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SSA Women’s Football League

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SSA Women’s Football League
Organised by:
Shillong Sports Association (SSA)
2022 Season: Inaugural Edition
Current Champions:
Mawlai SC (2023)
Previous Champions:
Mawlai SC (2022)

SSA Women's Football League Table

1Laitkor Rngi SC55001538137
2PFR Football Academy54011230426
3Lawei Smit SC52127910-1
4Kick Start Academy5212779-2
6Mawkriah West50050045-45
1Mawlai SC54101336432
2Lumparing SC54101326323
3Maw U-Tieng SC52127810-2
4Synroplang 7752036625-19
6Kharang SC50050123-22

SSA Women's Football League Fixtures & Results

June 19 2023groupLaitkor Rngi SC6-0UmplingThird Ground, Polo
June 19 2023groupPFR Football Academy16-0Mawkriah WestThird Ground, Polo
June 20 2023groupLumparing SC7-0KharangThird Ground, Polo
June 20 2023groupMawlai SC5-0IasnohktilangThird Ground, Polo
June 21 2023groupKick Start Academy0-0Lawei SCThird Ground, Polo
June 21 2023groupSynroplang0-5Maw U-Tieng SCThird Ground, Polo
June 22 2023groupUmpling0-7PFR Football AcademyThird Ground, Polo
June 22 2023groupMawkriah West0-16Laitkor Rngi SCThird Ground, Polo
June 23 2023groupMawlai SC7-1KharangThird Ground, Polo
June 23 2023groupIasnohktilang0-8Lumparing SCThird Ground, Polo
July 3 2023groupLaitkor Rngi SC7-0Kick Start AcademyThird Ground, Polo
July 3 2023groupLawei SC1-4PFR Football AcademyThird Ground, Polo
July 4 2023groupMawlai SC14-0SynroplangThird Ground, Polo
July 4 2023groupLumparing SC2-0Maw U-Tieng SCThird Ground, Polo
July 5 2023groupKharang0-2IasnohktilangThird Ground, Polo
July 5 2023groupUmpling1-0Mawkriah WestThird Ground, Polo
July 6 2023groupPFR Football Academy2-0Kick Start AcademyThird Ground, Polo
July 6 2023groupLaitkor Rngi SC6-0Lawei SCThird Ground, Polo
July 7 2023groupSynroplang0-6Lumparing SCThird Ground, Polo
July 7 2023groupMaw U-Tieng SC0-7Mawlai SCThird Ground, Polo
July 12 2023groupKick Start Academy1-0UmplingThird Ground, Polo
July 12 2023groupMawkriah West0-6Lawei SCThird Ground, Polo
July 13 2023groupKharang0-2Maw U-Tieng SCThird Ground, Polo
July 13 2023groupIasnohktilang0-1SynroplangThird Ground, Polo
July 14 2023groupPFR Football Academy1-3Laitkor Rngi SCThird Ground, Polo
July 14 2023groupLumparing SC3-3Mawlai SCThird Ground, Polo
July 17 2023groupMaw U-Tieng SC1-1IasnohktilangThird Ground, Polo
July 17 2023groupUmpling0-2Lawei SCThird Ground, Polo
July 18 2023groupKick Start Academy6-0Mawkriah WestThird Ground, Polo
July 18 2023groupKharang0-5SynroplangThird Ground, Polo
July 22 2023semi-final 1Laitkor Rngi SC4-1Lumparing SCFirst Ground, SSA Stadium
July 22 2023semii-final 2Mawlai SC1-1 (4-2p)PFR Football AcademyFirst Ground, SSA Stadium
July 29 2023FINALLaitkor Rngi SC1-3Mawlai SCFirst Ground, SSA Stadium

News & Updates

SSA Women’s Football League 2023

SSA Women's Football League 2023 Champions Mawlai SC
SSA Women’s Football League 2023 Champions Mawlai SC | Source: TSR


Best Goalkeeper: Priyanka Latam (Lumparing SC)

Player of the Tournament: Nisilia Majaw (Laitkor)

Player of the Final: Sunalinda Iawren (Mawlai)

The tournament starts on June 19 2023.

12-team SSA Women’s League to begin on 19th June

SSA Women’s Football League 2022

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Women’s League: Mawlai win the final in extra time!

The inaugural edition of the SSA Women’s Football League Tournament will commence on April 18 2022.

12 teams have been split into two groups.

Matches will be played at MFA Turf, Polo Ground, Shillong.

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