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New rules, new format, fixtures/schedule and league table for the 2020-21 I-League

New rules, new format, schedule and points table for the 2020-21 I-League
Source: I-League

The upcoming season of the I-League will see a breakaway from the league format where teams play each other twice.

Instead, in Phase I, each team will play against each other once. Then, the teams will be divided into two groups – Group A will consist of the top six teams and Group B will include the bottom five. In Phase II, the Group A teams will play against each other once to determine the winner and Group B teams will also play each other once and the bottom-placed team from Group B will be relegated. The points earned in Phase I will be carried forward by all teams into Phase II.

Please note that the AIFF developmental team Indian Arrows and corporate entry side Sudeva Delhi FC are exempt for relegation.

The league will be played out in four stadiums amidst the bio-bubble in Kolkata – VYBK (Salt Lake Stadium), Kalyani Stadium, Kishore Bharati Krirangan and at the Mohun Bagan Ground.

The 2020-21 season will kick off on January 9, 2021 with new entrants Sudeva Delhi FC taking on newly-promoted Mohammedan SC. The matches will be broadcast live on 1Sports and streamed on their social media platforms.

The tournament will be held as per the COVID-19 SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and no spectators will be allowed inside the stadium.

Prize Money in INR – Champions: 1 crore; Runners Up: 60 lakhs; Third Place: 40 lakhs; Fourth Place: 25 lakhs.


I-League 2020-21 Bubble Protocol
Source: I-League


The team can field four foreigners out of which one player needs to be from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) – a.k.a the 3+1 rule.


