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Ukhrul taking baby steps in FootballAmidst WWI, every game Ukhrul's Ruichumhao and his Manipur Labour Corps Company played in France brought them 90 minutes closer to home.Kalpanthu18-Oct-21
Was Inder Singh India's greatest forward?Nicknamed "Bullet Train" by the Japanese, Inder Singh an inside right forward who was not only a brilliant goal scorer, but also a scorer of barely believable goals.Kalpanthu22-Sep-21
What's going wrong with Pune's football culture?Tanay surveys Pune’s complicated relationship with top-level football and lack of an organised football culture.Kalpanthu20-Aug-21
Vamos, Vamos, Argentina: An Eternal Drought ends for Kerala’s Argentina FansThis past Sunday as cries of ‘Vamos’ reverberated across Maracana, a similar mix of relief, jubilation and vindication was sweeping across Kerala. For the sky-blue and white half of the state, Vishu had come early!Kalpanthu18-Jul-21
The Towering Rise of Target Men in IndiaThe last two seasons saw an increase in the number of target men in the ISL. Shlok explains why in his inimitable, lucid style.Shlok16-Jul-21
Samantha Kerr's Calcutta ConnectionSam was 15 years old when she made her debut for the Matildas - she called herself ‘crap’ in her first interview with The Guardian.Kalpanthu10-Jun-21
Vuvuzela: Edition 1, May 14, 2021 - Hello World! Explaining Kalpanthu's Newsletter VuvuzelaBefore we begin the 24-edition series, I wanted to introduce Kalpanthu to the uninitiated. Nevin Thomas23-May-21
An Ode to Northeast United's Khalid JamilAmidst the Spaniards and Englishmen, there stands an Indian that cuts a sober and austere figure - no controversial remarks, no show of arrogance and always talking up his players.Shlok15-Mar-21
Alberto Noguera: Player ProfileThe Spanish playmaker has been deployed in both offensive and defensive midfield positions and has taken the responsibility head-on.Shlok05-Mar-21
ISL 2020-21: Kerala Blasters vs FC Goa - A Tactical Match ReportMatch report of the game between Kerala Blasters and FC Goa focussing on build-up play, rest defence, player rotations and set-piece tactics.Shlok25-Jan-21
FC Goa Recruitment Analysis: How are they doing Post the Mass Exodus?A look at FC Goa's recruitment over the years and if the league winners have adequately replaced the mass exodus of players from last season.Shlok27-Dec-20
To play for FC Goa is the ultimate step for every Goan: Devendra MurgaonkarWe caught up with Devendra to understand his life, his footballing journey and new beginnings at FC Goa.Yuvraj Gurung21-Dec-20
The False Promise of Jorge CostaA comprehensive tactical, statistical and analytical look at Mumbai City FC under Jorge Costa.Samar24-Dec-20
Wink-wink, nudge-nudge - it's the prodigious Makan Winkle ChotheChothe Big Man: We sit down with the 20-year-old winger and retrace his steps from the hills of Chandel to the beaches of Goa.Yuvraj Gurung10-Nov-20
In Excess of xA: An Analysis of FC Goa's 2019-20 seasonWe place 2019-20 League Winners FC Goa under the looking glass using our Expected Assists [xA] Heat Maps.Shlok10-Oct-20
A Gooder, Harder Look at Expected Goals [xG]Amrit26-Jan-19
A Good, Hard Look at Expected Goals [xG]Amrit31-Dec-18
Introducing xA HeatMaps: 2019-20 ISL Champions ATK bring in the style and rein it in at willUsing our Expected Assists [xA] HeatMap prototype, we analyse 2019-20 ISL Champions ATK in part 2 of our series.Shlok28-Sep-20
Introducing xA HeatMaps: How Mumbai City FC fared in Attack and Defence in ISL 6Introducing xA HeatMaps: Using Expected Assists (xA) heat maps, we analyse chance creation and defensive vulnerabilities of teams in the ISL. First up, Mumbai City FC.Shlok24-Sep-20
Two to Tango: Adam Le Fondre and Bartholomew Ogbeche at Mumbai City FC - How Would They Work?An analytical look at Mumbai City FC's new frontline recruits - Adam Le Fondre and Bartholomew Ogbeche ahead of the 2020-21 ISL.Samar12-Sep-20
ISL: Front Men Under the Microscope: Poachers and Advanced Forwards [Part II]Part II of our analysis on ISL strikers focuses on poachers and advanced forwards and we also discuss the lack of playing time Indian strikers endure.Shlok09-Aug-20
