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Meghalaya State League

Meghalaya State League logo
Founded: 2017-18
Organised by:
Meghalaya Football Association Current Champions:
Shillong Lajong FC (2019)
Previous Champions:
Niaw Wasa (2017-18)

Meghalaya State League Table

2022-23 (3rd Edition)
1Mawlai SC44001219316
2Langsning SC320161349
4Umkseh SC41124813-5
5Umrit SC41124518-13
6Seng Samla Laitryngew30121815-7
1Rangdajied United FC43101012111
2Ladthadlaboh SC5311101147
3Mulait United FC43019844
4Rymbai Iawpynsing SC52036990
5Niaw Wasa United42026440
6Youth Club Pdengkarong4103336-3
7Sein Pynbhalang SC40040221-19
1Seven United SCCC42208532
2Shillong Lajong FC2200613013
3Mawten SC31114220
4Lumdiengngan SC31114312-9
5Riangdo YSCA21013110
6Pyndengrei SC4004028-6
1Khliehmawlieh YC321071037
2Wasa FC32107624
3Selsella SA41306862
4Chipakkore FC41215862
5Atong Matgrik FC41033717-10
6Warima YC40131611-5

Meghalaya State League Fixtures & Results

2022-23 (3rd Edition)
datestagehomeresultawayvenuegoalscorer homegoalscorer away
May 12, 2023Jowai7 Wasa United0-2Rangdajied FCKiang Nangbah StadiumWanlamsuk Nongkhlaw 34′, Damehun Syih 60′
May 13, 2023ShillongMawlai SC5-1Jyntru
May 13, 2023JowaiLadthadlaboh SC5-0Sein Pynbhalang SC
May 13, 2023MawkyrwatPyndengrei SCSC1-2Mawten SC
May 13, 2023JowaiYouth Club Pdengkarong0-2Rymbai Iawpynsing SC6′ Slander Nongtdu, 28′ Vicky Dkhar
May 13 2023TuraChipakkore FC1-1Warima YC
May 15, 2023ShillongUmrit SC3-1Seng Samla Laitryngew
May 15, 2023JowaiMulait United FC2-1Youth Club Pdengkarong
May 15 2023TuraSelsella Sports Association1-1Wasa FC
May 15 2023MawkyrwatSeven United SCC2-2Lumdiengngan SC
May 16, 2023ShillongUmkseh SC1-3Langsning SC
May 16, 2023JowaiRangdajied FC1-1Ladthadlaboh SC
May 16 2023TuraAtong Matrik FC1-7Khliehmawlieh YC
May 17, 2023JowaiRymbai Iawpynsing SC0-27 Wasa United
May 18, 2023ShillongJyntru1-1Umrit SC
May 18, 2023JowaiSein Pynbhalang SC0-6Rangdajied FC
May 18 2023TuraWarima YC1-3Selsella Sports Association
May 19, 2023Jowai7 Wasa United0-1Mulait United FC
May 19, 2023ShillongSeng Samla Laitryngew3-3Umkseh SC
May 19, 2023MawkyrwatRiangdo YSCA0-1Seven United SCC
May 19 2023TuraWasa FC2-0Atong Matrik FC
May 20, 2023ShillongMawlai SC2-1Langsning SC
May 20, 2023JowaiLadthadlaboh SC3-2Rymbai Iawpynsing SC
May 20, 2023MawkyrwatPyndengrei SCSC0-1Lumdiengngan SC
May 20 2023TuraChipakkore FC0-1Khliehmawlieh YC
May 22, 2023ShillongSeng Samla Laitryngew4-9Jyntru
May 22, 2023Jowai7 Wasa United2-1Youth Club Pdengkarong
May 22, 2023MawkyrwatRiangdo YSCA1-0Mawten SC
May 22 2023TuraWasa FC3-1Warima YC
May 23, 2023ShillongUmkseh SC1-5Mawlai SC
May 23, 2023JowaiSein Pynbhalang SC1-5Rymbai Iawpynsing SC
May 23, 2023MawkyrwatSeven United SCC2-1Pyndengrei SCSC
May 23 2023TuraAtong Matrik FC2-5Chipakkore FC
May 24, 2023ShillongLangsning SC9-1Umrit SC
May 24, 2023JowaiLadthadlaboh SC2-0Mulait United FC
May 24, 2023MawkyrwatLumdiengngan SC0-10Shillong Lajong FC
May 24 2023TuraKhliehmawlieh YC2-2Selsella Sports Association
May 25, 2023JowaiRymbai Iawpynsing SC0-3Rangdajied FC
May 26, 2023ShillongJyntru2-3Umkseh SC
May 26, 2023JowaiYouth Club Pdengkarong1-0Ladthadlaboh SC
May 26, 2023MawkyrwatMawten SC0-0Seven United SCC
May 26 2023TuraWarima YC3-4Atong Matrik FC
May 27, 2023ShillongUmrit SC0-7Mawlai SC
May 27, 2023JowaiMulait United FC5-1Sein Pynbhalang SC
May 27, 2023MawkyrwatShillong Lajong FC3-0Pyndengrei SCSC
May 27 2023TuraSelsella Sports Association2-2Chipakkore FC
May 29, 2023ShillongLangsning SC3:00 PMSeng Samla Laitryngew
May 29 2023JowaiLadthadlaboh SC2:30 PM7 Wasa United
May 29, 2023MawkyrwatLumdiengngan SC3:00 PMRiangdo YSCA
May 29 2023TuraKhliehmawlieh YC3:00 PMWasa FC
May 30, 2023JowaiRangdajied FC2:30 PMMulait United FC
May 31, 2023JowaiSein Pynbhalang SC2:30 PMYouth Club Pdengkarong
May 31, 2023MawkyrwatMawten SC3:00 PMShillong Lajong FC
June 1, 2023ShillongUmkseh SC3:00 PMUmrit SC
June 1, 2023JowaiMulait United FC2:30 PMRymbai Iawpynsing SC
June 1 2023TuraAtong Matrik FC3:00 PMSelsella Sports Association
June 2, 2023ShillongMawlai SC3:00 PMSeng Samla Laitryngew
June 2, 2023Jowai7 Wasa United2:30 PMSein Pynbhalang SC
June 2 2023TuraWarima YC3:00 PMKhliehmawlieh YC
June 2 2023MawkyrwatPyndengrei SCSC3:00 PMRiangdo YSCA
June 3, 2023JowaiYouth Club Pdengkarong2:30 PMRangdajied FC
June 3 2023TuraChipakkore FC3:00 PMWasa FC
June 3 2023MawkyrwatSeven United SCC3:00 PMShillong Lajong FC
June 3 2023ShillongJyntru3:00 PMLangsning SC
June 5 2023MawkyrwatMawten SC3:00 PMLumdiengngan SC
June 6 2023MawkyrwatShillong Lajong FC3:00 PMRiangdo YSCA

