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Mizoram Premier League

Mizoram Premier League
Founded: 2012
Relegation to 1st Division
Current champions:
Chawnpui FC (2022) (MPL9)
Previous Champions:
Aizawl FC (2019), Aizawl FC (2018)

Mizoram Premier League Table

2022 (MPL 9)
1Aizawl FC (Q)1494131281117
2Chhinga Veng FC (Q)14572221275
3Chawnpui FC (Q)145632117161
4FC Venghnuai (Q)145542021147
5Mizoram Police FC145451917125
6Electric Veng FC14356141419-5
7Chanmari FC14329111131-20
8FC Bethlehem14257111929-10

Mizoram Premier League Fixtures & Results

2022 (MPL 9)
datestagehomeresultawaygoalscorer homegoalscorer awayvenue
September 8 2022round 1Chawnpui FC2-4Aizawl FCDavid Rinmuana 4′, MC Malsawmzuala 17′ (p)Lalbiakzuala 5′, Jacob Vanlalhlimpuia 34′, Jeremy Laldinpuia 38′, David Lalhlansanga 70′RG Stadium
September 8 2022round 1Chhinga Veng FC0-0Mizoram Police FCRG Stadium
September 9 2022round 1FC Venghnuai3-3FC BethlehemVanlalthanga 41′ , H. Lalrempuia 45+2′, Lalrammuanpuia 55′(P)Lalbiakdika 4′, Lalruatpuia 71′, Moses Lalrinzuala 74′RG Stadium
September 9 2022round 1Chanmari FC1-0Electric Veng FCF Lalnuntluanga 67′ (p)RG Stadium
September 12 2022round 2Chanmari FC0-2Chhinga Veng FCLalthankhuma 43′, Jerry Lalchhanchhuaha 50′RG Stadium
September 12 2022round 2Chawnpui FC1-0FC VenghnuaiLalliansanga 66′RG Stadium
September 13 2022round 2Mizoram Police FC2-1Electric Veng FCLalrinzuala Khiangte 3′, Lalhmunmawia 20′David Lalchhuanawma 52′RG Stadium
September 13 2022round 2FC Bethlehem1-2Aizawl FCLalruatpuia 8′Lalchhawnkima 31′, MS Dawngliana 72′RG Stadium
September 15 2022round 3FC Bethlehem2-3Chanmari FC25′ Isak Vanlalruatkima, 65’p Lalnunzira17′ Lalhriatpuia, 23′ Lalhmunmawia, 53′ LalremruataRG Stadium
September 15 2022round 3Mizoram Police FC0-0Chawnpui FCRG Stadium
September 16 2022round 3FC Venghnuai1-1Chhinga Veng FCLalnunsiama 63′(OG)C Ngurnuntluanga 65′RG Stadium
September 16 2022round 3Aizawl FC1-0Electric Veng FCK. Lalhmangaihkima 35′RG Stadium
September 22 2022round 4Mizoram Police FC1-0Aizawl FCMalsawmfela 62′RG Stadium
September 22 2022round 4FC Venghnuai2-0Chanmari FCC Ramnunpuia 66′, Lalrammuanpuia 72′ (P)RG Stadium
September 23 2022round 4Electric Veng FC0-0Chhinga Veng FCRG Stadium
September 23 2022round 4FC Bethlehem2-1Chawnpui FCLalbiakdika 6′, 33′David Laltlansanga 53′RG Stadium
September 27 2022round 5Aizawl FC4-0Chanmari FCR Ramdinthara 29′, R Lalthanmawia 48′, K Lalrinfela 67′, R Lalthanmawia 90+3′AR Ground
September 27 2022round 5FC Venghnuai1-0Mizoram Police FCLalnunsiama 63′ (P)AR Ground