ISL: Front Men Under the Microscope: Target Men and No. 9s [Part I]From Target Men to No. 9s, from Gyan-Valskis-Santana to Messi B and Sergio Castel, we analyse the different kinds of forwards plying their trade in the ISLShlok08-Aug-20
The Curious Case of Carles CuadratIn this post, we explore the reasons behind BFC's dip in form in the 2019-20 season and if the Bengaluru FC Head Coach Carles Cuadrat is all that and more.Shlok27-Jun-20
A Brief History of Time: A Vivisection of Indian NT's Footballing History by NumbersIn this post, I'm going to use the cold, hard world of facts to put the Indian National Team's footballing history under the scanner and will try and gauge the level of Indian football over the years.Amrit04-Jul-20
Remembering Sheoo Mewalal: A Thousand Goals in ApathyIndia’s first bonafide star striker was treated with apathy throughout his career and in retirement - he died the same way, forgotten and discarded by a history he helped writeRahim24-May-20
222/22: The Wenger Years – 2014 to 2018After 22 years, 1235 matches, three league titles, and seven FA Cup trophies, the Arsene Wenger era was over in 2018.Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
Blue Moon on the Horizon: A deeper, harder, closer look at the City Football Group (CFG)-Mumbai City FC partnershipThe rise of the blue side of Manchester indicates that, one day, Mumbai City FC can be the team to match Mumbai's national status as the City of Dreams.Marvyn13-May-20
Chima Okorie, One of Indian Football's greatest importsAfrica's contribution to our footballing history has been immense. While Ranti Martins, Yusif Yakubu and Odafa Okolie scored more goals, the greatest player to grace us from the continent was probably Chima Okorie.Rahim10-May-20
ISL 2019-20: From the Vanguard to the Bulwark - Four Players who made the TransitionA statistical and analytical look at fullbacks in the ISL in comparison with players who made the transition from the attacking half of the pitch to the defensive half.Shlok16-May-20
ISL 2019-20 Season: Centre-Back Comparison using Player ProtractorWe looked up data on centre-backs playing in the ISL, adjusted it for possession and drew up what we'd like to call "Player Protractors" and analyzed it.Abhishek30-Apr-20
We've been at Sixes and Eights: Ahmed Jahouh and Paulo MachadoOne of ISL's finest imports, 31-year-old midfielder Ahmed Jahouh helped FC Goa to the League Winners Shield; however, with a move to Mumbai City FC on the cards, statistics suggest the Moroccan is in decline. We explain why and also explore how he would fit alongside Paulo Machado.Shlok05-Apr-20
October 13 2018: International Friendly: China 0-0 India - Tactical AnalysisIndia took on China in a "historic" friendly in Suzhou in what turned out to be an excruciating game for both sides. China repeatedly hammered shots at the Indian goal and, on one occasion, were mere centimetres from scoring what would have been a well deserved goal but just couldn't find their way in. Meanwhile, [...]Amrit14-Oct-18
The Hero ISL 2018-19 State of The Season AddressSeason 5 of the Hero Indian Super League is in full flow and I think it's finally time to start looking at some performance metrics to benchmark the teams. If you've been living under a rock, there's a stat called Expected Goals and I have my own model to calculate this for Indian football games. [...]Amrit30-Oct-18
Blue Tigers Asia Cup 2019 Qualification Scenarios (And Bahrain Pre-Match Prediction)After putting out 2 amazing performances, India have 3 points and currently sit in 2nd place in Group A with a Goal Difference of +2. That puts India in a very strong position to qualify, with only a point needed for confirmation. The Blue Tigers are naturally a defensive side and getting at least a [...]Amrit14-Jan-19
Quantifying Playing Styles in the Hero ISL - Part TwoLast year, I took a shot at trying to use some basic box stats to identify a coach's playing style. I wanted to repeat that analysis this year but also improve the methodology a little. There were a couple of problems with the methodology I used last year, The first issue is that I arbitrarily [...]Amrit24-Mar-19