News & Updates

Meghalaya State League 2022-23 (3rd Edition)

The tournament will start on May 12, 2023.

Some of the matches will be live streamed on the Meghalaya State League YouTube channel and The Sports Room’s YouTube channel.

Opening match of MSL 2023 to be held in Jowai on 12th May

The tournament is now expected to start on May 5, 2023

MSL Season 3 now to begin on 5th May; 25 clubs to take part

The Meghalaya Football Association has carried out the draw for the 25-team Meghalaya State League 2022-23, with defending champions Shillong Lajong FC in Group C and the inaugural winners Niaw Wasa United in Group B.

The tournament is expected to start in March 2023.

Draw for 25-team Meghalaya State League season 3 complete

Meghalaya State League 2019

Videos, Streams & Highlights

Lawbah SC 1-8 Shillong Lajong FC (Highlights)

Mawkohphet SC 1-3 Rangdajied United FC (Full Match)

Shillong Lajong FC 8-1 Umkaber SC (Highlights)

The match held on 28th November 2019: Sutnga SSCC 1-3 Mynthong SC: Sutnga have been given a win and three points, but no goals. Meghalaya Football Association took the decision as Mynthong SC fielded an unregistered player. 


21 teams are divided into four groups and the games will be played at four venues.

The teams will play each other once during the group stage.

Group A, B, C and D winners go through to the semi-final followed by the FINAL.

From the Meghalaya Football Association

The second edition of the Meghalaya State League will begin on 27th November 2019, with four venues around the state hosting the matches between the top clubs of Meghalaya.

MSL Season 2 will feature 21 clubs from the associations affiliated with the MFA. Mawkyrwat will be the venue for the season-opening fixture, while the final, which will be held towards the end of December, will be held in Khliehriat. Resubelpara and Jowai are the other venues.

Niaw Wasa were the champions of the first season of the MSL in 2017-18 (pictured) and Tynrongmawsaw the runners-up.

Clubs qualify for the MSL by winning the various local leagues organised by the affiliated associations. The teams will be divided into four groups and play each other once, with the top club from each group progressing to the two-leg semifinal stage.


Meghalaya State League 2019: Finals22-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungShillong Lajong FC beat Rangdajied United in the finals of Meghalaya State League at the Teilang Phawa Stadium in Khliehriat.
Meghalaya State League 2019: Semifinal Roundup19-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungShillong Lajong FC score 21 goals in two-legged semifinals of the Meghalaya State League. They will now face Rangdajied United in the finals
Meghalaya State League 2019: Group Stage Roundup11-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungAfter 45 matches and 198 goals, the semifinal lineup of the Meghalaya State League has taken shape. Shillong Lajong FC and Rangdajied United FC are on collision course.
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