September 28 2022round 5Chhinga Veng FC1-0Chawnpui FCEphraim Vanlalduhsaka (OG) 29′AR Ground
September 28 2022round 5Electric Veng FC3-2FC BethlehemVanlalremsanga 6′, Vanlalremkima 3′, Malsawmhlua 65′Lalnunzira 68′, Lawmsangzuala 84′AR Ground
October 6 2022round 7Mizoram Police FC1-0FC BethlehemMalsawmfela 53′Khawzawl
October 6 2022round 7Chhinga Veng FC2-2Aizawl FCLalchhanchhuaha 2′, Silvana R Lalruatkima 13′Lalmuanawma 20′, MS Dawngliana 45′Khawzawl
October 7 2022round 7Electric Veng FC0-3FC VenghnuaiC Ramnunpuia 18′, Lalruatfela 67′, Lalnunzira Hnamte 90+2′Khawzawl
October 7 2022round 7Chanmari FC1-2Chawnpui FCF. Lalnuntluanga 61′MC Malsawmzuala 49′ (P), 82′Khawzawl
October 14 2022round 6Aizawl FC2-1FC VenghnuaiLalchhawnkima 64’p, 90’+2pMalsawmzela 21′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 14 2022round 6Chanmari FC1-1Mizoram Police FCLalhriatpuia 9′Lalnunsanga 84′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 15 2022round 6Chawnpui FC2-1Electric Veng FCLallawmsanga 69′, Laltlanzova 73′Zothanpuia 37′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 15 2022round 6Chhinga Veng FC0-0FC BethlehemRG Stadium, Mualpui
October 18 2022round 8Mizoram Police FC1-2FC VenghnuaiLalfakzuala 65′C Ramnunpuia 55′ Vanlalthanga 70′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 19 2022round 8Chanmari FC0-1Aizawl FCDavid Lalhpansanga 56′ (P)RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 20 2022round 8FC Bethlehem3-3Electric Veng FCJH Remlala 53′, Lalbiakdika 63′, Lalrintluanga 69′ (P) F Lalchhanchhuaha 45+3′, Rampianmawia 81′, Jonathan Lalrawngbawla 85′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 21 2022round 8Chawnpui FC2-1Chhinga Veng FCMC Malsawmzuala 45+2′ (P), Lallawmsanga 58′Vanlalawmtluanga 29′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 25 2022round 9Mizoram Police FC6-1Chanmari FCLalfakzuala 3′, Malsawmfela 53′ 58′, Laldawngliana Colney 61′, Lalnunsanga 86′ 90+3′Lalnunzira Sailo 75′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 25 2022round 9FC Venghnuai0-2Aizawl FCLalchhawnkima 25′, Lalthankima 90′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 26 2022round 9FC Bethlehem0-2Chhinga Veng FCLalengzama Vangchhia 22′ 64′RG Stadium, Mualpui
October 26 2022round 9Electric Veng FC0-0Chawnpui FCRG Stadium, Mualpui
November 3 2022round 11Electric Veng FC2-0Chanmari FCJonathan Lalrawngbawla 66′, Vanlalremkima 90+3′AR Ground
November 3 2022round 11FC Bethlehem0-0FC VenghnuaiAR Ground
November 4 2022round 11Mizoram Police FC1-1Chhinga Veng FCMalsawmfela 53′Vanlallawmtluanga 29′ (P)AR Ground