The 2019-20 Hero ISL State of the Season AddressIt's time to wrap up another disappointing international break, put heartbreaks in the past and look forward towards the rest of the ISL season. We are currently 4 games into the season, which is the perfect time to forecast how the season will move forward. First up, it would do well to look at how [...]Amrit21-Nov-19
Fear and Loathing in the I-LeagueSince its inaugural edition in 2007, a total of 32 teams have participated in the I-League; 13 years later, their very existence is at stake!Yuvraj Gurung22-Mar-20
Chennaiyin FC 2019-20: Fury Road to the FinalFor the initial part of the current ISL season, it ominously looked like Chennaiyin FC would finish in the same place as the season before - bottom of the table.Shlok13-Mar-20
Mumbai City FC's 2019-20 Season: A rough start, a hopeful run in the middle and an unfortunate declineUnlike last year where they finished among the play-off positions, Mumbai City FC looked to be in limbo during the course of the season. Let's take a look at what changed this season.Shlok11-Mar-20
Indian Football Team Head Coach Igor Štimac: First ImpressionsIt's been 7 games (and just under 5 months) since Igor Stimac took over as Head Coach of the Blue Tigers and that's probably just enough time to have an early peek under the hood of the Senior Men's National Team.Amrit14-Oct-19
Football is a way of life in Vada Chennai's VyasarpadiIn Vada Chennai, the beautiful game is intertwined with the history of the place and through football, the folks here seek respite from the prejudices that cloud their little neighbourhood.Nevin Thomas06-Oct-19
222/22: The Wenger Years – 2010 to 2014Top four was now a trophy for Wenger. Then Arsenal went on to actually win one in 2014. Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
Tactical Analysis of the Current Indian National Women's TeamThere are plenty of problems but nothing that is un-fixable. The Women's Team are actually better positioned than the Senior Men's team...Amrit20-Apr-19
Getting Lost in the Great Indian Football TussleThe football fans in the country are caught in a classic Devil vs the Deep Blue Sea conundrum – who do we side with when both seem awfully corrupt?Nevin Thomas12-Apr-19
Tactical Preview: Chennai City FC & FC Goa: What's the Difference?Ahead of the Hero Super Cup semi-final clash between Chennai City FC and FC Goa, here's a look at what makes them tick - two sides which are similar in philosophy, but differ in execution.Amrit08-Apr-19
The 2018/19 I-League End of Season AwardsWe look back at some of the best (and worst) the 2018/19 I-League season had to offer.Yuvraj Gurung13-Mar-19
ISL 2018-19: Team Previews for the second half of the seasonAmrit26-Jan-19
I-League: How Floyd Pinto fixed the Indian Arrows: Tactical AnalysisFloyd Pinto's Indian Arrows are a very, very, very under-rated side. The common consensus is that they're a walkover, but the current team has changed the narrative.Amrit19-Jan-19
AFC Asian Cup 2019: India vs UAE: Tactical AnalysisAmrit14-Jan-19
AFC Asian Cup 2019: India vs UAE: Pre-Match Predictions & TacticsThe numbers say that it's going to be a horror movie tonight. Be prepared!Amrit10-Jan-19
AFC Asian Cup 2019 - Thailand vs India - Tactical AnalysisThe Indian Team has truly achieved something 'historic.' To win a game in a big tournament and to do it impressively is a fantastic result for the team.Amrit08-Jan-19
Indian Team - AFC Asian Cup 2019 Predictions & Opposition PreviewsThe Blue Tigers are set to make their 4th appearance at the AFC Asian Cup and their first since 2011 on Sunday. Amrit04-Jan-19
What's going wrong (but might be going right) at Mohun BaganSony Norde's injury led to a blip in Mohun Bagan's form until their recent tactical revival under Sankarlal Chakraborty - but there is still room for improvement.Amrit28-Dec-18
222/22: The Wenger Years - 2006 to 2010The move from Highbury to the Emirates stadium saw the start of a trophyless drought for Arsenal and Wenger. Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
