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The Shillong Premier League – Football Built on Communities: A Preview, Part 3

Shillong Premier League 2022 Shillong Lajong FC vs Langsning FC
Shillong Premier League 2022, June 16: Four-time champions Shillong Lajong fell 0-1 to Langsning FC | Source: TSR | To read the match report from The Sports Room, please click here.

Community sports clubs have played a vital role in the development of football in the State. They band together the energy, purpose and passion of the people and use it to grow the sport and mould football culture. 

The presence of these community football teams in leagues across the city is nothing new, it has in fact become an element that sets apart football clubs in the state with that across the country. 

Community football clubs are a product of tireless dedication and vision of the dorbar shnong (locality council) as well as the seng samla (locality youth council) to indulge the community in their love for football and giving the youth a platform to develop into the footballer they want to become and showcase their talent. 

Today’s fixture in the Officer’s Choice Blue Shillong Premier League brings two of the biggest community football clubs, Malki Sports Club and Ryntih Sports Club, to battle for the three points at 4 PM. 

Malki Sports Club is one of the oldest football clubs in the state, its establishment dating back to 1910. It has been a consistent side in the SPL, their biggest achievement was being a semi-finalist in the 2017 & 2018 season. The club takes pride in their loyal fans who flood the stadium in hundreds to support their team. Malki had a busy transfer season with a number of new signings. They roped in Khrawkupar Tamu, former Laban SC captain, Embok Nongkhlaw, Kitdorlang Nonglait, Marchstarfield Marbaniang to name a few. 

Malki SC squad: Cruisestarlie Mawphlang, Pynkhambor Suting, Kyrpadlang Tariang, Alvineth Nongshun, Heisniawki Syngkon, Donboklang Mawlong, Khrawkupar Nongkhar, Imsngibanjop Khongsit, Marchstarfield Marbaniang, Soberstar Nongrang, Arkhangel Khongtyngkut, Kordor Marwein, Michael Marwein, Kordor Dkhar, Iostar Thabah, Lukas Syngkli, Sanborlang Marwein, Niklestone Ryntathiang, Bankyrshanborlang Mawphlang, Ricky Kharbuli, Cannyson Kharnaior, Rihoklang Khongjoh, Kitdorlang Nonglait, Fernando Mawlieh, Khrawkupar Tamu, Aibanskhem Nongshli, Sharailang Khongsit, Banialam Nongrum, Romeyoo Shilla and Emboklang Nongkhlaw.

Coach: Kitkupar Kharshiing

Ryntih Sports Club was founded on the dreams of the local dorbar and the Seng Samla of Mawlai Mawdatbaki in 1990 with the goal to encourage and support the less fortunate players with the opportunity to compete at a distinguished level. The club made their football debut in the Third Division tournament of the SSA under the leadership of their then President Mr. S Dkhar. Ryntih has retained most of their players who played in the Hero I-League Second Division last year as well as the few who were loaned out to some of the Hero I-League clubs this year. Some of those players include Allen Lyngdoh Nongbri, Hardy Cliff Nongbri, Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw, Dawanchwa Carlos Challam, Mebankhraw Khyriem, Sheen Sohktung Padam Chettri and Kenstar Kharshong. 

Shillong Premier League 2022 Ryntih SC squad
Ryntih SC squad

Ryntih SC squad: Allen Lyngdoh Nongbri, Hardy Cliff Nongbri, Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw, Dawanchwa Carlos Challam, Mebankhraw Khyriem, Sheen Sohktung, Kenstar Kharshong, Dawanplielad Myrchiang, Pynshongdor Shadap, Dameki Khongstai, Badonkupar Marbaniang, Ebormi Buam, Ronnie Nongbri, Reson Malngiang, Ronaldkydon Nonglait, Maitshaphrang Kharumnuid, Eric Nongkhlaw, Restomwell Khriam, Derick Khongshit, Kyntiewshaphrang Kharlukhi, Brickyson Kharkongor, Wilbert Marbaniang, Robert Khongjoh, Andy Mawthoh, Archibald Kharbuli,  Luckystar Lawai and Padam Chettri. 

Coach: Wallam Kharpran

Today’s match will be played at 4PM at the MFA Turf, Third Ground and will be live streamed on the T7 News Channel

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