November 4 2022round 11Aizawl FC1-1Chawnpui FCLalchhanhima Sailo 62′MC Malsawmzuala 73′AR Ground
November 7 2022round 10Chanmari FC1-6FC VenghnuaiLalbiaknia Royte 25′C Ngurnuntluanga 3′, 13′, Peter Lalrinhlua 16′, Malsawmzuala Tlangte 20′, 79′, Vanlalthanga 54′ (P)RG Stadium
November 7 2022round 10Chawnpui FC2-2FC BethlehemMC Malsawmzuala 14′, (P) Samuel Laltlanthanga 78′Hmingchungnunga 45+2′, Hmingchungnunga 63′RG Stadium
November 7 2022round 10Aizawl FC1-0Mizoram Police FCLalchhawnkima 57′RG Stadium
November 7 2022round 10Chhinga Veng FC0-1Electric Veng FCJonathan Lalrawngbawla 26′ PRG Stadium
November 10 2022round 12Electric Veng FC1-3Mizoram Police FCJonathan Lalrawngbawla 65′Lalnunsanga (Talea) 27′, Malsawmfela 29′, (P) Malsawmfela 56′RG Stadium
November 10 2022round 12Aizawl FC7-2FC BethlehemJeremy Laldinpuia 9′, David Lalhlansanga 14′, 63′, MS Dawngliana 28′, 47′, 79′, Thasiama 35′Lalrintluanga 68′, 77′RG Stadium
November 11 2022round 12Chhinga Veng FC1-0Chanmari FCJohny Lalremruata 78′ (P)RG Stadium
November 11 2022round 12FC Venghnuai1-1Chawnpui FCMalsawmzuala Tlangte 25′MC Malsawmzuala 36′RG Stadium
November 16 2022round 13FC Bethlehem1-0Mizoram Police FCMoses Lalrinzuala 90+3′RG Stadium
November 16 2022round 13Aizawl FC0-0Chhinga Veng FCRG Stadium
November 16 2022round 13FC Venghnuai1-1Electric Veng FCPeter Lalrinhlua 24′Jonathan Lalrawngbawla 89′RG Stadium
November 16 2022round 13Chawnpui FC1-1Chanmari FCLaltlanzova 7′H. Lalmuankima 61′RG Stadium
November 19 2022round 14Chhinga Veng FC1-0FC VenghnuaiLalrinzuala 90′RG Stadium
November 19 2022round 14Chawnpui FC2-1Mizoram Police FCK Vanlalhriatzuala 10′, Lallawmsanga 90+5′Lalbiakhlua 78′ (P)RG Stadium
November 19 2022round 14Electric Veng FC1-1Aizawl FCZothanpuia 72′David Lalhlansanga 36′RG Stadium
November 19 2022round 14Chanmari FC2-1FC BethlehemLalrintluanga 6′, H Lalmuankima 44′K Roluahpuia 10′RG Stadium
November 22 2022semi-final 1st legAizawl FC3-3FC VenghnuaiLalmuanawma 26′, MS Dawngliana 29′, K Lalrosanga 45+3′Lalruatfela 16′,C Ramdinmawia 58′, Malsawmzuala Tlangte 73′RG Stadium
November 23 2022semi-final 1st legChhinga Veng FC0-2Chawnpui FCLaltlanzova 16′, MC Malsawmzuala 57′RG Stadium
November 25 2022semi-final 2nd legFC Venghnuai1-0Aizawl FCH Lalrempuia 26′RG Stadium
November 26 2022semi-final 2nd legChawnpui FC2-2Chhinga Veng FCLaltlanzova 44′, Malsawmdawnhkima 90+4′Lallawmzuala (OG) 23′, Lalrinzuala 81′RG Stadium
December 6 2022FINALFC Venghnuai2-2 (3-5p)Chawnpui FCVanlalthanga 40+6′, Rempuia 57′MC Malsawmzuala 15′ 28′RG Stadium

