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Calcutta Premier Division

Calcutta Football League (CFL) logo
Calcutta Football League (CFL)
Organising Body: Indian Football Association
Founded: 1898
Divisions: 7
(Premier Division A & B followed by
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Division)
Current Champions: Mohammedan SC (12th title) (2021)
Previous Champions: Peerless SC (1st title) (2019)
Most Championships: East Bengal (39 titles)

CFL Premier Division A Table

For this season, the format is a league + knockout tournament. 14 teams will be divided into two groups and top three from each group will earn a direct quarter final berth. The remaining eight will then play with each other and the top two will complete the last-eight teams. The eight teams will enter the quarterfinals in the knockout stage.
1Bhawanipore FC (Q)5320111174
2United Sports Club (Q)531110853
3BSS Sporting Club (Q)5311101073
4Mohammedan SC52127752
5Railway FC5113459-4
6Southern Samity50050412-8
7SC East Bengal (DNP)00000000
1Peerless SC (Q)5311101156
2Calcutta Customs (Q)5311101046
3George Telegraph SC (Q)52309633
4Aryan Club51316633
5Tollygunge Agragami51134510-5
6Kidderpore SC50141316-13
7ATK Mohun Bagan (DNP)00000000

CFL Premier Division A Fixtures & Results

datestagehomeresultawaygoalscorer home | awayvenue
August 17, 2021groupPeerless SC4-1Kidderpore SC8′ Pankaj Moula, 21′ Aftab Alam, 38′ 67′(p) Ansumana Kromah | 2′ Emmanuel EjioguMohun Bagan/CFC
August 18, 2021groupSouthern Samity0-3Mohammedan SC16′ Nikola Stojanovic, 40′ SK Faiaz, 84′ Azharuddin MallickKalyani
August 18, 2021groupBSS Sporting Club3-1Railway FCRahul Kumar Paswan, Léonce Dodoz, Tirthankar Sarkar | SagarRabindra Sarobar Stadium
August 18, 2021groupAryan Club0-0Tollygunge AgragamiHowrah
August 20, 2021groupBhawanipore FC2-1United Sports Club30′ Pritam Sarkar, 94′ Pradeep Mohanraj | 41′ Dilip OraonMohun Bagan/CFC
August 21, 2021groupAryan Club0-1Calcutta CustomsAlocious MRabindra Sarobar Stadium
August 21, 2021groupTollygunge Agragami0-1George Telegraph SCMahitosh RoyMDSC/HOW.UN
August 22, 2021groupSouthern Samity1-2Railway FC65′ Peter S Haokip | 11′ Achintya Ghosh, 45’+2 Rayden GonzoNaihati
August 25, 2021groupAryan Club0-0Peerless SCMDSC/HOW.UN
August 25, 2021groupTollygunge Agragami2-3Calcutta CustomsChristopher Chizoba(p), Gagandeep Singh | Gatch Arthure Diomande, Alocious Muthayyan, Rabi HansdaRabindra Sarobar Stadium
August 26, 2021groupGeorge Telegraph SC1-1Kidderpore SC47′ Rajib Ghorui | 21′ Sumit GhoshHowrah
August 27, 2021groupBhawanipore FC2-2BSS Sporting ClubHenry Kisekka, Sandeep Patra | Rahul Kumar Paswan (2)Rabindra Sarobar Stadium
August 29, 2021groupATK Mohun Bagan(abandoned)George Telegraph SCGeorge Telegraph team were on the pitch while ATKMB didn’t show up. IFA decision pending.Kalyani
August 31, 2021groupBhawanipore FCTBDSC East BengalKalyani
September 2, 2021groupMohammedan SC2-0Railway FC45’+ SK Faiaz, 63′ Azharuddin MallickKalyani
September 3, 2021groupSC East BengalTBDUnited Sports ClubKalyani
September 4, 2021groupATK Mohun BaganTBDKidderpore SCKalyani
September 5, 2021groupBhawanipore FC2-2Railway FCKamo Stephane Bayi, Pradeep Mohanraj | Kevin Kollie (2)Howrah
September 5, 2021groupSouthern Samity1-3BSS Sporting Club12′ Md. Firoz | 19′ 22′ 27′(p) Rahul Kumar PaswanKalyani
September 7, 2021groupSC East BengalTBDBSS Sporting ClubTBD
September 7, 2021groupGeorge Telegraph SC1-1Calcutta CustomsMohitosh Roy Rajbanshi | Tuhin SikdarKalyani
