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Calcutta Premier Division

Calcutta Football League

Calcutta Football League
Organising Body: Indian Football Association
Founded: 1898
Divisions: 7 (Premier Division A & B followed by
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Division)
2020 Season: Cancelled; 2021 Season: June 2021
Current Champions: Peerless SC (1st title) [2019]
Most Championships: East Bengal (39 titles)

Calcutta Premier Division A 2019

1Peerless SC [C]1172223241113
2Mohun Bagan AC1162320201010
3East Bengal116232017134
4Mohammedan SC115421916133
5Bhawanipore FC115241720146
6BSS Sporting Club11524171314-1
7George Telegraph11515161214-2
8Calcutta Customs113531416142
9Southern Samity11263121113-2
10Aryan Club1123691322-9
11Kalighat M.S. [R]1122781324-11
12Rainbow AC [R]111376518-13

Calcutta Premier Division A 2019

July 27, 2019BSS Sporting Club1-1Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
July 27, 2019Rainbow AC2-6Bhawanipore ClubEast Bengal Ground
July 27, 2019Kalighat Milan Sangha2-1Calcutta CustomsGayeshpur Stadium
July 30, 2019Peerless SC2-2Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
July 30, 2019Aryan Club1-2George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
July 31, 2019BSS Sporting Club0-0Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
July 31, 2019Bhawanipore Club2-1Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
August 2, 2019Peerless SC3-4Aryan ClubBarasat Stadium
August 5, 2019Mohun Bagan0-3Peerless SCMohun Bagan Ground
August 6, 2019Kalighat Milan Sangha0-1George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
August 7, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Aryan ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 8, 2019Bhawanipore Club1-1Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
August 9, 2019East Bengal0-1George TelegraphEast Bengal Ground
August 14, 2019Mohun Bagan1-1Calcutta CustomsMohun Bagan Ground
August 19, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Southern SamityMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 22, 2019Peerless SC1-1 (abandoned)BSS Sporting ClubGayeshpur Stadium
August 22, 2019Aryan Club2-2Kalighat Milan SanghaMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 22, 2019Southern Samity0-2Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
August 22, 2019Rainbow AC1-1Calcutta CustomsHowrah Stadium
August 25, 2019East Bengal2-1BSS Sporting ClubEast Bengal Ground
August 26, 2019Mohammedan SC0-0Rainbow ACMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 26, 2019Peerless SC4-1Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
August 28, 2019East Bengal3-0Aryan ClubEast Bengal Ground
August 28, 2019Mohun Bagan2-1BSS Sporting ClubKalyani Stadium
August 29, 2019Mohammedan SC2-1George TelegraphMohammedan Sporting Ground
August 31, 2019Aryan Club0-1Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
August 31, 2019BSS Sporting Club1-0Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
September 1, 2019Mohun Bagan0-0East BengalVYBK Stadium
September 2, 2019Mohammedan SC1-1Calcutta CustomsKalyani Stadium
September 3, 2019Peerless SC4-0BSS Sporting ClubGayeshpur Stadium
September 5, 2019Mohun Bagan2-0Bhawanipore ClubKalyani Stadium
September 5, 2019East Bengal2-1Southern SamityEast Bengal Ground
September 7, 2019Mohammedan SC3-1Kalighat Milan SanghaMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 8, 2019Mohun Bagan4-0George TelegraphMohun Bagan Ground
September 9, 2019East Bengal0-1Peerless SCEast Bengal Ground
September 11, 2019Mohammedan SC0-3Bhawanipore ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 11, 2019Rainbow AC0-3George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 12, 2019Southern Samity2-0Calcutta CustomsGayeshpur Stadium
September 12, 2019East Bengal4-2Kalighat Milan SanghaEast Bengal Ground
September 12, 2019Mohun Bagan1-2Aryan ClubKalyani Stadium
September 14, 2019Mohammedan SC1-0BSS Sporting ClubMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 14, 2019Southern Samity0-0George TelegraphGayeshpur Stadium
September 14, 2019Peerless SC2-2Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 15, 2019Mohun Bagan1-0Rainbow ACKalyani Stadium
September 16, 2019East Bengal2-2Bhawanipore ClubKalyani Stadium
September 17, 2019Aryan Club0-2Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 17, 2019Southern Samity0-0Kalighat Milan SanghaRabindra Sarobar
September 18, 2019BSS Sporting Club2-0George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 19, 2019Mohun Bagan2-3Mohammedan SCVYBK Stadium
September 19, 2019Peerless SC2-0Bhawanipore ClubBarasat Stadium
September 20, 2019East Bengal1-0Rainbow ACEast Bengal Ground
September 20, 2019Aryan Club1-1Southern SamityBarasat Stadium
September 21, 2019Calcutta Customs3-2George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
September 23, 2019Mohammedan SC2-0Peerless SCMohammedan Sporting Ground
September 23, 2019Rainbow AC0-0 (abandoned)Kalighat Milan SanghaGayeshpur Stadium
September 23, 2019Aryan Club1-2BSS Sporting ClubBarasat Stadium
September 24, 2019Mohun Bagan4-0Southern SamityMohun Bagan Ground
September 25, 2019Bhawanipore Club0-2George TelegraphMohun Bagan Ground
September 25, 2019BSS Sporting Club2-1Calcutta CustomsBarasat Stadium
September 25, 2019Rainbow AC1-2Kalighat Milan SanghaGayeshpur Stadium
September 26, 2019East Bengal3-2Mohammedan SCVYBK Stadium
September 27, 2019Peerless SC1-0Rainbow ACEast Bengal Ground
September 29, 2019Mohun Bagan3-0Kalighat Milan SanghaMohun Bagan Ground
September 29, 2019Peerless SC2-0George TelegraphBarasat Stadium
October 1, 2019Bhawanipore Club4-1Aryan ClubMohun Bagan Ground
October 1, 2019BSS Sporting Club3-2Kalighat Milan SanghaBarasat Stadium
October 1, 2019Southern Samity3-0Rainbow ACGayeshpur Stadium
October 3, 2019East Bengal0-3 (walkover)Calcutta CustomsKalyani Stadium