I-League Fixtures & Results

datestagehomeresultawaygoalscorer homegoalscorer awayvenue
November 12 2022round 1Gokulam Kerala FC1-0Mohammedan SCAuguste Somlaga 57'Manjeri
November 13 2022round 1NEROCA FC0-1Real Kashmir FCSeidu Nuhu 53’Imphal
November 14 2022round 1Sudeva Delhi FC1-2Kenkre FCBasit Ahmed Bhat 45+2’Ahmed Faiz Khan 12’, Azfar Noorani 61’Delhi
November 14 2022round 1RoundGlass Punjab FC2-1Sreenidi Deccan FCLuka Majcen 23′, Samuel Lalmuanpuia 42′Shahabaaz 58′Panchkula
November 15 2022round 1Aizawl FC1-1TRAU FCK Lalrinfela 48’Sagolsem Bikash Singh 18’Aizawl
November 15 2022round 1Churchill Brothers1-2Rajasthan United FCAbdoulaye Sane 45+1’Melroy Assisi 29’, Britto PM 75’Goa
November 18 2022round 2Aizawl FC0-1Gokulam Kerala FCThahir Zaman 87’Aizawl
November 18 2022round 2NEROCA FC1-0Sudeva Delhi FCJourdain Fletcher 62′Imphal
November 19 2022round 2Real Kashmir FC2-0Rajasthan United FCMoro Lamine 21’, Jerry Pulamte 77’Srinagar
November 20 2022round 2Churchill Brothers2-3Sreenidi Deccan FCRichard Costa 69’, Lalkhawpuimawia 75’Songpu Singsit 25’, Ogana Louis 40’ David Castaneda Munoz 67’Goa
November 20 2022round 2RoundGlass Punjab FC1-0Mohammedan SCLuka Majcen 3′Panchkula
November 21 2022round 2TRAU FC3-0Kenkre FCNana Poku 41’, Komron Tursunov 75’, 87’Imhpal
November 21 2022round 3Aizawl FC2-1Sudeva Delhi FCLalchhawnkima 26′, Matias Veron 64’Seilenthang Lotjem 11’Aizawl
November 22 2022round 3Real Kashmir FC0-0Gokulam Kerala FCSrinagar
November 23 2022round 3RoundGlass Punjab FC1-1Rajasthan United FCDaniel Lalhlimpuia 13′Gyamar Nikum 90+1′Panchkula
November 23 2022round 3Mohammedan SC3-1NEROCA FCDavid Simbo 40’ o.g., Marcus Joseph 82’ p., Faslurahman Methukayil 85’Mirjalol Kasimov 58’Kolkata
November 24 2022round 3Sreenidi Deccan FC1-0TRAU FCDavid Castaneda Munoz 41′Hyderabad
November 24 2022round 3Kenkre FC1-1Churchill BrothersAzfar Noorani 6’Lalkhawpuimawia 84’Mumbai
November 26 2022round 4Sudeva Delhi FC1-3Rajasthan United FCTetsuaki Misawa 21’Martin Chaves 15’, Britto PM 45+4’, Aidar Mambetaliev 86’Delhi
November 27 2022round 4Sreenidi Deccan FC1-0Gokulam Kerala FCFaysal Shayesteh 63’Hyderabad
November 27 2022round 4Mohammedan SC1-0TRAU FCFaslu Rahman 40′Kolkata
November 28 2022round 4Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMChurchill BrothersSrinagar
November 28 2022round 4RoundGlass Punjab FC7:00 PMAizawl FCPanchkula
November 29 2022round 4Kenkre FC7:00 PMNEROCA FCMumbai
December 1 2022round 5Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMMohammedan SCHyderabad
December 1 2022round 5Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMTRAU FCSrinagar
December 2 2022round 5Churchill Brothers4:30 PMAizawl FCGoa
December 3 2022round 5Rajasthan United FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCDelhi
TBDTBDSudeva Delhi FCTBDRoundGlass Punjab FCDelhi
December 4 2022round 5Kenkre FC4:30 PMGokulam Kerala FCMumbai
December 6 2022round 6Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMSreenidi Deccan FCSrinagar
December 6 2022round 6Churchill Brothers7:00 PMMohammedan SCGoa
December 7 2022round 6Rajasthan United FC4:30 PMKenkre FCDelhi
December 7 2022round 6Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMSudeva Delhi FCManjeri
December 8 2022round 6Aizawl FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCAizawl
December 8 2022round 6TRAU FC4:30 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCImphal
December 10, 2022round 7Sudeva Delhi FC2:00 PMChurchill BrothersDelhi
December 11 2022round 7Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMAizawl FCHyderabad
December 11 2022round 7TRAU FC4:30 PMNEROCA FCImphal
December 12 2022round 7Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCSrinagar
December 12 2022round 7Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMRajasthan United FCManjeri
December 13 2022round 7Mohammedan SC7:00 PMKenkre FCKolkata
December 14 2022round 8Sudeva Delhi FC7:00 PMSreenidi Deccan FCDelhi
December 15 2022round 8TRAU FC2:00 PMRajasthan United FCImphal
December 15 2022round 8Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMNEROCA FCManjeri
December 16 2022round 8Churchill Brothers2:00 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCGoa
December 16 2022round 8Mohammedan SC4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCKolkata
December 17 2022round 8Aizawl FC2:00 PMKenkre FCAizawl
December 20 2022round 9Churchill Brothers4:30 PMTRAU FCGoa
December 20 2022round 9Rajasthan United FC7:00 PMAizawl FCDelhi
December 21 2022round 9NEROCA FC4:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FCImphal
December 21 2022round 9RoundGlass Punjab FC7:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCPanchkula
December 22 2022round 9Sudeva Delhi FC2:00 PMMohammedan SCDelhi
December 22 2022round 9Kenkre FC4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCMumbai
January 5 2023round 10TRAU FC4:30 PMSudeva Delhi FCImphal
January 6 2023round 10Rajasthan United FC4:30 PMMohammedan SCDelhi
January 7 2023round 10Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMKenkre FCHyderabad
January 8 2023round 10RoundGlass Punjab FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCPanchkula
January 8 2023round 10Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMChurchill BrothersManjeri
January 9 2023round 10Aizawl FC4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCAizawl
