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MDFA Elite Division

MDFA Elite Division

Organised by Mumbai District Football Association
Relegation to MDFA Super Division
Domestic Cup(s): Nadkarni Cup
Current Champions: 2019-20 League Cancelled
Previous Champions: Mumbai Customs [2018–19]

2019-20 Season [Private]

1Kenkre FC1173132131924
2Karnatak Sports Association107212371623
5Mumbai Strikers SC851285316
6Sellebrity FC95131718-116
7Iron Born CFCI94051618-212
8Millat FC102621620-412
9RSF Spartans103251820-211
10Companeroes SC122461922-310
11ICL Payyade93151220-810
12Salsette FC10235915-69
13Mumbai Muslims11218832-247
14Football School of India111371321-86
15Mumbai City FC [R] [SUSPENDED]00000000
Mumbai City FC are suspended and all their results stand cancelled.

2019-20 Season [Private]

November 4 2019Iron Born CFCI0-3 (cancelled)Mumbai City FC [R]Neville D’Souza Football Turf
November 5 2019Companeroes SC1-2Sellebrity FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 6 2019Mumbai Strikers SC1-0GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 7 2019Football School of India0-1Millat FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 8 2019Karnatak Sports Association2-0Salsette FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 10 2019PIFA3-0 (walkover)RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
November 11 2019Mumbai City FC [R]5-1(cancelled)Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 11 2019Sellebrity FC2-0*GMSCAndheri Sports Complex
November 13 2019Mumbai Strikers SC0-2Karnatak Sports AssociationNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 13 2019Millat FC0-0Salsette FCAndheri Sports Complex
November 14 2019PIFA0-0Football School of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
November 14 2019Mumbai Muslims0-3Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 17 2019GMSC2-1Kenkre FCCooperage Ground
November 18 2019Karnatak Sports Association4-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 21 2019Kenkre FC4-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 21 2019ICL Payyade0-3(walkover)PIFANeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 22 2019Sellebrity FC0-2 (abandoned)Mumbai City FC [R]
November 22 2019Karnatak Sports Association1-2GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 23 2019Mumbai Muslims0-0Millat FCAndheri Sports Complex
November 24 2019Companeroes SC2-3ICL PayyadeBandra
November 25 2019Salsette FC0-2RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
November 26 2019Kenkre FC3-0Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 26 2019Mumbai City FC [R]1-0 (cancelled)PIFAAndheri Sports Complex
November 27 2019GMSC0-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
November 28 2019Karnatak Sports Association3-1Mumbai Muslims
November 29 2019Kenkre FC2-2ICL Payyade
November 30 2019Salsette FC2-1PIFANeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 2 2019Karnatak Sports Association4-1RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 3 2019Mumbai Muslims2-0ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 6 2019Football School of India2-3Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 7 2019Mumbai Strikers SC1-0Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 8 2019Mumbai Muslims2-1Salsette FCMumbai Football Arena
December 9 2019Sellebrity FC0-5RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 9 2019ICL Payyade3:30 PMMillat FCMumbai Football Arena
December 10 2019PIFA3-0GMSCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 11 2019Karnatak Sports Association1-0 (cancelled)Mumbai City FC [R]Neville D’Souza Football Turf
December 12 2019Kenkre FCTBDCompaneroes SCMumbai Football Arena
December 14 2019ICL Payyade0-1Mumbai Strikers SCMumbai Football Arena
December 16 2019Sellebrity FC2-1Salsette FCMumbai Football Arena
December 17 2019RSF Spartans2-0Mumbai MuslimsMumbai Football Arena
December 18 2019GMSC6-1Millat FCMumbai Football Arena
December 20 2019Iron Born CFCI0-2Kenkre FCMumbai Football Arena
December 21 2019Football School of India2-3ICL PayyadeMumbai Football Arena
December 23 2019Salsette FC1-1Companeroes SCMumbai Football Arena
December 24 2019Millat FC0-0Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 26 2019PIFA3-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 27 2019Sellebrity FC4-2Iron Born CFCINeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 27 2019ICL Payyade3-0Salsette FC
December 28 2019Millat FC2-2Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
December 31 2019Karnatak Sports Association2-0Iron Born CFCI
January 2 2020Companeroes SC2-0Football School of IndiaNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 4 2020RSF Spartans1-2Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 8 2020RSF Spartans0-2Mumbai Strikers SC
January 9 2020GMSC1-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 11 2020Sellebrity FC2-2Millat FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 12 2020Karnatak Sports Association1-1Companeroes SC
January 13 2020GMSC5-0ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 14 2020Companeroes SC1-1RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 16 2020Sellebrity FC2-3Kenkre FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
January 17 2020Iron Born CFCI1-3Salsette FC
January 20 2020GMSC1-1Companeroes SCMumbai Football Arena
January 21 2020PIFA2-0Sellebrity FCAndheri Sports Complex
January 23 2020Kenkre FC1-1Karnatak Sports AssociationAndheri Sports Complex
January 24 2020Iron Born CFCI3-1RSF SpartansAndheri Sports Complex
February 5 2020Sellebrity FC3-2Football School of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 6 2020Kenkre FC9-1Mumbai MuslimsCooperage Ground
February 7 2020PIFA1-0Iron Born CFCICooperage Ground
February 12 2020PIFA4-2Millat FCAndheri Sports Complex
February 17 2020Iron Born CFCI4-3Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 17 2020Karnatak Sports Association3-1ICL PayyadeNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 18 2020Football School of India6-0Mumbai MuslimsNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 19 2020Millat FC5-5RSF SpartansNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 24 2020Mumbai Muslims2-4Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
February 28 2020Kenkre FC3-2Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 4 2020Millat FC3-1Companeroes SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 11 2020Football School of India1-1Salsette FCNeville D’Souza Football Turf
March 13 2020PIFA0-3Mumbai Strikers SCNeville D’Souza Football Turf

