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GSFA Club Championship

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Gujarat SFA Club Championship
Gujarat State Senior Men’s League
Organised by:
Gujarat State Football Association (GSFA)
Current Champions:
Baroda FA (2023)
Previous Champions:
ARA FC (2022)

GSFA Club Championship Table

Final Round
1Baroda FA1514014254945
2ARA FC1592429491138
4CVM FC157262328226
5Suryavanshi FC16628202234-12
6Parul FC12516161723-6
7SAG FA14428143139-8
8Rangers FA12336121232-20
9Income Tax SRC711541024-14
10Vapi FC910831061-51
Group A
Income Tax SRC431010725
Sharpshooters FC42026541
Suryavanshi FC4112456-1
Bhavnagar FA4103349-5
Group B
Juggernaut FC43101022319
SAG FA43101021318
Progressive SA40131117-16
Kutch FCA40131526-21
Group C
CVM FC (Charutar Vidya Mandal)4301916412
USI FC Surat4202659-4
Parul FC41124770
Godhra FC41124917-8

GSFA Club Championship Fixtures & Results

September 17 2022group CCVM FC2-0Parul FCCVM Ground, Anand
September 18 2022group BJuggernaut FC2-0Progressive SAGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
September 18 2022group CUSI FC Surat3-1Godhra FCSultaniya Gymkhana, Surat
September 18 2022group AIncome Tax SRC2-0Sharpshooters FCRashtriya Raksha Uni, Gandhinagar
September 18 2022group ABhavnagar FA1-0Suryavanshi FCMK University, Bhavnagar
September 18 2022group BKutch FCA0-11SAG FASAG Nikol Ground, Ahmedabad
September 25 2022group CUSI FC Surat1-0CVM FCSultaniya Gymkhana, Surat
September 25 2022group ASharpshooters FC2-1Suryavanshi FCCN Vidhyalay, Ahmedabad
September 25 2022group AIncome Tax SRC3-1Bhavnagar FARashtriya Raksha Uni, Gandhinagar
September 25 2022group BSAG FA6-0Progressive SASAG Nikol Ground, Ahmedabad
September 25 2022group BKutch FCA2-11Juggernaut FCGopalpuri Football Ground, Gandhidham
September 25 2022group CGodhra FC2-2Parul FCCVM Ground, Anand
October 15 2022group CUSI FC Surat0-3Parul FCSultaniya Gymkhana, Surat
October 16 2022group BCVM FC11-1Godhra FCCVM Ground, Anand
October 16 2022group CJuggernaut FC1-1SAG FAGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
October 16 2022group AIncome Tax SRC1-1Suryavanshi FCGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
October 16 2022group ABhavnagar FA0-3Sharpshooters FCMK University, Bhavnagar
October 16 2022group BKutch FCA1-1Progressive SAGopalpuri Football Ground, Gandhidham
October 22 2022group BGodhra FC5-1USI FC SuratSports Complex
October 22 2022group BProgressive SA0-8Juggernaut FCSamarpan
October 22 2022group BKutch FCA2-3SAG FAGopalpuri Football Ground, Gandhidham
October 22 2022group ASharpshooters FC0-1Income Tax SRCCN Vidhyalay, Ahmedabad
October 22 2022group ASuryavanshi FC3-2Bhavnagar FASamarpan
October 22 2022group CParul FC2-3CVM FCParul University
November 6 2022super leagueIncome Tax SRC2-3Juggernaut FCRashtriya Raksha Uni, Gandhinagar
November 9 2022super leagueJuggernaut FC3-2CVM FC
November 13 2022super leagueCVM FCvsIncome Tax SRC
November 19 2022final roundParul FC3-4SAG FAParul University
November 19 2022final roundRangers FA1-5Baroda FAVSA Ground
November 19 2022final roundARA FC3-0Vapi FCGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
November 19 2022final roundIncome Tax SRC1-3CVM FCXavier’s College
November 20 2022final roundRBI1-0Suryavanshi FCGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
November 26 2022final roundIncome Tax SRC1-3Baroda FAXavier’s College
November 26 2022final roundSAG FA2-5Suryavanshi FCSAG Nikol
November 27 2022final roundARA FC1-2CVM FCIIT Gandhinagar
November 27 2022final roundVapi FC0-2Parul FCParul University
November 27 2022final roundRBI1-1Rangers FAKahaani Ground
December 3 2022final roundCVM FC1-4Baroda FASardar Patel Sports Complex, Anand
December 3 2022final roundRangers FA3-0SAG FAVSA Ground
December 3 2022final roundParul FC1-0ARA FCParul University
December 4 2022final roundSuryavanshi FC2-1Vapi FCGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
