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About Us

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A bunch of folks from the non-footballing part of the world who love the beautiful game,
but are relegated to watching it from the stands.

Who Are We

Founding Team

  • Nehal
    NEHAL | Midfield general with an eye to scout a scoreline and establish contact from the remotest of leagues in the subcontinent. Balances his life as a part-time chef, co-parent of multiple cats and watching grainy match streams.



What Do We Do


Mainly centered around football in India – from the Kolkata Derby to a local tournament in some corner of Meghalaya where the winning team is awarded a prize pig.


Currently, we cover 50 State & City leagues (and counting) and report on various tournaments around the country – from the ISL, I-League, Indian Women’s League to the Santosh Trophy, Durand Cup, 2nd Division League, NECS Cup and more.

We also run Indian Football Minnows – an initiative to promote lesser heard footballing stories in India.


While one half of our first team throw stats to sound legit, the other half take themselves and tactics/analysis very seriously!

We are fierce advocates of xG and are the home of Expected Goals for Indian Football.

Where Are We

We are spread thin across the country!

If you want a word with us or are inclined to write/create/collaborate, send us an email:

Indian Football: All Things Considered