2019-20 Season [Corporate] Table

1Income Tax96122381519
2Mumbai Customs7610156919
3Bank of Baroda (Dena Bank)9612179819
5Air India95311881018
6Century Rayon114251515014
7Central Railway84041317-412
8Central Bank of India722315968
10Union Bank of India71241015-55
11Maharashtra State Police9126618-125
12Western Railway7106519-143
13Bank of India9009530-350

2019-20 Season [Corporate] Fixtures & Results

December 4 2019Bank of Baroda1-0Income TaxCooperage Ground
December 5 2019Western Railway2-1Central RailwayCooperage Ground
December 6 2019Century Rayon2-2Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
December 7 2019Air India1-1HDFC BankCooperage Ground
December 13 2019Income Tax7-1Central Railway
December 13 2019Union Bank of India2-0Bank of India
December 15 2019Air India2-0Century Rayon
December 17 2019Central Railway3-2Union Bank of India
December 19 2019Bank of Baroda5-1Bank of India
December 24 2019Mumbai Customs2-1Union Bank of India
December 25 2019Century Rayon4-1Bank of Baroda
December 28 2019Air India1-2Mumbai Customs
December 30 2019HDFC Bank4-0Bank of India
December 30 2019Bank of Baroda2-0Maharashtra State Police
January 4 2020Income Tax1-0Western Railway
January 5 2020Bank of Baroda3-2Central Bank of India
January 5 2020HDFC Bank4-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 6 2020Bank of India1-2Central Railway
January 7 2020Central Bank of India1-0Union Bank of IndiaNeville D’souza Ground
January 7 2020Income Tax2-1Century RayonCooperage Ground
January 8 2020Mumbai Customs4-1Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 10 2020Air India0-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 12 2020HDFC Bank0-0Century RayonCooperage Ground
January 13 2020Income Tax5-1Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 15 2020Air India3-0Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 16 2020Mumbai Customs2-1Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 18 2020Central Bank of India1-1Income TaxCooperage Ground
January 20 2020Mumbai Customs0-0Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
January 21 2020Air India2-1Central RailwayCooperage Ground
January 23 2020ONGC2-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
January 24 2020Century Rayon2-0Western RailwayCooperage Ground
January 25 2020Mumbai Customs2-1Central Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 27 2020ONGC5-0Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 29 2020Maharashtra State Police2-2Central Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
January 30 2020Air India2-1Income TaxCooperage Ground
January 31 2020ONGC4-1Western RailwayCooperage Ground
February 1 2020Central Railway2-0Century RayonCooperage Ground
February 3 2020Western Railway1-4Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
February 4 2020Central Railway2-0Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 10 2020Century Rayon4-1Bank of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
February 14 2020Air India2-2Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 14 2020Mumbai Customs3-1Central RailwayAndheri Sports Complex
February 16 2020Bank of Baroda1-0HDFC Bank
February 18 2020ONGC5-1Union Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 19 2020Central Bank of India8-0Bank of IndiaCooperage Ground
February 20 2020Century Rayon0-2Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 21 2020ONGC1-0Bank of BarodaCooperage Ground
February 24 2020Income Tax4-1Maharashtra State PoliceCooperage Ground
February 25 2020Air India5-1Bank of IndiaAndheri Sports Complex
February 26 2020Central Bank of India0-1Century RayonCooperage Ground
February 28 2020Income Tax2-0HDFC BankCooperage Ground
March 13 2020ONGC3-1Century RayonCooperage Ground

September 23, 2020

The 2020-21 edition of the MDFA Elite Division, MDFA Women’s Division, MDFA Super Division will tentatively start on 1st January 2021.

The 2020-21 MDFA First, Second and Third Division are also scheduled to commence from January 1st, 2021.

May 6 2020

Clubs question Mumbai District Football Association – MDFA’s decision to call off league

Kenkre FC Manager Joshua Lewis:
The league was almost over. Teams play in the competition to qualify for the national leagues. We can’t be financially stable by just playing in a city league.

PIFA Colaba Owner Anjali Shah:
If you are taking such a big decision to cancel the league, shouldn’t the team owners have a say in it?


May 4 2020

The 2019-20 MDFA Elite Division, Super Division and Women’s League have been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MDFA cancels Elite and Super Divisions due to COVID-19

March 14 2020


*Mumbai District Football Association* has decided to *Cancel All MDFA League Matches*

MDFA Elite Div
MDFA Super Div

From *14/03/2020* To *21/03/2020*

Further Information For the Same will update Soon

Stay Safe
Stay Healthy

Thank You,

Dec. 16 2019

Mumbai City FC’s U-18 team has been suspended for the rest of the season and fined for alleged assault on a match official after an Elite Division game.

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