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Odisha Women’s League

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Odisha Women’s League
Organised by Football Association of Odisha (FAO)
Current Champions: Odisha Police (2022)
Previous Champions: Rising Student’s Club (2020-21)

Odisha Women's League Table

1Odisha Police109102845243
2Sports Odisha106222017134
3East Coast Railway106131919109
4Rising Student’s Club1030791028-18
5OGP Club102086620-14

Odisha Women's League Fixtures & Results

February 12, 2022Odisha Police5-0Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 12, 2022E.Co Railway5-0OGP ClubCapital Ground
February 14, 2022Sports Odisha4-1Rising Student’s ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 14, 2022Odisha Police8-0SAI-STCCapital Ground
February 16, 2022SAI-STC1-0OGP ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 16, 2022E.Co Railway3-2Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
February 18, 2022E.Co Railway0-1SAI-STCCapital Ground
February 18, 2022Odisha Police6-0Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
February 18, 2022Sports Odisha3-0OGP ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 20, 2022SAI-STC0-2Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 20, 2022Odisha Police2-1E.Co RailwayCapital Ground
February 20, 2022OGP Club0-1Rising Student’s ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 21, 2022Sports Odisha1-0Rising Student’s ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 22, 2022Odisha Police3-0OGP ClubCapital Ground
February 22, 2022E.Co Railway2-0Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 22, 2022SAI-STC1-3Rising Student’s ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 24, 2022Odisha Police4-1E.Co RailwayCapital Ground
February 24, 2022SAI-STC1-2Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 24, 2022OGP Club2-0Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
February 26, 2022Odisha Police6-0SAI-STCCapital Ground
February 26, 2022E.Co Railway1-0OGP ClubCapital Ground
February 28, 2022Sports Odisha4-3OGP ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 28, 2022E.Co Railway3-0SAI-STCKalinga Stadium (P.G)
February 28, 2022Odisha Police9-0Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
March 2, 2022SAI-STC0-1OGP ClubCapital Ground
March 2, 2022Sports Odisha0-0Odisha PoliceKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 2, 2022E.Co Railway2-0Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
March 4, 2022Odisha Police2-0OGP ClubCapital Ground
March 4, 2022E.Co Railway1-1Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 4, 2022SAI-STC0-3Rising Student’s ClubCapital Ground
March 6, 2022U-18 Odisha Team2-1Rising Student’s ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 8, 2022U-18 Odisha Team1-0OGP ClubKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 11, 2022U-18 Odisha Team15:00SAI-STCKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 13, 2022U-18 Odisha Team15:00E.Co RailwayKalinga Stadium (P.G)
March 15, 2022U-18 Odisha Team15:00Sports OdishaKalinga Stadium (P.G)

Odisha Women’s League 2022, Week 2 Roundup [Feb 18- Feb 22]2022-02-23Tanya MohantyIn Week 2 of the Odisha Women’s League 2022, Odisha Police remained top of the table with five wins in five matches.
Odisha Women’s League 2022, Weekly Roundup [Feb 12- Feb 16]2022-02-17Tanya MohantyWeek 1 of the Odisha Women’s League 2022 saw defending champions Rising Student’s Club faltering while Odisha Police dominated.

Odisha Women’s League 2022

Odisha Women's League (OWL) 2022 Winners - Odisha Police
Odisha Women’s League (OWL) 2022 Winners – Odisha Police | Source: FA Odisha

Odisha Police and Sports Odisha will take part in the upcoming IWL according to FA Odisha.

The league starts on February 12, 2022.

Some of the matches will be live streamed on Odisha FA’s Facebook page.

Odisha Women’s League 2020-21

Odisha Women's League 2020-21 champions Rising Student's Club
Odisha Women’s League 2020-21 Champions Rising Student’s FC; Source: Football Association of Odisha

The league starts on February 28, 2021.

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