December 10 2022final roundSAG FA1-1Income Tax SRCSAG Nikol
December 11 2022final roundARA FC1-2Baroda FAIIT Gandhinagar
December 11 2022final roundRBI2-1CVM FCSardar Patel Sports Complex, Anand
December 11 2022final roundParul FC1-1Suryavanshi FCParul University
December 11 2022final roundVapi FC0-2Rangers FAVapi
December 14 2022final roundIncome Tax SRC1-6RBIGFC Samarpan, Gandhinagar
December 15 2022final roundCVM FC4-0SAG FASports Complex
December 17 2022final roundIncome Tax SRC3-8Vapi FC
December 17 2022final roundSuryavanshi FC0-2ARA FC
December 17 2022final roundBaroda FA3-0RBI
December 24 2022final roundARA FC4-0RBI
December 25 2022final roundBaroda FA8-0Vapi FCParul University
December 28 2022final roundParul FC1-2Income Tax SRCParul University
December 31 2022final roundIncome Tax SRC1-2Suryavanshi FCXavier College
December 31 2022final roundRangers FA0-0ARA FCVSA
December 31 2022final roundRBI1-2SAG FANikol Sports Complex
January 1 2023final roundCVM FC3-0Parul FCCVM
January 7 2023final roundParul FC0-3Baroda FAParul University
January 22 2023final roundCVM FC1-0Rangers FACVM
January 26 2023final roundSuryavanshi FC2-1CVM FCSamarpan
January 29 2023final roundSAG FA6-0Vapi FCNikol Sports Complex
January 29 2023final roundSuryavanshi FC2-0Rangers FASamarpan
February 4 2023final roundSAG FA1-6ARA FCNikol Sports Complex
February 4 2023final roundBaroda FA7-0Suryavanshi FCParul University
February 5 2023final roundRBI25-0Vapi FCXavier College
February 11 2023final roundBaroda FA3-0Rangers FAParul University
February 12 2023final roundRBI2-2Suryavanshi FCSamarpan
February 12 2023final roundVapi FC1-9ARA FCAshadham
February 15 2023final roundVapi FC3:30 PMCVM FCAshadham
February 16 2023final roundSAG FA1-4Parul FCNikol Sports Complex
February 18 2023final roundCVM FC0-0ARA FCCVM
February 18 2023final roundRangers FA0-0RBIBhayali
February 19 2023final roundSuryavanshi FC2-1SAG FASamarpan
February 25 2023final roundARA FCvsParul FCIIT
February 25 2023final roundSAG FA7-2Rangers FASAG Nikol
March 2 2023final roundBaroda FA2-0CVM FCParul University
March 5 2023final roundSuryavanshi FC1-2Parul FCSamarpan
March 5 2023final roundBaroda FA2-1ARA FCParul University
March 5 2023final roundCVM FC2-4RBICVM
March 11 2023final roundARA FC7-1Suryavanshi FCIIT
March 12 2023final roundRBI1-3Baroda FAIIT
March 12 2023final roundParul FC11:00 AMRangers FAParul University
March 12 2023final roundSAG FA3-3CVM FCNikol Sports Complex
March 18 2023final roundRangers FA3:30 PMSuryavanshi FCBhayali
March 19 2023final roundBaroda FA1-2SAG FAParul University
March 26 2023final roundParul FC2-1CVM FCParul University
April 1 2023final roundARA FC7-0Rangers FAIIT
April 1 2023final roundBaroda FA5-0Parul FCParul University
April 2 2023final roundCVM FC1-0Suryavanshi FCSports Complex, Rampura
April 2 2023final roundRBI1-0SAG FASamarpan
April 8 2023final roundRangers FA1-5CVM FCIGIS Complex, Haldwani
April 8 2023final roundParul FC1-2RBIParul University
April 9 2023final roundSuryavanshi FC1-3Baroda FASamarpan
April 15 2023final roundRangers FA2-1Suryavanshi FCVCA Bhayali
April 24 2023final roundARA FC3-1SAG FAIIT
April 30 2023final roundRBI0-5ARA FCSamarpan

News & Updates

GSFA Club Championship 2023 (Gujarat State Senior Men’s League)

GSFA Club Championship 2023 Table | Source: GSFA

The tournament will start on September 3, 2022 with 12 teams participating in the qualifiers.

Out of these 12 teams, the top two teams will join eight teams from last season to play in the league in a double-legged format.

The Winners of the league will be nominated for the 2nd Division League. 

The bottom two teams will be relegated.


September 3: Progressive SA 0-3 SAG Academy | CVM FC 6-1 USI FC Surat | Parul FC 1-0 Godhra FC

September 4: Suryavanshi FC 5-0 Sharpshooter FC | Bhavnagar FC 0-2 Income Tax SRC | Juggernaut FC 9-0 Kutch FCA

GSFA Club Championship 2022

ARA FC are the Champions.

The tournament starts on March 5, 2022.

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