September 8, 2021groupMohammedan SC2-2United Sports ClubMarcus Joseph, Jaskaranpreet Singh | Subrata Murmu, Jagannath OraonKalyani
September 8, 2021groupATK Mohun BaganTBDPeerless SCTBD
September 11, 2021groupATK Mohun BaganTBDCalcutta CustomsTBD
September 11, 2021groupSouthern Samity0-1United Sports Club87′ Tarak HembramEB/Aryan
September 12, 2021groupSC East BengalTBDMohammedan SCTBD
September 12, 2021groupAryan Club5-1Kidderpore SC19′ 33′ 45’+3 Vishnu TM, 23′ Dip Saha, 71′ Aristide Vaillant | EmmanuelNaihati
September 13, 2021groupTollygunge Agragami2-6Peerless SC63′ 81’p Christopher Chizoba | 14′ Pankaj Moula, 22′ Romaarric Bettat, 24′ 34′ 43′ Ansumana Kromah, 90′ Shyam KumarEB/Aryan
September 15, 2021groupBSS Sporting Club1-3United Sports Club20′ Dipak Kumar Rajak | 25′ 38′ Subrata Murmu, 76′ Dilip OraonKalyani
September 15, 2021groupSC East BengalTBDRailway FCTBD
September 16, 2021groupTollygunge Agragami1-0Kidderpore SCChristopher ChizobaRabindra Sarobar Stadium
September 16, 2021groupPeerless SC1-0Calcutta CustomsAftab AlamNaihati
September 16, 2021groupAryan Club1-1George Telegraph SCSandeep Oraon | Stephen HarryHowrah
September 18, 2021groupBhawanipore FC2-0Mohammedan SC12′ Sujay Dutta, 14′ Henry KisekkaNaihati
September 18, 2021groupAryan ClubTBDATK Mohun BaganTBD
September 19, 2021groupGeorge Telegraph SC2-0Peerless SC76′ Rahul Kumar Paswan | Mahitosh RoyNaihati
September 19, 2021groupKidderpore SC0-5Calcutta CustomsAlocious Muthayyan (2), Rabi Hansda, Joel Sunday (2)EB Ground
September 20, 2021groupMohammedan SC0-1BSS Sporting Club90’+2 Dipak Kumar RajakKalyani
September 21, 2021groupRailway FC0-1United Sports Club83′ Jagannath OraonNaihati
September 21, 2021groupTollygunge AgragamiTBDATK Mohun BaganTBD
September 22, 2021groupSouthern Samity2-3Bhawanipore FCPeter Haokip (2) | Pradeep Mohanraj (2), Pritam SarkarEB/Aryan
September 28, 2021Qualifier 1 Match 1Mohammedan SCwalkoverATK Mohun BaganMDSC are through
September 28, 2021Qualifier 1 Match 2Tollygunge Agragami2-2 (5-4p)Southern SamityBiswajit Das, Christopher Chizoba | Uttam Rai, Suraj MondalKalyani
September 28, 2021Qualifier 2 Match 1Aryan ClubwalkoverSC East BengalAryan Club are through
September 28, 2021Qualifier 2 Match 2Railway FC5-0Kidderpore SCSafik Ali Gain (2), Tanmoy Das, Subrata Biswas, Abhijit NaskarNaihati
October 6, 2021Qualifier 1 KnockoutMohammedan SC3-1Tollygunge Agragami19′ 72′ Marcus Joseph, 82′ Phrangki Buam | 81’p Christopher ChizobaKalyani
September 30, 2021Qualifier 2 knockoutAryan Club0-0 (3-4p)Railway FCNaihati
October 1, 2021Championship Knockout 1 (QF 1)BSS Sporting Club1-2George Telegraph SC76′ Rahul Kumar Paswan | 41′ Mahitosh Roy 66′ Souvik KarKalyani
October 2, 2021Championship Knockout 2 (QF 2)United Sports Club3-2Calcutta Customs64′ Dennis Dauda, 75′ Tarak Hembram, 90’+5 Mathew Tendai | 77′ Gatch Arthure Diomande, 90’+8 Sumit DasNaihati
October 5, 2021Championship Knockout 3 (QF 3)Peerless SC0-4Railway FC16′ Achinta Ghosh, 45’+1 Anthony Soren, 89′ Sukuram Sardar, 90’+8 Sourish GoswamiNaihati
October 9, 2021Championship Knockout 4 (QF 4)Bhawanipore FC0-7Mohammedan SC28′ 42′ SK Faiaz, 45’+2 45’+3 Marcus Joseph, 47′ Brandon Vanlalremdika, 69′ Nikola Stojanovic, Jaskaranpreet SinghKalyani
October 8, 2021Championship Knockout (SF 1)Railway FC1-0 (AET)George Telegraph SC93′ Subhendu MandiNaihati
October 12, 2021Championship Knockout (SF 2)Mohammedan SC1-0United Sports Club43’p Marcus JosephKalyani
November 18, 2021FINALMohammedan SC1-0Railway FC4′ Marcus JosephVYBK

