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Calcutta Premier Division

Calcutta Football League

Organising Body: Indian Football Association
Founded: 1898
Divisions: 7
Current champions: Peerless SC (1st title) [2019]
Most championships: East Bengal (39 titles)

Premier Division A 2019 Table

1Peerless SC [C]1172224111323
2Mohun Bagan AC1162320101020
3East Bengal116231713420
4Mohammedan SC115421613319
5Bhawanipore FC115242014617
6BSS Sporting Club115241314-117
7George Telegraph115151214-216
8Calcutta Customs113531614214
9Southern Samity112631113-212
10Aryan Club112361322-99
11Kalighat M.S. [R]112271324-118
12Rainbow AC [R]11137518-136

Premier Division A 2019 Fixtures & Results*

July 27, 2019BSS Sporting Club1-1Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
July 27, 2019Rainbow AC2-6Bhawanipore ClubEast Bengal Ground
July 27, 2019Kalighat Milan Sangha2-1Calcutta CustomsGayeshpur Stadium
July 30, 2019Peerless SC2-2Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
July 30, 2019Aryan Club1-2George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
July 31, 2019BSS Sporting Club0-0Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
July 31, 2019Bhawanipore Club2-1Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
August 2, 2019Peerless SC3-4Aryan ClubBarasat Stadium
August 5, 2019Mohun Bagan0-3Peerless SCMohun Bagan Ground
August 6, 2019Kalighat Milan Sangha0-1George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
August 7, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Aryan ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 8, 2019Bhawanipore Club1-1Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
August 9, 2019East Bengal0-1George TelegraphEast Bengal Ground
August 14, 2019Mohun Bagan1-1Calcutta CustomsMohun Bagan Ground
August 19, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Southern SamityMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 22, 2019Peerless SC1-1 (abandoned)BSS Sporting ClubGayeshpur Stadium
August 22, 2019Aryan Club2-2Kalighat Milan SanghaMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 22, 2019Southern Samity0-2Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
August 22, 2019Rainbow AC1-1Calcutta CustomsHowrah Stadium
August 25, 2019East Bengal2-1BSS Sporting ClubEast Bengal Ground
August 26, 2019Mohammedan SC0-0Rainbow ACMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 26, 2019Peerless SC4-1Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
August 28, 2019East Bengal3-0Aryan ClubEast Bengal Ground
August 28, 2019Mohun Bagan2-1BSS Sporting ClubKalyani Stadium
August 29, 2019Mohammedan SC2-1George TelegraphMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 31, 2019Aryan Club0-1Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
August 31, 2019BSS Sporting Club1-0Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
September 1, 2019Mohun Bagan0-0East BengalVYBK Stadium
September 2, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Calcutta CustomsKalyani Stadium
September 3, 2019Peerless SC4-0BSS Sporting ClubGayeshpur Stadium
September 5, 2019Mohun Bagan2-0Bhawanipore ClubKalyani Stadium
September 5, 2019East Bengal2-1Southern SamityEast Bengal Ground
September 7, 2019Mohammedan SC3-1Kalighat Milan SanghaMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 8, 2019Mohun Bagan4-0George TelegraphMohun Bagan Ground
September 9, 2019East Bengal0-1Peerless SCEast Bengal Ground
September 11, 2019Mohammedan SC0-3Bhawanipore ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 11, 2019Rainbow AC0-3George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 12, 2019Southern Samity2-0Calcutta CustomsGayeshpur Stadium
September 12, 2019East Bengal4-2Kalighat Milan SanghaEast Bengal Ground
September 12, 2019Mohun Bagan1-2Aryan ClubKalyani Stadium
September 14, 2019Mohammedan SC1-0BSS Sporting ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 14, 2019Southern Samity0-0George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
September 14, 2019Peerless SC2-2Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 15, 2019Mohun Bagan1-0Rainbow ACKalyani Stadium
September 16, 2019East Bengal2-2Bhawanipore ClubKalyani Stadium
September 17, 2019Aryan Club0-2Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 17, 2019Southern Samity0-0Kalighat Milan SanghaRabindra Sarobar
September 18, 2019BSS Sporting Club2-0George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 19, 2019Mohun Bagan2-3Mohammedan SCVYBK Stadium
September 19, 2019Peerless SC2-0Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
September 20, 2019East Bengal1-0Rainbow ACEast Bengal Ground
September 20, 2019Aryan Club1-1Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
September 21, 2019Calcutta Customs3-2George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 23, 2019Mohammedan SC2-0Peerless SCMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 23, 2019Rainbow AC0-0 (abandoned)Kalighat Milan SanghaGayeshpur Stadium
September 23, 2019Aryan Club1-2BSS Sporting ClubBarasat Stadium
September 24, 2019Mohun Bagan4-0Southern SamityMohun Bagan Ground
September 25, 2019Bhawanipore Club0-2George TelegraphMohun Bagan Ground
September 25, 2019BSS Sporting Club2-1Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 25, 2019Rainbow AC1-2Kalighat Milan SanghaGayeshpur Stadium
September 26, 2019East Bengal3-2Mohammedan SCVYBK Stadium
September 27, 2019Peerless SC1-0Rainbow ACEast Bengal Ground
September 29, 2019Mohun Bagan3-0Kalighat Milan SanghaMohun Bagan Ground
September 29, 2019Peerless SC2-0George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
October 1, 2019Bhawanipore Club4-1Aryan ClubMohun Bagan Ground
October 1, 2019BSS Sporting Club3-2Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
October 1, 2019Southern Samity3-0Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
October 3, 2019East Bengal0-3 (walkover)Calcutta CustomsKalyani Stadium

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