222/22: The Wenger Years - 2002 to 2006Wenger creates history with the Invincibles while Arsenal say goodbye to Highbury.Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
I-League 2018-19 Preview: Minerva Punjab FCA preview of defending champions Minerva Punjab FC ahead of the 2018-19 I-League season.Nehal28-Oct-18
I-League 2018-19 Preview: Mohun Bagan ACThe Mariners are the favorites to win the league, and rightly so. They have the depth in the squad and a new man in charge.Yuvraj Gurung27-Oct-18
I-League 2018-19 Preview: Gokulam Kerala FCA preview of the Gokulam Kerala FC team this I-League 2018-19 season.Nehal27-Oct-18
I-League 2018-19 Preview: Indian ArrowsA preview of the Indian Arrows team as they prepare to take on Chennai City FC in the I-League 2018-19 season opener.Nehal26-Oct-18
I-League 2018-19 Preview: Chennai City FCA preview of the Chennai City FC team this I-League 2018-19 season.Nehal25-Oct-18
I-League 2018‑19 Preview: East Bengal FCYuvraj Gurung27-Oct-18
Pride before the fall...Fall is here. The football season is brewing with some crazy oddities. Some big managerial changes maybe. Some investigation and criminal proceedings too. Not for abysmal football, but actual assault on one’s dignity. Rohan10-Oct-18
222/22: The Wenger Years - 1998 to 2002Wenger's team finished in second place for three consecutive seasons before winning his second double in 01/02. Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
222/22: The Wenger Years - 1996 to 1998Newspaper headlines asked “Arsene Who?”, as the Frenchman began his journey to transform Arsenal FC - and English football forever. Yuvraj Gurung19-May-20
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 10: Kerala Blasters FCKerala Blasters FC look to draw inspiration this 2018-19 Indian Super League season from head coach David James, who as a player-manager led them to the Indian Super League final in 2014. Nehal29-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 9: Bengaluru FCBengaluru FC wast the most consistent and dominant team in last season's Indian Super League; but a managerial change and several roster changes could make going onwards and upwards tougher than usual.Nehal29-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 8: Jamshedpur FCTim Cahill to Jamshedpur FC may have hit the headlines. However, the appointment of Cesar Ferrando as the manager could be a more important signing. Yuvraj Gurung01-Oct-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 7: FC Pune CityFC Pune City reached the playoffs for the first time in 2017/18. With a strong core and promising young talents, they look like a strong team on paper. But can they adapt to their new coach in time?Yuvraj Gurung01-Oct-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 6: Mumbai City FCAfter the playoffs in 2016, Mumbai City FC was back on the bottom half of the table. With a new coach and an impressive preseason, the Islanders could spring a surprise or two.Yuvraj Gurung30-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 5: FC GoaIt’s all fun and games when you are the entertainers, but to be the champions you have to win ugly sometimes. Will Sergio Lobera find the right balance for FC Goa to go all the way?Yuvraj Gurung30-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 4: Delhi Dynamos FCWith new faces in the Delhi Dynamos camp, the team would be aiming to do better than their eighth-place in the Indian Super League season.Yuvraj Gurung28-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 3: Chennaiyin FCChennaiyin FC has retained the core of their team from their title-winning season, but they have the AFC Cup to contend with.Yuvraj Gurung28-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 2: NorthEast United FCThe 2017/18 campaign was a disaster for NorthEast United. They finished at the bottom of the table and managed to score only 12 goals, the lowest in the league.Yuvraj Gurung28-Sep-18
Indian Super League 2018‑19 Preview No 1: ATKYuvraj Gurung21-Sep-18
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