Defender Aakash Sangwan and midfielder Sajal Bag have joined Chennaiyin FC22-Jun-22NehalChennaiyin FC have announced the additions of defender Aakash Sangwan and midfielder Sajal Bag to their squad.
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Former Indian captain, coach and Padma Shri PK Banerjee passes away20-Mar-20NehalThe former Indian captain, coach and technical director PK Banerjee passed away in Kolkata today after a prolonged illness. He was 83.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 927-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungPeerless SC are poised to lift their first-ever Calcutta League title, while East Bengal FC are waiting in the wings to snatch their 40th title in their centenary year.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 822-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungPeerless SC is on the driving seat of the Calcutta Premier Division ‘A’ League, as the 60-year-old dominance of the league by Calcutta’s ‘Big Three’ teams is under serious threat.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 716-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungThe top six teams in the Calcutta Premier Division A League are separated by one point.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 613-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungBhawanipore FC and East Bengal FC are locked on 13 points with table toppers Peerless SC in the Calcutta Premier Division ‘A’ league table. 
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 510-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungPeerless SC are at the top of the Calcutta Premier Division A table after a 1-0 win over East Bengal FC. Mohun Bagan win two-in-a-row to climb to second spot, Bhowanipore FC drops to third, while Mohammedan SC huff-and-puff their way to fourth.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 402-Sep-19Yuvraj GurungAfter registering their first wins, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan played out a 0-0 draw in the Kolkata derby in the Calcutta Premier Division A match.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 323-Aug-19Yuvraj GurungBeton Kamo fires Bhowanipore FC to the top, while Mohun Bagan and East Bengal languish at the bottom of the Calcutta Football League Premier Division A table.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 210-Aug-19Yuvraj GurungThe three Kolkata giants – East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, and Mohammedan – failed to win their opening fixtures in the 2019 Calcutta Football League.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 103-Aug-19Yuvraj GurungAfter the postponement of holders Mohun Bagan AC’s opening fixtures, the 122nd edition of the Calcutta Premier Division got underway on 27th July.
Mohun Bagan ends East Bengal’s stranglehold on the Calcutta Football League13-Sep-18Yuvraj GurungMohun Bagan ended East Bengal’s stranglehold over the Calcutta Football League with a 2-0 win over Calcutta Customs on Wednesday.
Honors even in a thrilling Kolkata Derby02-Sep-18Yuvraj Gurung

CFL Premier Division A 2021-22

UPDATE, August 1, 2021

Fixtures are out! The tournament kicks off on August 17 with defending champions Peerless SC taking on Kidderpore SC.

Around 30 matches are expected to be telecast live on R Plus News channel. They will also stream the matches on

Facebook stream on

The teams are exempt from relegation this season.

UPDATE, July 12, 2021

The groups for CFL Premier Division A 2021-22 have been announced.

calcutta premier division a 2021-22
Source: IFA, West Bengal

Promoted Clubs: United Sports Club, Railway FC, Tollygunge Agragami, Kidderpore SC.

Relegated Clubs: New Barrackpore Rainbow AC, Kalighat Milan Sangha.

UPDATE, July 2, 2021

The Calcutta Premier Division A will tentatively start towards the end of August 2021 (August 24).


“This year we have decided to change the format. It will be a league-cum-knockout tournament. Fourteen teams will be divided into two groups and top three from each will earn a direct quarter final berth. The remaining eight will then play with each other and the top two would complete the last-eight teams. We will try to complete the tournament by the first week of October. This year clubs would be able to register three foreigners and only two would be allowed in the first eleven.”

-IFA secretary Joydeep Mukherjee.

Read More:

Calcutta Football League 2020-21

UPDATE, February 25, 2021

All Premier Division clubs and the IFA have decided that the Calcutta Football League 2020-21 will be not held.

The next season is expected to resume in June 2021.

No Calcutta Football League this season, decide Premier Division clubs

UPDATE, November 5, 2020

Indian Football Association, West Bengal, is planning to hold IFA Shield in December 2020 instead of the Calcutta Football League (CFL) 2020.


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