueSESA FA0-3Bengaluru FCBellary
March 21 2022U-18 LeagueDempo SC1-1Roundglass PunjabBellary
March 23 2022U-18 LeagueRFYC1-4Dempo SCBellary
March 23 2022U-18 LeagueRoundglass Punjab1-1Bengaluru FCBellary
March 25 2022U-18 Semi-finalDempo SC1-2RFYCBellary
March 25 2022U-18 Semi-finalRoundglass Punjab0-0 (4-3p)Bengaluru FCBellary
March 27 2022U-18 Third placeDempo SC0-1Bengaluru FCBellary
March 27 2022U-18 FINALRoundglass Punjab2-1RFYCBellary

JSW Youth Cup 2022

The U-13 edition of the JSW Youth Cup will commence on April 17. 

The league stage will see the teams play each other twice followed by the top two sides playing a single-legged final.

Match duration will be 70 minutes.

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RoundGlass Punjab FC crowned champions of U18 JSW Youth Cup


The inaugural JSW Youth Cup for residential academies will kick-off on March 15, 2022.

The format of the tournament is league+knockout.

Currently, the tournament is being held at U-18 level with plans of introducing at U-15 and U-13 levels as well.

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