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Shillong Premier League 2022 – Preview, Part 4: Rangdajied United and Mawkhar SC

Shillong Premier League 2022 Malki SC vs Ryntih SC
Shillong Premier League 2022, June 17: Badon Kupar Marbaniang (No. 10) brace helped Ryntih SC win 3-0 over Malki SC | Source: The Sports Room | To read the match report, click here

The Shillong Premier League has been the gateway for many footballers who went on to play for the country as well at the highest level of competitive football in the nation.

The league has been a springboard for ambitious players to flaunt their talent and hone their skills. It also provided the football loving fans of the city a platform to indulge in their love for the game and develop a fierce football culture. 

Today’s fixture of the Officer’s Choice Blue Shillong Premier League features Meghalaya State League 2019 runner up, Rangdajied United FC taking on the newly promoted club, Mawkhar SC at the MFA Turf, Third Ground. 

Rangdajied United Football Club, formerly known as Ar-Hima, was founded in 1987. Rangdajied in the Khasi culture refers to a fearless patriotic man who cares for and protects his family and community. The club has had many successful spells over the years having lifted the I-League Second Division trophy and then went on to play in the top league of the country during the 2013-14 season. They’ve been crowned Champions of the SPL in 2013 and came in second place twice – 2016 & 2019. Rangdajied also went on to finish the Meghalaya State League as runners up in 2019. The club is led by ex-Indian International footballer, Aiborlang Khongjee and secured I-league player, Chesterpaul Lyngdoh and former ISL footballer, Samuel Shadap. The team also includes Atlanson Kharmaw and Maxderidoff Wahlang who recently played for the State team at the 75th Hero Santosh Trophy. 

Rangdajied United FC Squad

Aiborlang Khongjee, Samuel Shadap, Chesterpaul Lyngdoh, Denzil Warjri, Poibiang Pohshna, Atlanson Kharmaw, NiawkordorNiawkordor Kyndiah, Banshanlang Sten, Khraw Kupar Jana, Ialamlang Biam, Aibormiky Suchiang, Raikutshisha Buam, Knerktilang Buam, Orestarwell Langshiang, Wanlambha Kharpran, Wansiewdor Nongneng, Balamlynti Khongjee, Bankitbor Ryntathiang, Maxderidoff Wahlang, Rijiedskhem Sunn, Wanlamsuk Nongkhlaw, Stevenson Shadap, Dobormichanlangki Kassar. 

Coach: A Shadap

Mawkhar Sports Club was established in 1955 with the objective to promote sports and football in particular. Throughout the years, the club has played in different divisions conducted by Shillong Sports Association. They climbed their way from the Second Division in 2018 to the First Division in 2019 by lifting both the trophies. They are one of the few teams in the State with an established pathway for aspiring footballers having different age categories from Under-6 to the senior team while also focusing on providing a platform for young girls. During the pandemic, they picked up Aibanrap Dohling and also roped in Justerwell Tham from Nongrim Hills. This season, the club made an admirable decision to rely on the core team that took them from the Second Division to the SPL. 

Mawkhar SC squad 2022
Mawkhar SC

Mawkhar SC Squad

Widenstar Kharsati, Thrimin Lymba, Banshanskhem Kharsyntiew, Aibanraplang Dohling, Aibiangmane Nengnong, Balajied Syiemlieh, Balapynshai Nengnong, Benehskhem Khongsdam, Bansanbha Khongsdem, Boyanstar Nongkynrih, Charles Lyngdoh, Defender Pyngrope, Desilver Pyngrope, Donbok Kupar Syiemsad, Garnoldstar Marbaniang, John Paul Mylliemngap, Justerwell Tham, Lynketlut Myrchiang, Kenneth Thabah, Khraw Pyrkhat Marwein, Leversharp Manik Syiemlieh, Pynshailang Kharduit, Pynshisha Lapang, Restorwell Marbaniang, Samson Suting, Rolandwell Kharsyntiew. 

Coach: Abandonmane Lamin

Catch the final match of the first round of the SPL live on T7 News at 4 PM. 

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