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I-League: Sudeva FC will compete in the 2020-21 season, Sreenidhi FC to join the season after in 2021-22

I-League: Sudeva FC will compete in the 2020-21 season, Sreenidhi FC to join in 2021-22 season

The AIFF Bid Committee has granted playing rights to Sudeva FC from the 2020-21 I-League season and Sreenidhi FC from the 2021-22 I-League season.

Sudeva FC previously known as Moonlight FC will be the first club from Delhi to play in the I-League. As Moonlight FC, they’ve been part of Delhi football since the 1960s and have won the state league on a number of occasions. As Sudeva are a corporate entry, they will be exempt from relegation in the 2020-21 I-League.

Sreenidhi FC who were originally based out of Hyderabad moved to Visakhapatnam to be eligible for entry into the I-League as the AIFF/FSDL do not want multiple clubs from the same city. In this case, ISL team Hyderabad FC founded in 2019 staked its claim as the club from the city.

AIFF Media Team

The post below is a press release from AIFF and has not been altered.

NEW DELHI: Members of the bid committee of the All India Football Federation and representatives of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) met over a video conference to discuss over clarifications which were sought in the previous meeting (July 31, 2020) from the three prospective clubs — Sudeva (Delhi), Sreenidhi (Visakhapatnam), and Ryntih (Shillong) – for participation in the Hero I-league 2020-21.

Besides Senior vice-president Mr. Subrata Dutta, also the Chairman of the League Committee, AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das, League CEO Mr. Sunando Dhar, Mr. Tetea Hmar (Executive Committee member), and Mr. ZA Thakur (Treasurer, AIFF) attended the meet as did Mr. Chirag Tanna.

After scrutinising the clarifications sought for from the submitted documents, and also presentations from the respective bidders in the previous meeting (July 31, 2020), the Committee, after consultation with PwC decided to grant playing rights to Sudeva in the forthcoming Hero I-League 2020-21.

The Committee also granted playing rights to Sreenidhi in the Hero I-League from 2021-22 onwards.

League Committee Chairman Mr. Dutta said to “I on the behalf of AIFF, welcome Sudeva to the Hero I-League family. I wish them all the best and look forward to a competitive league.”

“I would also like to congratulate and welcome Sreenidhi from the 2021-22 edition of the Hero I-League.”

“With Sudeva FC joining the fray, we now have 12 teams competing in the next Hero I-League. Most significantly, we now have a representation from the Capital,” Mr. Dutta averred.

“Sreenidihi is also a well-organised professional club with good infrastructure and facilities. Their participation would naturally enrich the Hero I-League from 2021-22 onwards,” he added.

“Both the clubs have been contributing to the youth football development in a big way for some years.”

General Secretary Mr. Das mentioned how the introduction of teams from new cities falls in line with the AIFF’s Strategic Plan to broad base the game and move forward together with all stakeholders.

“Welcome Sudeva to the Hero I-League family. We have been working to get teams from different regions and cities to reach out to newer fans and provide the Hero I-league more pan Indian presence which is in line with the AIFF Strategic Plan. Good luck,” Mr. Das stated.

He also expressed his pleasure that Sreenidhi will be playing from Vizag from 2021-22 season.

League CEO Mr. Dhar hoped that like in the past, the introduction of a team from a new region will rejuvenate the ‘beautiful game,’ further.

“We have seen in the past that the inclusion of a team from a new region has acted as a catalyst to develop football in that region. We are confident Sudeva from this season and Sreenidhi from next season would help develop and popularise football pan India in the coming years,” Mr. Dhar expressed.


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