News & Updates

Mizoram Premier League 2022 (Season 9, MPL9)

Mizoram Premier League 2022 Champions Chawnpui FC
Mizoram Premier League 2022 Champions Chawnpui FC | Source: Mizoram Football Association

Champion: Chawnpui FC, ₹ 6,00,000 + MPL Trophy + Medals
Runners Up: FC Venghnuai, ₹ 3,30,000 + Medals

Fairplay: FC Bethlehem


Best Goalkeeper: F. Lalmuanawma (MPFC)
Best Defender : Lalruatfela (FCV)
Best Midfielder : K. Vanlalhriata (CPFC)
Best Forward : MC Malsawmzuala (CPFC)
Top Scorer : MC Malsawmzuala (10 goals)
Best Player : Lalrinchhana Tochhawng (CPFC)

The league starts on September 8, 2022.

Matches will be telecast/streamed on Zonet. (Zonet YouTube)

Mizoram Premier League 2019 (Season 8, MPL8)

Best Goal Keeper
Lalremruata (AFC)

Best Defender
Kassaga (AFC)

Best Midfielder
Alfred (AFC)

Best Forward
Isak Vanlalruatfela (AFC)

Top Scorer
MC Malsawmzuala (CV FC)

Best Player
Alfred (AFC)

Mizoram Premier League 2019 (Season 8, MPL8) Team Awards

MPL8 Awards


Mizoram football needs your attention now!12-Nov-21Arka BhattacharyaThe brilliant Arka Bhattacharya traverses the length and breadth of the Mizoram football ecosystem in this article which can only be categorised as essential/obligatory/mandatory reading.
Interview with Lalnghinglova Hmar21-Feb-21NehalWe interview one of Indian football’s finest administrators and architect of the Mizoram Premier League Lalnghinglova Hmar.
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Final15-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungAizawl FC claimed their fourth Mizoram Premier League title after a 2-0 win over Electric Veng FC at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Aizawl.
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Semifinal 2nd Leg Roundup12-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungElectric Veng FC will compete in their first-ever Mizoram Premier League finals against Aizawl FC. 
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Semifinal 1st Leg Roundup05-Dec-19Yuvraj GurungAfter two tight contests, Aizawl FC has a slim advantage over Chanmari FC in the two-legged semifinals of the Mizoram Premier League. Chhinga Veng FC and Electric Veng FC play out a goalless draw.
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Round 14 Roundup29-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungChanmari FC qualifies for the Mizoram Premier League semifinals after the withdrawal of Mizoram Police FC.
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Round 13 Roundup24-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungElectric Veng FC keeps its semifinal hopes alive with a 3-1 win over Chhinga Veng FC in Round 13 of the Mizoram Premier League. Aizawl FC and Mizoram Police FC are secure in the first and second spots, respectively.
Mizoram Premier League 2019: Round 12 Roundup17-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungAizawl FC were the biggest winners of Round 12 in the Mizoram Premier League, as three out of four matches ended in draws
Mizoram Premier League 2019 Roundup: Round 1111-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungMizoram Police come back from 1-5 to stun Aizawl FC 6-5; Chhinga Veng are relatively secure in third; Chanmari FC and Electric Veng are vying for the fourth semi-final spot.
Mizoram Premier League 2019 Roundup: Matchday 1007-Nov-19Yuvraj GurungAizawl FC continued to stay at the top of the Mizoram Premier League with a resounding win. Mizoram Police and Chhinga Veng stay in the hunt for the semifinals berth. 
Mizoram Premier League 2019 Roundup: Matchday 214-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungMizoram Police maintain their 100% start to the Mizoram Premier League with a 3-2 win over Chanmari. Aizawl FC and Chhinga Veng fail to register wins, while Ramhlun North FC put Chawnpui to the sword. 
Mizoram Premier League 2019 Roundup: Matchday 107-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungThe eighth season of the Mizoram Premier League kicked off at Aizawl. Chanmari and Mizoram Police registered wins on the opening day.
Aizawl FC are the champions of the Mizoram Premier League18-Dec-18Yuvraj GurungAizawl FC beat Chhinga Veng FC on penalties to win the 7th Mizoram Premier League.
Mizoram Premier League: Semi-final Roundup04-Dec-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup: Matchday 1315-Nov-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup: Matchday 1212-Nov-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 1104-Nov-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 1004-Nov-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 931-Oct-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 820-Oct-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 714-Oct-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 608-Oct-18Yuvraj Gurung
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 501-Oct-18Yuvraj GurungElectric Veng and Chhinga Veng continue their unbeaten run in the fifth round of the Mizoram Premier League. Holders Chhinga Veng FC scored two late goals to seal a 2-0 victory over Mizoram Police FC on Thursday. MS Dawngliana found gaps in the Mizoram Police defense as he scored both goals.
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 427-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungElectric Veng FC leapfrogged Chhinga Veng FC to the top of the table with a 3-1 win over Chanmari FC in the fourth round of the Mizoram Premier League on Tuesday.
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 324-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungHolders Chhinga Veng FC grabbed three points with a stoppage-time comeback against Ramhlun North FC in the Mizoram Premier League on Friday.
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 218-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungChhinga Veng FC continued their quest to retain their title in the Mizoram Premier League with a 2-1 win over Bethlehem Vengthlang FC at Aizawl on Thursday.
Mizoram Premier League Roundup – Matchday 108-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungChhinga Veng FC was off to a winning start in the seventh edition of the Mizoram Premier League at Aizawl. The 2017/18 champions beat newly-promoted side Chawnpui FC by a solitary goal from Lalromawia in the 83rd minute during the afternoon kickoff at Lammual Stadium in Aizawl.
Mizoram Premier League Season 7 to kickoff on Sept 604-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungThe new season of the Mizoram Premier League will kick off on September 6.
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