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JSA League Premier Division

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JSA League Premier Division
Organised by: Jamshedpur Sporting Association (JSA)
Current Champions: Tata Motors (2022)
Previous Champions: Tata Steel (2019)

JSA League Premier Division Table

1Jamshedpur FC Youth87012133429
2Tata Motors86202021714
3Tata Steel86111934727
4Babulal Soren FA85031517116
5Andhra Sporting Union821571735-18
6Narwa Pahar Sports Club72056918-9
7Jamshedpur Boys Club820661534-19
8Sporting Club Jamshedpur812551126-15
9Aruna Samity Club70252520-15

JSA League Premier Division Fixtures & Results

June 22 2022leagueTata Steel2-0Sporting Club JamshedpurJRD Stadium
June 23 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA5-1Andhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
June 23 2022leagueTata Motors4-0Aruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
June 24 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth6-0Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
June 26 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys Club2-3Andhra Sporting UnionJRD Stadium
June 27 2022leagueTata Steel3-0Aruna Samity ClubTelco Stadium
June 28 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA2-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
June 29 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth0-1Tata MotorsJRD Stadium
June 30 2022leagueSporting Club Jamshedpur2-2Aruna Samity ClubTelco Stadium
July 1 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys Club0-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 2 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth4-1Tata SteelJRD Stadium
July 3 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA0-2Tata MotorsJRD Stadium
July 5 2022leagueAndhra Sporting Union2-5Narwa Pahar Sports ClubJRD Stadium
July 6 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth6-0Sporting Club JamshedpurJRD Stadium
July 7 2022leagueTata Motors6-2Jamshedpur Boys ClubTelco Stadium
July 8 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA0-2Tata SteelJRD Stadium
July 10 2022leagueJamshedpur FC Youth3-0Aruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
July 11 2022leagueTata Motors3-2Andhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
July 12 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA4-2Sporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 13 2022leagueTata Steel11-2Jamshedpur Boys ClubTelco Stadium
July 14 2022leagueTata Motors3-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 16 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA3-0*Aruna Samity Club*To be confirmed
July 17 2022leagueTata Steel12-1Andhra Sporting UnionTelco Stadium
July 17 2022leagueSporting Club Jamshedpur2-5Jamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 19 2022leagueAruna Samity Club1-3Jamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 20 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA0-2Jamshedpur FC YouthJRD Stadium
July 20 2022leagueTata Steel3-0Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 21 2022leagueAndhra Sporting Union4-1Sporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 24 2022leagueJamshedpur Boys Club0-7Jamshedpur FC YouthTelco Stadium
July 24 2022leagueAndhra Sporting Union2-2Aruna Samity ClubJRD Stadium
July 25 2022leagueTata Steel0-0Tata MotorsJRD Stadium
July 25 2022leagueSporting Club Jamshedpur2-1Narwa Pahar Sports ClubTelco Stadium
July 27 2022leagueBabulal Soren FA3-1Jamshedpur Boys ClubJRD Stadium
July 27 2022leagueAndhra Sporting Union2-5Jamshedpur FC YouthTelco Stadium
July 28 2022leagueTata Motors2-2Sporting Club JamshedpurTelco Stadium
July 28 2022leagueAruna Samity ClubvsNarwa Pahar Sports ClubJRD Stadium
August 7 2022semi-final 1Jamshedpur FC Youth1-4Tata SteelJRD Stadium
August 8 2022semi-final 2Tata Motors3-0Babulal Soren FAJRD Stadium
August 13 2022FINALTata Steel0-1Tata MotorsJRD Stadium

JSA Premier Division 2022

The league commenced on June 22, 2022.

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