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Blue Tigers Asia Cup 2019 Qualification Scenarios (And Bahrain Pre-Match Prediction)

After putting out 2 amazing performances, India have 3 points and currently sit in 2nd place in Group A with a Goal Difference of +2. That puts India in a very strong position to qualify, with only a point needed for confirmation. The Blue Tigers are naturally a defensive side and getting at least a [...]

October 13 2018: International Friendly: China 0-0 India – Tactical Analysis

India took on China in a "historic" friendly in Suzhou in what turned out to be an excruciating game for both sides. China repeatedly hammered shots at the Indian goal and, on one occasion, were mere centimetres from scoring what would have been a well deserved goal but just couldn't find their way in. Meanwhile, [...]

Indian Football: All Things Considered