January 11 2023round 11Rajasthan United FC7:00 PMSreenidi Deccan FCDelhi
January 12 2023round 11Sudeva Delhi FC2:00 PMReal Kashmir FCDelhi
January 12 2023round 11Churchill Brothers4:30 PMNEROCA FCGoa
January 13 2023round 11Mohammedan SC4:30 PMAizawl FCKolkata
January 14 2023round 11RoundGlass Punjab FC4:30 PMKenkre FCPanchkula
January 15 2023round 11Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMTRAU FCManjeri
January 16 2023round 12Sudeva Delhi FC4:30 PMAizawl FCDelhi
January 17 2023round 12Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCHyderabad
January 17 2023round 12Rajasthan United FC7:00 PMChurchill BrothersDelhi
January 18 2023round 12NEROCA FC4:30 PMTRAU FCImphal
January 19 2023round 12Kenkre FC4:30 PMMohammedan SCMumbai
January 20 2023round 12Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCManjeri
January 21 2023round 13NEROCA FC4:30 PMAizawl FCImphal
January 22 2023round 13Mohammedan SC4:30 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCKolkata
January 23 2023round 13Sudeva Delhi FC4:30 PMTRAU FCDelhi
January 23 2023round 13Kenkre FC7:00 PMSreenidi Deccan FCMumbai
January 24 2023round 13Churchill Brothers4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCGoa
January 24 2023round 13Rajasthan United FC7:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCDelhi
January 26 2023round 14Aizawl FC4:30 PMMohammedan SCAizawl
January 27 2023round 14RoundGlass Punjab FC4:30 PMReal Kashmir FCPanchkula
January 28 2023round 14Rajasthan United FC2:00 PMTRAU FCDelhi
January 29 2023round 14Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCHyderabad
January 29 2023round 14Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMKenkre FCKozhikode
January 30 2023round 14Churchill Brothers7:00 PMSudeva Delhi FCGoa
February 1 2023round 15Real Kashmir FC4:30 PMAizawl FCSrinagar
February 1 2023round 15Kenkre FC7:00 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCMumbai
February 2 2023round 15Rajasthan United FC4:30 PMSudeva Delhi FCDelhi
February 3 2023round 15TRAU FC4:30 PMMohammedan SCImphal
February 4 2023round 15Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMChurchill BrothersHyderabad
February 5 2023round 15NEROCA FC4:30 PMGokulam Kerala FCImphal
February 7 2023round 16TRAU FC2:00 PMSreenidi Deccan FCImphal
February 7 2023round 16Mohammedan SC4:30 PMChurchill BrothersKolkata
February 8 2023round 16NEROCA FC2:00 PMKenkre FCImphal
February 8 2023round 16Real Kashmir FC4:30 PMSudeva Delhi FCSrinagar
February 9 2023round 16Aizawl FC2:00 PMRajasthan United FCAizawl
February 9 2023round 16Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCKozhikode
February 10 2023round 17TRAU FC4:30 PMChurchill BrothersImphal
February 11 2023round 17Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMNEROCA FCSrinagar
February 12 2023round 17Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMRajasthan United FCHyderabad
February 12 2023round 17Mohammedan SC4:30 PMGokulam Kerala FCKozhikode
February 13 2023round 17Aizawl FC4:30 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCAizawl
February 13 2023round 17Kenkre FC7:00 PMSudeva Delhi FCMumbai
February 16 2023round 18Kenkre FC4:30 PMRajasthan United FCMumbai
February 17 2023round 18TRAU FC4:30 PMAizawl FCImphal
February 18 2023round 18Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMMohammedan SCSrinagar
February 19 2023round 18Sreenidi Deccan FC2:00 PMSudeva Delhi FCHyderabad
February 19 2023round 18Churchill Brothers4:30 PMGokulam Kerala FCGoa
February 20 2023round 18NEROCA FC7:00 PMRoundGlass Punjab FCImphal
February 22 2023round 19Churchill Brothers4:30 PMKenkre FCGoa
February 23 2023round 19NEROCA FC4:30 PMRajasthan United FCImphal
February 24 2023round 19Mohammedan SC4:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FCKolkata
February 25 2023round 19Gokulam Kerala FC4:30 PMAizawl FCKozhikode
February 26 2023round 19TRAU FC2:00 PMReal Kashmir FCImphal
February 26 2023round 19RoundGlass Punjab FC4:30 PMSudeva Delhi FCPanchkula
February 28 2023round 20Aizawl FC4:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FCAizawl
February 28 2023round 20Mohammedan SC7:00 PMRajasthan United FCKolkata
March 1 2023round 20Sudeva Delhi FC4:30 PMNEROCA FCDelhi
March 1 2023round 20RoundGlass Punjab FC7:00 PMChurchill BrothersPanchkula
March 2 2023round 20Real Kashmir FC4:30 PMKenkre FCSrinagar
March 2 2023round 20TRAU FC7:00 PMGokulam Kerala FCImphal
TBCround 21Sudeva Delhi FCvsGokulam Kerala FCDelhi
TBCround 21Aizawl FCvsChurchill BrothersAizawl
TBCround 21Rajasthan United FCvsRoundGlass Punjab FCDelhi
TBCround 21NEROCA FCvsMohammedan SCImphal
TBCround 21Sreenidi Deccan FCvsReal Kashmir FCHyderabad
TBCround 21Kenkre FCvsTRAU FCMumbai
TBCround 22Mohammedan SCvsSudeva Delhi FCKolkata
TBCround 22RoundGlass Punjab FCvsTRAU FCPanchkula
TBCround 22Gokulam Kerala FCvsSreenidi Deccan FCKozhikode
TBCround 22NEROCA FCvsChurchill BrothersImphal
TBCround 22Rajasthan United FCvsReal Kashmir FCDelhi
TBCround 22Kenkre FCvsAizawl FCMumbai


I-League Table

1Sreenidi Deccan FC43019642
2Real Kashmir FC32107303
3RoundGlass Punjab FC32107422
4Rajasthan United FC42117651
5Gokulam Kerala FC42117211
6Mohammedan SC42026431
7TRAU FC41124431
8Aizawl FC31114330
9Kenkre FC3111435-2
10NEROCA FC3102324-2
11Churchill Brothers3012146-2
12Sudeva Delhi FC4004038-5

The post will be updated as and when new updates arrive.

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