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About Us

welcome to the away end

who we are

a bunch of guys from the non-footballing part of the world who love the beautiful game,
but are relegated to watching it from the stands.

what we do

mainly centered around football in India – from the Kolkata Derby to a local tournament
in some corner of Meghalaya where the winning team is awarded a prize pig.

we’ll often throw in some stats to sound legit, but the bigger picture is
to provide a commentary on the game across the world

we love the past; be it talking endlessly about Fernando Redondo’s turn and nutmeg
on Henning Berg at Old Trafford or our memories of the school goalie
who played without gloves during a cold, wet Tuesday evening.

why follow us
around here, we tend to hero worship anyone who has done something of note;
join us in our quest to talk about our footballing heroes.

where are we
if you want to have a word with us, we are listening;
write to us at

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