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VIDEOS by Kalpanthu


Football for all.
In Malayalam, English and Gibberish.
In videos and podcasts.
For Malayalis and other Erapalis.


A football revolution at the heart of Chennai! A story of how a few individuals from Vyasarpadi started a football club to keep their young ones away from drug abuse and gang wars.

Meet the ‘Patan Girls’ – A group of talented footballers who have taken the Gujarat state football scene by storm.
Watch the story of one man’s vision led to the emergence of Patan as the hub for women’s football in the state of Gujarat.


Patan’s girls got talent

Girls from a school in northern Gujarat’s Sampra village are leading a football revolution; Called the ‘Patan Girls’, the footballers’ success has brought an entire community closer.

Football is a way of life in Vada Chennai’s Vyasarpadi

In Vada Chennai, the beautiful game is intertwined with the history of the place and through football, the folks here seek respite from the prejudices that cloud their little neighbourhood.

Getting Lost in the Great Indian Football Tussle

The football fans in the country are now caught in a classic Devil vs the Deep Blue Sea conundrum – who do we side with when both seem awfully corrupt?

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