Remembering Sheoo Mewalal: A Thousand Goals in Apathy24-May-20India’s first bonafide star striker was treated with apathy throughout his career and in retirement – he died the same way, forgotten and discarded by a history he helped write
In Memoriam: Chuni Goswami30-Apr-20Indian football legend, Chuni Goswami, passed away in Kolkata. He was 82.
Former Indian captain, coach and Padma Shri PK Banerjee passes away20-Mar-20The former Indian captain, coach and technical director PK Banerjee passed away in Kolkata today after a prolonged illness. He was 83.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 927-Sep-19Peerless SC are poised to lift their first-ever Calcutta League title, while East Bengal FC are waiting in the wings to snatch their 40th title in their centenary year.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 822-Sep-19Peerless SC is on the driving seat of the Calcutta Premier Division ‘A’ League, as the 60-year-old dominance of the league by Calcutta’s ‘Big Three’ teams is under serious threat.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 716-Sep-19The top six teams in the Calcutta Premier Division A League are separated by one point.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 613-Sep-19Bhawanipore FC and East Bengal FC are locked on 13 points with table toppers Peerless SC in the Calcutta Premier Division ‘A’ league table. 
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 510-Sep-19Peerless SC are at the top of the Calcutta Premier Division A table after a 1-0 win over East Bengal FC. Mohun Bagan win two-in-a-row to climb to second spot, Bhowanipore FC drops to third, while Mohammedan SC huff-and-puff their way to fourth.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 402-Sep-19After registering their first wins, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan played out a 0-0 draw in the Kolkata derby in the Calcutta Premier Division A match.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 323-Aug-19Beton Kamo fires Bhowanipore FC to the top, while Mohun Bagan and East Bengal languish at the bottom of the Calcutta Football League Premier Division A table.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 210-Aug-19The three Kolkata giants – East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, and Mohammedan – failed to win their opening fixtures in the 2019 Calcutta Football League.
CFL 2019: Calcutta Premier Division A Roundup: Week 103-Aug-19After the postponement of holders Mohun Bagan AC’s opening fixtures, the 122nd edition of the Calcutta Premier Division got underway on 27th July.
Mohun Bagan ends East Bengal’s stranglehold on the Calcutta Football League13-Sep-18Mohun Bagan ended East Bengal’s stranglehold over the Calcutta Football League with a 2-0 win over Calcutta Customs on Wednesday.
Honors even in a thrilling Kolkata Derby02-Sep-18

UPDATE, February 25, 2021

All Premier Division clubs and the IFA have decided that the Calcutta Football League 2020-21 will be not held.

The next season is expected to resume in June 2021.

No Calcutta Football League this season, decide Premier Division clubs

UPDATE, November 5, 2020

Indian Football Association, West Bengal, is planning to hold IFA Shield in December 2020 instead of the Calcutta Football League (CFL) 2020.



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