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The Shillong Premier League Returns: A Preview of the 2022 Season, Part I 

Shillong Premier League 2022 Preview Nangkiew Irat SC and Mawlai SC
Source: SSA

The highly anticipated Officer’s Choice Blue Shillong Premier League will begin today, the 15th of June 2022, after over a two-year hiatus owing to the global pandemic. 

The 11th season of the SPL will feature 8 teams from across the city of Shillong namely defending Champions Shillong Lajong FC, defending runners-up Rangdajied United FC, Langsning SC, Nangkiew Irat SC, Ryntih SC, Malki SC, Mawkhar SC and Mawlai SC.

Malki SC makes a comeback after receiving a year’s ban in 2018 due to crowd violence. The new entrants, Mawkhar SC and Mawlai SC are set to make their mark in the SPL after winning and finishing second in the First Division 2019 respectively. 

The first match will feature a regular of the SPL, Nangkiew Irat SC and the newly promoted team, Mawlai SC at 4 PM. For the first time, the League will be streamed Live on the T7 News YouTube Channel.

Founded in 1993, Nangkiew Irat SC has its roots in Mawngap. They have been a consistent side in the SPL having been relegated in 2016 and returning the following season. In a surprising move, the Club roped in Apborlang Kurbah from the winning side of the last SPL, Shillong Lajong FC. The Club have also retained Shaibor Nongrum, Damehun Syih and Khangmiki Pale from the previous season.

Shillong Premier League 2022 Nangkiew Irat SC squad
Nangkiew Irat SC

Nangkiew Irat SC squad list: Guidle Syiemlieh, Bobbyson Nongtdu, Monlang Shylla, Denelson Pyngrope, Pyncheia Tyngkan, Overkindness Mawnai, Melvin Warjri, Wanpynshngain Nongsteng, Dondor Rani, Emerson Nongrud, Dame Syih, Mario Shanpru, Sunevening Iawphniaw, Apborlang Kurbah, Bris Taro, Damanbha Chyne, Magdiel Sohtun, Fedrick Wahlang, Chanmitre Thma, Deligent Pdang

Coach: Rogester Basaiawmoit 

Mawlai Sports Club is one of the oldest clubs in the city founded in 1921 by then sportsman, S.A. Chyne. After spending years in the First Division, the club finished second in 2019 and secured a place in the SPL. Their arrival was marked with big signings that include four experienced players who have won the League with Langsning SC in 2017 & 2018 – Brolinton Warlarpih, Donborlang Nongkynrih, Milancy Khongstai and Fullmoon Mukhim. They have also picked up three players from the defending Champion, Shillong Lajong FC, Baiaikara Swer, Remark Kharmalki and Neithovilie Chalieu. In addition, they have signed Samuel Lyngdoh Kynshi from Real Kashmir.

Shillong Premier League 2022 Mawlai SC squad
Mawlai SC

Mawlai SC squad list: Siwel Rymbai, Ferdinand Makri, Milancy Khongstia, Brolington Warlarpih, Wanboklang Lyngkhoi, Sambor Kharsahnoh, Ronney Khongrangjem, Banskhemlang Mawlong, Manbhalang Nongmin, Donboklang Nongkynrih, Fullmoon Mukhim, Pynbha Suting, Nikelson Bina, Baiaikara Swer, Damonlang Pathaw, Pynshaborlang Marngar, Robert Khongriah, Manbha Iawphniaw, Remark Kharmalki, Dajiedlang Wanshnong, Samuel Lyngdoh Kynshi, Mangkara Sunn, Neithovilie Chalieu, Kolisterwell Lyngdoh Marshangbai

Coach: Khlain Pyrkhat Syiemlieh

The return of the Shillong Premier League is awaited with great expectation as eight teams fight for the coveted title over the next few months.

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