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AIFF is considering taking legal action against Ranjit Bajaj

AIFF is considering taking legal action against Ranjit Bajaj
Ranjit Bajaj | Source: Minerva Punjab

The AIFF is considering taking legal action against Minerva Punjab owner Ranjit Bajaj following the latter’s allegations of sexual harassment against General Secretary Kushal Das.

The All India Football Federation (the “AIFF”) has become aware of statements made by one Mr. Ranjit Bajaj on Twitter, levelling serious allegations of sexual harassment against the General Secretary of the AIFF, Mr. Kushal Das.

All statements and allegations made in this regard are false and fabricated, and made without an iota of evidence in support of the same. Further, no such complaints and/or concerns were received by the Internal Complaints Committee constituted by the AIFF as per the PoSH Act, 2013.

The AIFF follows a strong ethical code of conduct within the organisation, ensuring the protection and wellbeing of all its staff members. The allegations made by Mr. Bajaj are defamatory in nature, causing harm not only to Mr. Das but also to the entire footballing fraternity in India. In consideration of the same, the AIFF has considered it prudent to take appropriate legal action against the concerned individual.

The AIFF will also refer the matter to the Executive Committee, and also to the General Body for appropriate action.

AIFF Media

Below is the thread Ranjit Bajaj posted on Twitter which lead to the above sequence of events.

Person who humiliated him was none other than KUSHAL DAS drunkard general secretary of @IndianFootball -Savio sir is the best thing 2happen to Indian football development -AIFF did this just to spite me as I had offered to host pro license course for free-…cont..

….cont… this is not fair on the coaches as they would have saved a huge amount & AIFF dosent understand that I have nothing to gain out of hosting this course for free which wil be costing @minervapunjabfc over 20 lakhs-why?as it wud give our country 5 times …..cont..

….cont ….the number of pro license coaches-AIFF first was Racist towards Indians by saying that Indians can’t head @IndSuperLeague teams even if they are equal to foreigners in qualification-then when it was changed to they can be if they have a pro license…..cont …

…cont … but @IndianFootball did not organise a PRO course for over 7 years & ones abroad cost over 10 lakhs each😢😢-now when they are finally doing it instead of making it economically viable by taking up my offer they humiliate India’s best TD Savio sir😢…. Cont…

…. These are the days which make me sad 😞 as people like Kushal Das ( yes the drunk GS ) is making things personal-what he doesn’t realise is he is hurting @IndianFootball not helping cont..

….cont …Kushal Das RESIGN Or I will be revealing details about you which have been buried by @praful_patel #METOO #METOOindia enuf is enuf-you are a monster who needs to be shut down-won’t allow you to ruin lives like this anymore-see @jaydeepbasu tweets on this matter…cont

….cont …..also the agency which gets all the logistics & management duties(like intercontinental cup) where no tenders are floated but given to someone who does special favours for the GS- THEN when the second lady employee who was molested went to Col Mehta….cont …

…Cont..Who is head of madatory sexual harassment complaint officer of AIFF &he was forced to bury the report by @praful_patel so two cases of molestation of his employees at the workplace & the fact he starts(kushal DAS )drinking at 10 am in office😳😞🙏🏽 #MeToo #indianfootball

Originally tweeted by Ranjit Bajaj (@THE_RanjitBajaj) on 25th April 2022.

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