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JSA League Premier Division

Jamshedpur Sporting Association JSA logo

JSA League Premier Division
Organised by: Jamshedpur Sporting Association (JSA)
Current Champions: Tata Steel (2019)

JSA League Premier Division Table

1Tata Motors33009707
2Jamshedpur FC Youth320161028
3Babulal Soren FA32016743
4Tata Steel32016642
5Andhra Sporting Union2101347-3
6Narwa Pahar Sports Club3102328-6
7Sporting Club Jamshedpur2011124-2
8Aruna Samity Club3012129-7
9Jamshedpur Boys Club2002024-2

JSA League Premier Division Fixtures & Results

June 22 2022leagueTata Steel2-0Sporting Club JamshedpurJRD Stadium
June 23 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA5-1Andhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
June 23 2022leagueTata Motors4-0Aruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
June 24 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth6-0Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
June 26 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys Club2-3Andhra Sporting UnionJRD Stadium
June 27 2022leagueTata Steel3-0Aruna Samity ClubTelco Stadium
June 28 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA2-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
June 29 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth0-1Tata MotorsJRD Stadium
June 30 2022leagueSporting Club Jamshedpur2-2Aruna Samity ClubTelco Stadium
July 1 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys Club0-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 2 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth4-1Tata SteelJRD Stadium
July 3 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA0-2Tata MotorsJRD Stadium
July 5 2022leagueAndhra Sporting UnionvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubJRD Stadium
July 6 2022leagueJamshedpur FC YouthvsSporting Club JamshedpurJRD Stadium
July 7 2022leagueTata MotorsvsJamshedpur Boys ClubTelco Stadium
July 8 2022leagueBabulal Soren FAvsTata SteelJRD Stadium
July 10 2022leagueJamshedpur FC YouthvsAruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
July 11 2022leagueTata MotorsvsAndhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
July 12 2022leagueBabulal Soren FAvsSporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 13 2022leagueTata SteelvsJamshedpur Boys ClubTelco Stadium
July 14 2022leagueTata MotorsvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 16 2022leagueBabulal Soren FAvsAruna Samity ClubTelco Stadium
July 17 2022leagueTata SteelvsAndhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
July 17 2022leagueSporting Club JamshedpurvsJamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 20 2022leagueBabulal Soren FAvsJamshedpur FC YouthJRD Stadium
July 20 2022leagueTata SteelvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 19 2022leagueAruna Samity ClubvsJamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 21 2022leagueAndhra Sporting UnionvsSporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 25 2022leagueTata SteelvsTata MotorsJRD Stadium
July 24 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys ClubvsJamshedpur FC YouthTelco Stadium
July 25 2022leagueSporting Club JamshedpurvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 24 2022leagueAndhra Sporting UnionvsAruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
July 27 2022leagueBabulal Soren FAvsJamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 28 2022leagueTata MotorsvsSporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 27 2022leagueAndhra Sporting UnionvsJamshedpur FC YouthTelco Stadium
July 28 2022leagueAruna Samity ClubvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubJRD Stadium

JSA Premier Division 2022

The league commenced on June 22, 2022.

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